The Visionary Behind Visionary Meals: Josh Link Building Healthier Lifestyles with Visionary Meals

🌟 Step into the excitement with Angie Cherubini and Pat Cherubini as they join Josh Link on the Local Vibes podcast! Get ready for an amazing journey as we explore the incredible story of Josh’s entrepreneurial adventure.

💼 Imagine this: Josh, just like any other college student, had big dreams. But one day, while visiting a meal prep outlet, he had an extraordinary idea that changed everything!

Even though he had plans for a different career, Josh followed his heart and created something truly special—Visionary Meals!

🚀 Discover how Josh made his mark by introducing pick-up locations, making it easier and more affordable for his customers. Not only did this show his dedication to the community, but it also brought unparalleled convenience to everyone involved!

🎙️ And that’s not all! Join us as we delve into Josh’s passion for media. He’s not just about meals; he’s also reviving his awesome podcast. Get ready to be inspired and entertained!

Don’t miss out on this incredible episode where dreams turn into reality and innovation meets passion! Tune in now!


The Entrepreneurial Journey of Josh Link: From Visionary Meals to His New Visionary Podcast and Beyond

The Genesis of Visionary Meals

Embarking on a mission to redefine the meal prep industry, Josh Link established Visionary Meals with a fervent aspiration to inspire healthier lifestyles. At the heart of Visionary Meals lies a passion that transcends beyond simply producing quality meals—it’s an endeavor fuelling a movement for better living. The conception of Visionary Meals didn’t just emerge out of a void; it was a result of a serendipitous revelation Josh had during a visit to a meal prep outlet while at college. Envisioning the potential of bringing a similar concept back to his home state, Ohio, he experienced an entrepreneurial awakening.

Driven by a persistent feeling that resonated with him during his junior year of college, Josh—in pursuit of a career in law enforcement—found himself increasingly intrigued by the idea of starting his own meal prep business. As someone who was training to be a cop, he was met with a certain irony: a profound nudge towards entrepreneurship that he couldn’t ignore. Eventually, this led to the creation of Visionary Meals, a business underpinned by the philosophy of delivering meals that make a positive impact not just on customers’ bodies but on their spirits too.

The Ingenuity of Pick-Up Locations

The innovation that set Josh’s venture apart was the development of a unique delivery model that alleviated the financial burden of shipping costs for customers. By forging partnerships with local gyms, supplement shops, and coffee houses, Visionary Meals installed branded refrigerators, allowing customers convenient access to their nutritious meals without the extra charges typically associated with meal deliveries. This move not only streamlined the process for consumers but also accentuated the brand’s commitment to community involvement.

Passion Projects and Side Hustles

Josh Link’s occupational plate is anything but meager, as it remains adorned with a diverse collection of professional endeavors. Beyond his leadership at Visionary Meals, he contributes as a project manager for Division One Roofing, specializing in insurance restoration. Despite the challenges of balancing multiple roles, Josh’s commitment to his enterprises is unwavering. His journey also delved into the world of sports performance with Visionary Athletics, showcasing the versatile business acumen he possesses. However, recognizing the need to concentrate on his burgeoning ventures led him to step away from the sports company, illustrating the discerning judgement required to navigate the entrepreneurial terrain.  Go back and watch Kip Payne’s episode as Kip is the one responsible for putting Josh on our map!

The Role of Media in Business Growth

With a natural flair for communication and networking, Josh has ventured into the realm of media to further cultivate his business interests. As the former co-owner of the ‘Deliberately Linked’ podcast, he acknowledges the power of engaging content in attracting and educating audiences. His plans to resurrect his podcasting journey with a new offering in 2024 demonstrates an understanding of the evolving digital landscape. The excitement around constructing a full-fledged podcast studio within Visionary Meals’ new headquarters reflects his foresight into the synergy between media outreach and business success.

Cultivating Personal Connections: The Cherubini Experience

Josh’s ability to establish heartfelt connections emerges as a recurring theme, not just in his businesses but also in his interpersonal interactions, as exemplified by his chat with Angie and Pat Cherubini of Local Vibes. Their interaction meanders from professional anecdotes to shared personal interests like their mutual appreciation for labradoodles named Oliver. Josh’s openness about life’s transitions, including his amicable separation from his former wife, adds layers of authenticity to his narrative. Personal stories create relatable touchpoints that endear entrepreneurs like Josh to their audience, reinforcing the importance of transparency and humanity in building a relatable brand persona.

Beloved Pets and the Labradoodle Connection

In a world where personal interests often intersect with professional endeavors, the discussion of pets, particularly the hypoallergenic labradoodle, provides a lighter, relatable aspect to the conversation. Josh’s genuine affection for his labradoodle, coupled with his own need for a hypoallergenic companion, presents an intimate look into the considerations that shape his life outside of business. Sharing a mutual love for the breed with the Cherubinis adds a layer of camaraderie that transcends work topics.

From Valet Parking to Full-Scale Entrepreneurship

Recalling past experiences, such as his stint in valet parking, lays the groundwork for understanding the breadth of Josh’s capabilities. The hustle required in sprint fast-paced environments and the personable skills cultivated in customer interactions hint at the foundational abilities that have propelled him into his current successes. It’s a testament to the diverse paths that can lead to entrepreneurial triumphs and the value of drawing lessons from every job undertaken.

In the narrative of Josh Link, we encounter a multifaceted professional who seamlessly transitions from engaging in personal passion projects to managing various business ventures, all while staying rooted in his faith and values. His approach to entrepreneurship—articulated through the vibrant array of projects, from nutrition-focused enterprises to compelling media platforms—underscores the dynamic nature of successful business leadership in today’s multifarious commercial landscape.

Continuing the Exploration of Processed Foods and Diet

The conversation that Josh Link and the Cherubinis engage in regarding the influence of diets and the undeniable significance of avoiding processed foods strikes a resonant chord. There is a burgeoning awareness and concern about the harmful effects of overly processed foods packed with seed oils, sugars, and gluten. This recognition taps into the deeper thread of how our modern eating habits are impacting overall health.

The emphasis on diets such as ketogenic or carnivorous eating styles highlights an increasing preference for whole, unprocessed foods. This pivot reflects a greater movement towards embracing dietary patterns that primarily include natural foods, which could be instrumental in mitigating the prevalence of diet-related illnesses.

Automation and Technological Integration in Meal Prep

Discussing the technological advancements at Visionary Meals, we cannot overlook how automation continues to revolutionize the meal prep process. The company’s transition to a vacuum seal packaging system represents a key step forward in extending the shelf life of meals, adding convenience for their consumers and setting the stage for shipping capabilities.

Investing significantly in custom software solutions hints at Visionary’s prowess in automation and streamlining processes. The move suggests that for those in the meal prep industry, harnessing the right technology is not just about keeping up; it’s about leading the way and finding new avenues to reach consumers.

Evolving Menu and Customer Engagement

The dynamic approach of Visionary Meals to changing up their menu every month showcases a keen understanding of the consumer’s desire for variety and novelty. By empowering their chefs to harness creativity, the business fuels continual customer interest and ensures that their offerings remain fresh and enticing.

This strategy not only invigorates the palate of their customers but also suggests that a responsive, agile menu may be a formidable tool for businesses looking to maintain a competitive edge in the food industry.

The Insightful Approach to Pricing In A Competitive Market

Link’s surprise at the cost of fast food serves as an eye-opener for the broader conversation about food pricing. Their insights reveal a consumer market that is increasingly attuned to the value of what they consume. The burgeoning prices in fast food sectors make Visionary Meals’ offerings more attractive, thereby offering a healthier alternative without a major price disparity.

Visionary Meals’ strategy underlines the changing dynamics in the food market – where value, health, and cost-effectiveness must balance to meet the evolving demands of consumers, potentially making a strong case for quality meal prep services.

Strategic Partnerships and the Push for Expansion

Visionary’s focus on leveraging partnerships with gyms and other fitness-focused businesses presents an intriguing model for growth. It serves as a lesson that strategic collaborations can offer mutual benefits and open doors to new customer bases. The conversation on geographic expansion and leveraging word-of-mouth and social media advertising reinforces the need for a multi-faceted, aggressive marketing approach in today’s economy.

Beyond garnering attention, this strategy reflects how critical it is for businesses to nurture relationships that extend their reach and capitalize on aligned markets, especially in the health and wellness sectors.

Building for the Future: Project Visionary

Lastly, exploring the vision for Project Visionary brings a more philanthropic dimension to the discussion. The burgeoning plans for a nonprofit tied with the company’s operations underline a broader, more socially conscious brand identity. Establishing such initiatives creates avenues for businesses like Visionary Meals to give back and build stronger community bonds, highlighting the intersection of success in business and social responsibility.

By considering scholarships and food provisions for those in need, Visionary manifests the idea that businesses can, and perhaps should, play a pivotal role in addressing wider societal issues, inadvertently strengthening their brand’s legacy in the process.

The Role of Continuous Learning in Entrepreneurial Success

Entrepreneurship requires a constant cycle of growth, learning, and adaptation. Josh Link’s own journey underscores how important it is to continue sharpening the saw—especially when reaching a knowledge plateau that threatens further growth. The commitment to ongoing self-improvement is critical for any entrepreneur who aims to stay ahead and lead successfully.

The formation of a company book club is a strategic move toward collective improvement and fostering a culture of learning within a business. Encouraging the team to read and discuss books fosters a shared vision and a unified direction, while also enhancing leadership skills and building a knowledge-centric environment.

Embracing Change: The Power of Adaptability in Business

The story of Cherubini Designs’ evolution exemplifies the power of adaptability in business. Starting with a design program like CorelDRAW and navigating through the emergence of the internet, they have continuously pivoted and adapted to the changing digital landscape.

Their ability to learn and implement new technologies, such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads, demonstrates how staying current with industry trends is essential for business sustainability. Their journey reaffirms the importance of learning by doing—a methodology crucial in the fast-paced world of digital marketing.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit and Family Values

Both Josh and the Cherubinis emphasize the significance of family in the entrepreneurial equation. By balancing personal values with professional goals, entrepreneurs can create successful businesses without compromising their life’s pleasures and responsibilities. The collaborative work dynamic between Pat and Angie Cherubini highlights that when partners share entrepreneurial spirits and visions, they can drive a business to new heights while nurturing a family culture.

The Importance of Personal Branding in Sales

Josh’s experience selling roofs while managing a growing company illuminates the importance of personal branding. People tend to buy from those they know, like, and trust. Sharing the vision behind his business, Visionary Meals, helps establish trust with potential roofing clients while inadvertently marketing his primary passion.

Customers appreciate the human element behind a business, which in turn can open doors to more sales and networking opportunities across different industries. The intersection of Josh’s roofing work and his meal prep business also underscores the versatility and hustle that define a true entrepreneur.

The Value of Community and Impact

Visionary Project’s focus on social causes introduces the idea of building a business with a community impact at its core. By contemplating plans to provide scholarships and food provisions for those in need, Visionary Projects is not just looking at profit margins but also at how they can enrich society.

Incorporating community-oriented goals within their business model reinforces the belief that successful businesses can—they indeed should—serve a purpose beyond financial gains. Through such philanthropic avenues, companies like Visionary Meals assert their roles in societal development and invoke a sense of responsibility and compassion in entrepreneurship.

The Importance of Networking and Relationship Building

The art of networking extends beyond the boundaries of formal meetings and business pitches. It is about creating genuine connections and a sense of camaraderie among entrepreneurs and professionals. Successful networking events are not merely transactional encounters but opportunities to forge lasting relationships that benefit all parties involved, both professionally and personally.

Creating Meaningful Events for Entrepreneurs

Hosting a community event is not just about bringing a group of people together; it’s about creating an atmosphere where meaningful interactions can take place. Whether it’s a happy hour, a seminar, or a laid-back meetup, the goal is to provide a platform for people to engage in conversations that can spark inspiration, collaboration, and mutual support.

  • Focus on the Atmosphere: Keep the event informal enough that attendees feel at ease to be themselves.
  • Quality Over Quantity: It’s better to have a smaller group of engaged individuals than a large crowd with superficial interactions.
  • Diverse Mix of Participants: Encourage a mix of various fields and backgrounds to enhance the richness of the exchange.

Establishing Authenticity in Digital Spaces

In an age where much of business interaction occurs online, face-to-face engagement has become a precious commodity. Entrepreneurs like Pat and Angie Cherubini understand the importance of meeting clients in person whenever possible. The trust and rapport built in these encounters can significantly influence customer retention and satisfaction.

Leveraging Personal Connections in Sales

While sales often focus on numbers and conversion rates, the human element remains a critical factor. Stories shared during the Cherubini’s interactions and Josh Link’s personal branding efforts exhibit that behind every transaction is a relationship waiting to be nurtured. The use of one’s personality and genuine care for clients’ needs can go a long way in establishing a robust and successful sales strategy.

The Future of Entrepreneurial Gatherings

The vision shared by many modern entrepreneurs, such as the Cherubinis and Josh Link, is to evolve networking from a series of pitches to a collective experience where individuals support each other’s growth. By organizing events that bring like-minded people together, entrepreneurs can create a ripple effect that strengthens the entire community.

  • Host Engaging Events: Think beyond traditional networking meetups—consider hosting workshops, speaker series, or roundtable discussions.
  • Facilitate Conversations: It’s not just about the initial meeting but also about how you foster ongoing dialogue and collaboration.
  • Community Impact: Align gatherings with community projects or causes, thereby giving participants a sense of purpose and contribution.

Ultimately, the entrepreneurial journey is enriched through shared experiences and the unwavering support of a community that values more than just financial success.

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00:00:00: Introduction and Guest Intro 00:00:37: Background and Ventures of Josh Link 00:01:12: Upcoming Podcast and Podcast Studio 00:01:41: Explanation of Division One Roofing 00:02:51: Discussion about Labradoodle Pets 00:05:22: Past Job Experience in Valet Parking 00:07:22: Updates on Personal Life 00:08:42: Start of Visionary Meals Story 00:12:25: Decision Making and Business Planning 00:13:54: Selection of Company Name and Logo 00:14:04: Incorporation of Faith in the Company 00:14:16: Discussing faith 00:14:38: Sourcing a kitchen for cooking food 00:15:11: A career change and taking a leap of faith 00:15:56: Plans for setting up food operation in a church 00:17:15: Growth of the food business 00:20:03: Discussing business growth and relationships 00:22:00: Switching to farm-to-table approach 00:22:28: Benefits and challenges of sourcing from local farms 00:26:45: Personal battle with colon cancer 00:27:02: Joining a new fitness club 00:27:52: Training for competitions 00:28:15: The podcast host’s incredible transformation story 00:28:39: Story about Savon and CrossFit 00:29:31: Beginning of a personal CrossFit journey 00:30:27: Discussion about processed food and a shift toward healthier eating 00:31:14: Conversation about balancing diet and exercise 00:33:11: Moving on to 00:34:02: Behind the scenes of a new menu creation process 00:37:08: Expansion plans for the business – shipping 00:41:10: Differences between meal prep services and fast foods 00:42:54: Reflection on a costly fast-food experience. 00:42:57: Commenting on meal prices 00:43:48: Grocery shopping vs meal prepping 00:44:08: Valuing time over excessive spending 00:45:33: Discussion about gluten-free meals 00:46:40: Introduction to Catering 00:47:54: Strategies on getting the product to people 00:49:56: Developing plans for a non-profit, Project Visionary 00:50:00: Discussing the upliftment of local gyms 00:53:45: Favorite motivational speakers and podcasts 00:56:50: Entrepreneurs and the balance of emotions 00:57:19: Favorite podcasts and their influence 00:59:34: Importance of constant growth and self-improvement 01:00:07: Company-wide book club and its benefit 01:00:58: Exploring the journey of cherubini designs 01:04:36: Visionary meals and the pivotal role of the roofing industry 01:06:15: Planning for the future and continuing growth 01:08:12: Personal experience in door-to-door sales 01:09:32: The link with the local community and past experiences 01:10:53: Discussion about their kids’ lacrosse activities 01:11:34: Reflecting on the podcast experience and flipping the table 01:11:52: Talking about their marriage and relationship 01:12:50: The struggle of dating and maintaining relationships in current times 01:15:02: The use of social media, makeup, and the changing face of appearances in dating 01:16:02: Discussion about being entrepreneurs together as a couple and maintaining work-life balance 01:18:00: Reflections on singleness and self-discovery 01:19:27: The importance and impact of self-belief and manifestation 01:20:05: The challenges of entrepreneurship and owning a business 01:22:46: Balancing being present as parents with handling business demands 01:24:42: How building visionary has impacted their roofing business. 01:25:25: Importance of Social Media and Authenticity 01:26:44: Value offering and Roof Repairs 01:27:24: Client Interactions 01:28:57: Networking and forming business relationships 01:32:56: Community Events and Engagements

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