016 Single Dad, Business Owner, & Roofing Expert Heath Redman of AML Roofing

On this episode of The Local Vibes Podcast Pat & Angie sit down in the studio located in the “Pat Cave” at Local Vibes HQ and have a relaxed chat about the life of a local business owner, roofing contractor, and most importantly, a great dad named Heath Redman.  He tells us in this podcast that is business is named after his daughter.  AML are her initials.  So sweet!

Heath came into our lives a few months ago as a referral from another client. (Thanks to Kip Payne!!!).  Heath contacted us about getting more roofing customers and what happened next what we love about owning our own business.  We made a new friend.

Heath and his right hand man Jason said “we’d love to talk but how about meeting for a beer?”  Ummm… ok.  If we must.  😂

Of course we had to meet a at “local” place, ’cause ya know that’s our vibe.  So we went to Three Tigers Brewing in Granville, Ohio and after way more than one beer and about 3 hours later we had two new friends and a new client.

We aren’t networking fans at all.  I do however believe that our network is responsible for your net worth.  We love our network but the way “networking” happens now is too needy.  Face to face is great but showing up at a networking event with a bunch of lower level sales people is not what I call productive.

We meet with owners and get shit done!

AML Roofing Heath Redman

The best part about this friendship is the exchange of value.  Heath came to us as a referral from one of our current clients, paid us to help him make more money, which helps us make more money.  We then we needed a new roof so guess who we hired?  Yup.  We paid AML Roofing to give us a new roof.

We told some friends and at least two of them bought roofs from him (not to mention the ones he gets from his lead machine we built for him).  He told another roofing friend in another part of the state about us we we got another account and more friends.

And round and round it goes!  BEAUTIFUL!

Take a listen and let us know what you think!



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