017 Should You Stop Marketing During Your Off Season?

Can you make more money by pulling back on your marketing?

If I had a nickel for everytime a contractor from up north asked me this… I’d at least have a pocket full of nickels.  :).  Roofers, concrete contractors, landscapers… all of ’em.

Save money?  I suppose but is your business goal to save money or to make money?  We answer that emphatically in this episode.

Join Pat & Angie as they walk through a question asked by a podcast viewer on this new podcast style.  Not only are we doing interviews but we are adding to our episodes by including Q&A with P&A (Pat and Angie), as well as going over our “Core 4” that helps us succeed in business and life and keep disciplined and working towards our goals.  We call it F.L.I.P. your life!

Fitness, Lifestyle, Impact, and Profit.  We work on each one every day and so should you.

Join in and ask us questions and maybe we’ll answer yours on the air.


The 3 Main Problems 99.9% Of Service Businesses Have

There are three main problems almost every service business faces. Without solving these problems, you will never “get where you want to go.” It is just a fact. We can help you solve these problems…

  1. Your website sucks because it doesn’t constantly collect new leads to build a lead list.

  2. You don’t communicate enough with the leads you do get because you are too busy working in your business.

  3. Your only marketing is word of mouth referrals because you don’t know how to get new leads from social media or ads.

  4. Bonus Problem: You! No one knows who you are. You are out of time. You’ve tried everything. Nothing worked and you aren’t sure what you should do next…

We will help you solve these problems.  Book a call when you’re ready.