014 Trent Lundberg of Backroom Coffee Roasters

We met Trent Lundberg a few years ago at a mountain bike race.  Listen to his story to hear the connection he has to the biking community and why his company is called “Backroom” Coffee.

But first, let me apologize… the audio kinda sucks!  This is Pat writing this and it’s my fault.  As Mr. Deeds would say “my bad”.

I had a new toy and I failed at setting it up properly.  Trent’s mic was too low so we had to boost it and it is ok but not great.  Hopefully I’ll get better.  🙂

Seems like so long ago that we started with Episode 1 and it took forever to get to #14 but we are ready for more.  Leave comments and tell us how we get better or who we need to talk too!

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