Chod Yarnelli

005 How Chod Yarnelli Grew A Facebook Foodie Group From 0 To 65.7K

What started as a joke from taking pictures of their food and posting them on Facebook has turned into a foodie powerhouse that is helping save local restaurants by working with them to get the word out and stay relevant during a time that has been extremely tough on the mom and pop shops of the world.

Local foodies Chod Yarnelli, an electrician by trade, and his wife Jodi were in the fun habit of taking pictures of their food and posting them on their social media (as one does) until one night during dinner at a local restaurant, Jodi jokingly said, “let’s just start a Facebook group”… and with that #chodeats was born!

Their public group describes itself as a fun loving group of foodies who love to create and share pictures of FOOD and encourage others to do the same.  It went from 0 to 5oo members in no time flat just from sharing it with friends and family.  When it hit 500 Chod decided it was already time to give back and planned an event.  It was supposed to be a picnic…

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