Discipline and Integrity: it’s never too late to practice them!

Gotcha first with that beautiful pic, huh?

This morning I read in my book about the words Discipline and Integrity and I see how they both have played huge roles in my life and hopefully yours.

We tend to run away from discipline because it is something we learned to fear when we were kids.  I think that is why so many adults have a tough time with it.   It’s probably why our youth has a tough time.   They were never taught that discipline is really self-control.

I have to have discipline to go to the gym at least 4 times a week, to say no to a drink or two, or even just to sift through my email every single day.

It takes discipline to make me sit down every morning like this and write this post because I have a home-based business.  I have worked from home now for over 25 years.

THAT my friends take discipline.

If you have a business that is seasonal, you too need discipline.  You have to use your time wisely and stay focused by using tools like your marketing CRM in ways that build your business during your downtime.

It’s not the time to remove it, as too many businesses do.

Discipline takes doing some of the boring things in our personal and professional lives.

As, Ryan said,  “If you do what others won’t, you’ll have what others don’t.”

Discipline is defined so simply and beautifully, really.

Now how does integrity fit in here? 

It takes saying “no” to things that might pull us away from what will propel us forward.

If you have integrity, your word is golden.  You know what is right and what is wrong and you do the right thing no matter what.

Even if it may cause you a client or two.   I have experienced this.  Sometimes what I have to offer doesn’t fit what they need.  I don’t push.  I guide them to the best possible solution.  I would have ZERO integrity if I sold them something they didn’t need.

You do what is best for THEM.   

That is integrity.

Be disciplined and push forward, have integrity doing it personally and professionally to build your best life!   

Build their (family, friends, and clients) best life too.

Your tribe follows your vibe, rise and shine! 👊🏻

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