How To Spot The Facebook MESSENGER SCAM

Don’t be a sucker!  Don’t fall for this Facebook Messenger Scam.

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about messages our clients are getting in their Messenger inbox threatening to delete or suspend their Facebook business page.


It is getting harder and harder to tell if these are scams or not but I’ll show in the video how to spot a scammer in Facebook and also in your email inbox.

Here is an example of what they are sending:

Facebook messenger scam

Watch the video to see how to spot the scammy parts.  (If you can’t already)

Protect yourself!  Never give your information over the phone or on a website that reaches out in a weird way.  (Watch the video)

Get control of your data.  If you rely on the internet in any way for your business’ income you need to own your data.  You need to be able to contact every single customer, client, or prospect if your social media goes away.

Dude, you need a list!

We cover exactly how to get and use your own list in our Blueprint.  It is the exact marketing blueprint for local business owners.

Be careful out there.


The 3 Main Problems 99.9% Of Service Businesses Have

Until you fix these problems, you will never “get where you want to go.”

  1. Not Enough SALES.
  2. Not Enough LEADS.
  3. Not Enough MARKETING.
  4. Bonus Problem: YOU!
    No one knows who you are. You’ve tried everything. Nothing worked and you aren’t sure what you should do next. You never have enough time. You are stuck and haven’t found the help you need… YET!

    *HINT:  These problems must be fixed in the right order.

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