Lead Generating Websites For Local Business Owners

More leads. More sales.
Less Work from you. No agency fees.


More Leads.

We build you a new website or integrate our system into your current website with one goal in mind… to help you capture more leads.


More Sales.

Our software will automatically follow up with leads for as long as you want. This keeps them interested and engaged until they are ready to buy now or many times in the future.  You get the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of all of your leads.  You own your list!


Less Work.

Why buy or share leads when you can have your own lead machine?  AKA - Automation. The educational cog of our flywheel will teach you how to run your machine plus show you how easy it is to run your own ads and keep unlimited leads pouring in.  Automatically!

Our websites, software + support make running your business easier and more profitable.

Use your own website to stay connected to your current clients or generate new ones. No sharing leads required.

We've named our software "Justine".  She's a lead generation machine and here's what she can do for you!

simple and effective websites

Simple & Effective Websites

Our websites are crafted to make capturing leads a breeze. Refreshingly simple and effective, they'll help you easily attract more customers!

simple and effective websites

Time-Saving Software

Justine is the powerhouse behind one of today's hottest software solutions, connecting you to your clients and customers like never before. She truly has earned her title as "Dashboard Diva"!

Lead Generator

Lead Generation

Our marketing tool is like the mothership (aka Justine), pulling in leads from all areas of the web - from list reactivations to website visitors, social media, and even ad campaigns.

Simple Websites Built to Capture Leads

Your website will be the perfect trifecta: fast, secure and crafted to showcase your company's exclusive flair!

localvibes-lindsey (1)

Software to save you time!

Built in marketing automation to save time so you can do more of the things you love!  Access the dashboard from your desktop, laptop, and even an app on your phone!

Generate Leads and Nurture Your Email List To Ramp Up Your Profits!

Local business owners all know they NEED a website.  Most don't have one that can actually convert traffic into customers.  With our FLYWHEEL™ implemented we take care of everything from the build, to the traffic, to the follow up, to the amplification...  Momentum is the way to success!  Watch our quick walkthrough video and start to see where Justine can take your business.  


Marketing Lab

We take support to the next level with education, forums, courses, Q & A's, and live videos.


Focused on your business.  Better than a group.  Questions don't get lost a sea of feeds.  Finally, you can find answers to questions without having to do exhausting searches through scrolling feeds.


We have had over 25 years in the online marketing space.  We've used hundreds of sites, plugins and processes that can save you time and money by not wasting it on ones that don't work.


Not sure if online marketing is for you or if you are doing it right?  We can help you get your feet wet in the huge sea of online marketing.  We bring it down to earth and local.  We teach you to only do what's necessary so you can keep working in your business.


Join our directory today!  We are building a directory of like-minded businesses that believe in local first.  It's just another way we want to build an awesome community with a local vibe.  NO negativity will be allowed here!

Need more convincing? Read on!

Read reviews from some of our current clients below.

"When we first started out with the Local Vibes, I was on edge about it since I thought most of the businesses, they worked with was in the Dental Field. Prior to starting with Central Ohio Garage Door, I used to be in the Dental Field, and I could see how this was an amazing benefit for that career field. We have been using Justine and Local Vibes for almost a year now and it works so well for our small business. I love that we can manage everything through Justine – Facebook messages, Google messages, etc. Justine also has a calendar option on it that is integrated with google calendar and that is what we use for scheduling all our jobs, so all our work is converted into Justine as well. A feature I just recently learned about is that you can send out mass emails or text messages to all your contacts for anything important coming up and that is great for us considering we do a yearly toy drive. Another one of my favorite things with Justine is the fact that I can respond to anyone, even when I am not in the office because of the app for mobile devices. Also, the fact that I can create templates and it makes sending out reminders extremely easy for our upcoming jobs. One last thing is that their pricing is very competitive & that is hard to beat anymore. To anyone that is having second thoughts about starting up with Local Vibes and the Cherubini's - stop and just start it now anyways. You will not regret it. There customer service is great, and we always get any questions we have answered in a timely manner, they are always looking to help come up with new ideas for YOUR business needs even if they don’t have it as an option yet!"

Central Ohio Garage Door

This is a great company with outstanding results and resources. The results speak for themselves.

Dr. Derek Myers
Kinect Rehab

"Pat and Angie thank you again for everything you have done to help me get my business up and running couldn't have done it without you!"

Perry McClurg
Tru-Clean Wash Solutions

Local Vibes and the Cherubini's are amazing! They work with you on specific needs for your business and ensure you have all the right tools for success. They make you their number one priority, your business is their business and their follow up is impeccable. I have increased my revenue over $10,000.00 in the first month of working with them, I highly recommend this dynamic team! Thank you for your dedication!

Mark DeCecato
Freshcut Lawns LLC

Local Vibes has been a game changer for our small business! Small business helping small businesses succeed, it’s what makes the world go round. If you don’t know about them you should!

Spencer Scott
Grace Landscapes

Run your business smarter with marketing solutions and support from us.

25 years in the business to help you succeed.

Forums, videos, podcasts, and courses including Marketing 101, Google Business Profile Setup, YouTube Secrets, and more!
*Justine is not included in the membership BUT the membership is included with Justine :).