You know how your phone always seems to ring when you are in the middle of something that you can’t stop?  Like talking to a customer, or doing your job for a customer…

How many people actually leave a message?  Not many, right?  How much business have you lost?

I have the answer… to answering your customers.  I call it “missed call – text back”!  It is a simple system inside of our marketing software Justine The Lead Machine.  It works automatically and we set it up for you.

Anytime your tracking number goes unanswered we pause for a few seconds (to seem like a human :), then we shoot a text back to them saying something like “hey, this is YOUR NAME from YOUR BUSINESS, sorry I just missed your call.  What can I do for you?”

Missed call text back in action!

Guess what happens next?  They respond!  And they tell you what they wanted!  A conversation is started and you can take care of it when you get a chance.  The customer feels better about calling the right business.

What happens if you don’t respond quickly?  Depending on the business most will just go to the next listing on Google, or search for an alternative that will answer their phone.

Super simple strategy.  Worth Justine’s weight in gold!

Watch us walk through the wet up in a training video inside our membership.  Here is the post

Don’t miss another opportunity.  Order Justine today.

Pat Cherubini
Author: Pat Cherubini

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