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Hey. Hey, this is Pat Cherubini from Local Vibes. I was just going over some stats for a current client, one of our many clients. This one is a dentist, and I thought I’d share it so you could see what kind of results you can expect from our lead machines. I know you get tired of hearing about clicks and cost per acquisition, but leads.

I know what you really want are sales. So this is a dental lead machine that we built for them. We’ve been doing it for a while. Basically all they get, you know, is a lot, but they get a custom lead generating website that we build for them. We do their Google and Facebook ad campaigns. This one we manage.  Not like social media marketing that doesn’t get any comments.

We can also build it for you and then show you how to manage. , we set up all the sales automation, so they have to work less hard, make more money, and we have a CRM to keep it all organized so no leads fall through the cracks. Plus, there’s email marketing, text marketing, review marketing, and more that they use that are inside their dashboard.

But I know you just wanna watch the profits grow. So this is where I can show you the money. This is their dashboard. And as you can see, it’s the last 30 days. Today’s February 7th, 2023 as I speak, and it goes back to January 28th, the so 30 days. And you can see their pipeline is built in columns. They have 52 new leads.

They’ve followed up with 17 new leads and then contacted twice, two new leads. You can run it however you want. This is the way they. , the number you need to look at is they’ve got 71 new leads in their system in the last 30 days. The thousand dollars on each card that you see is just the number that they use to mark a lead.

I’m gonna show you that that thousand dollars is way off, but for a dentist, they usually say, you know, 500 bucks a time, twice a year, they can expect a thousand bucks, but it’s gonna be way more than that. You can mark them, lead, you can see one is a lost, a lot of them are in progress, and you can see the green flag is the one that they’ve already seen.

So they could have changed. They could have went back there and changed the number on that a thousand dollars, which we suggest you do. A lot of them have, this one in particular has their own software in practice, that they take care of, all that stuff. But here is a sample of the leads. Everybody says Leads, leads, leads.

This is what they’re actually getting. Okay. , I’d like to schedule a consultation. Easy enough. I have eight broken teeth on my bottom jaw that needs surgically removed. That’s not a thousand dollars. I need an appointment. My husband was just there. Now I need to make an appointment for myself and three children.

That’s four leads right there. I wanna get a full mouth implants. I’m looking for a new dentist. I’m hoping to get some work done. So as you can see, these keep going off. Broken front tooth rot decay. Do you see children? And it’s an emergency. I need to schedule a cleaning and have two teeth that are hurting dental implants.

I need more info implants. This particular dentist does do dental implants, so those thousand dollars markings on each card are way off broken front. Crowns. Serious dental work, full mouth of implants. I need teeth made, upper implant, and on and on and on. So that is just within the last 30 days. Are you getting those kind of leads?

Are you wondering if this would work for you? Even if you’re not a dentist? It works for dentists I just showed you. We have chiropractors. It works for them. Podiatrists works great for them. Restaurants, all kinds of associations we’ve done for bars and nightclubs. Airbnbs, hotel lodging, home services, that works fantastically.

We have built lead machines for contractors, plumbers, pressure washers, appliance repairmen, water well drilling, landscaping pool builders. Home builders, gyms, CrossFit, martial arts, dance schools, e-commerce, garage door, windows, spas. You get the picture, it works for you. So stop wondering. Yes, it works for any business. Here’s what’s included.

When we build a lead machine for you, we build your own custom lead machine, which is technically a website. If you have your own website, we can integrate into it. We don’t need to change anything other than put our software, connect our app to your website, or we build you a new one. We set up all of your sales automations so when these leads come in, they automatically get contacted and then from inside the CRM, you can contact them more until you can close the sale.

We teach you how to run it. It takes almost no effort. We set up your Google and Facebook ad campaign. We can even manage those for you. You make more sales, period. So let me ask you, if you had access to this, what kind of results do you think you’d get? Do you think you’d be more successful? How much longer do you want to have less sales?

How much longer are you gonna sit here and wait for word of mouth to come in?

Give us a call at Local vibes. Go to local This is I’m Pat on the right. That’s my wife, Angie. She’s my partner, and we help small business owners generate more leads in sales every dang day.

Go to You can contact us there. You can book a call. You can see a demo. You can buy this. I’ll see you on the inside.

Pat Cherubini
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