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Gentlemen... I don't believe you are toxic.

Pat Cherubini
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As men today you are told you are full of toxic masculinity.  I think, for most of us, that is bullshit!  You are becoming the furthest thing from masculine. 

You are told over and over that being masculine is a bad thing and you are starting to believe it.  Look around at what "men" are becoming.  Soft, weak, victims, and defeated.

Men aren't teaching their sons to be masculine.  And the country is getting softer by the day.

Real men can be soft when the time is right.  They can be gentlemen, servants, leaders, loving, laborers, BUT... are also capable of being savages... if needed.

I believe either you are toxic or not.  Male of female.  

Being masculine is never toxic on its own.  It is 100% natural.

It's time to man up and embrace your manliness.  Someday, hopefully not, but you may need to show your savage side to protect yourself and your family... and the soyboys that lost their manliness.

Here are some of the men I currently follow and look up to:

Bedros Keuilian
Want to hear what socialism is really like?  Bedros escaped it. Trust me, he ain't going back.
Listen to his podcast "Why Women Hate Nice Guys".  One of the best I've ever heard!

David Goggins:  Holy shit!  If David can't motivate you into manning up you might just want to start adjusting your pronouns right now.  He's been through a lot and still wants more every day.  His book "Can't Hurt Me" is amazing.  Listen to it on audiobook because he talks about each chapter and it's great.

Jocko Willink:  Listen to The Jocko Podcast.  Former Navy Seal and total badass.  He also has some books you need to listen to on audio.  He narrates them and man can his voice get your attention.  Jocko also runs some other companies but the one that strikes a chord to us at Local Vibes is apparel and boot company called Origin.  Jeans, shirts, boots, and belts.  Everything is sourced and manufactured in USA. Cotton grown here, fabrics made by an America mill, made by Americans in America.  LOVE IT!

Andy Frisella:  I've been listening to Andy for years.  He is one of my favorites.  His old podcast was called MFCEO and it stands for exactly what you think.  The f word is his favorite and fuck I love listening to him!  He runs a supplement company called 1st Phorm and it's getting massive.  Andy is a total car nut and manly man.

Ryan Stewman:  I think I've been listening to Ryan the longest of anyone on this list.  I've paid money for his coaching.  He's a sales savage and is known as the Hardcore Closer.  He's come from nothing to multi millionaire and is currently exploding with his work ethic.  He's a mentor to thousands, has cool cars, watches, and is a family man.

Sean Whalen:  Sean is the outspoken owner of Lions Not Sheep.  The apparel company that focuses on those that refuse to be sheep.  He is as polarizing as they come but stands his ground.  He races cars and trucks, and has a podcast with his wife Sax, that is very cool to listen to.  They are an open book and share everything about what it takes to be married entrepreneurs.  It's called The Sean and Sax Show.

That's the short list.  They are all entrepreneurs.  They all lift heavy shit.  They all have coaching programs to mentor others in business and life.  They all have mentors of their own to learn from.  Even still.

Follow their lead.  Success leaves clues.

Pat Cherubini
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