No one comments on biz stuff. Just accept it.

I’m sure you deal with this. I know you do because you’re a business owner and when you post things on your personal profile, you know nobody comments, and when it comes to business, they only comment on, cute family things or cat things.

But people do watch and we know that now that I’m going back out in the public more since my cancer, that, I don’t know if you knew that I had that, but I had cancer and was am recovering from that. We didn’t get out a whole lot, now we do. And that’s like the first thing that people say to me is, Hey, I follow your story.

I see what you post. And it’s really? I never see ya comment. That’s awesome. So people do see you and they do follow you. They may not comment. Just keep posting!

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Pat Cherubini
Author: Pat Cherubini

I am Pat. I don't write in 3rd person.  I am the co-founder of several businesses including Local Vibes.  My wife, Angie, and I have been building online businesses since 1997!  I'm a dad, husband, entrepreneur, and wanna be beach bum.  Glad to have you in my world. 👊 My forum activity   My blog posts