4 Pillars of Online Marketing by Pat Cherubini
Pat Cherubini – Local Vibes Co-Founder

The number one question we get from business owners is always something like “how do I market/advertise my business”?  It all seems so simple but there is so much online marketing information out there that we all get overwhelmed and don’t do enough.

Instead of answering like most marketers and saying “it depends”, or “let’s book a call”, or “pay us first”, we just thought we’d share our foundation of our entire business.  No tricks.  Just living by our motto of Keep It Stupid Simple (K.I.S.S.) and forget the rest!  80/20 rule in effect.

Pillar 1:  “Grab Leads” – We call this filling your funnel aka lead generation.  But, before you can fill your funnel you must first have a funnel.  It can be simply a way for people to opt in to get your free information whatever that is.  i.e. Website, Landing page, form, texting you, phone calls, messenger… #buildyourlist

Pillar 2:  “Get Attention” – Otherwise known as the marketing.  You start filling the top of your funnel by creating content.  Do it however you do it… Social, photo, blog, video, even reviews, etc… Most are afraid to put themselves out there.  You can’t get attention if nobody knows you. #contentmarketing

Pillar 3:  “Keep Attention” – The most underused pillar… lead nurturing.  You must nurture your leads and prospects by communicating with them way more than you think you need to.  We call it nurturing them.  Keep feeding them pure freakin’ goodness until they know, like, and trust you enough to take the next step.  Email, text, social… by any means necessary.  Until they buy or die! #followup

Pillar 4:  “Amplify Attention” – This is the advertising.  This is where most people get it wrong by not following the proper sequence.  Tons of business owners try to go straight to running ads then wonder why it didn’t work for them.  Unless you are advanced and trying to make a sale from a direct offer, you c̶a̶n̶’̶t̶ shouldn’t advertise until you’ve got a way to grab leads and keep their attention by following up until you make a sale.  BUT… once you do have that little sales machine built you can run ads and amplify your attention and  #scaleyoursales!

THE RESULT 🙂  “The Flywheel Effect” – When you have the correct strategies, tools and systems in place to keep the pillars working correctly this becomes like a flywheel.  The flywheel will spin faster as you add force and remove friction.  Force can be more ads, more content, better reviews… and remove friction by making your offers simple and clear, improving your website, make it easier to buy from you… 

As profits grow you can spend way more money on pillar 4 and spend way less time on pillar 2, while pillars 1 and 3 run on autopilot and the momentum from your new flywheels just grows.  #freedom

You can do all of this without a sleazy marketing agency!  It is simple but not always easy.  We can help.  Get started by downloading our BLUEPRINT.

Pat Cherubini
Author: Pat Cherubini

I am Pat. I don't write in 3rd person.  I am the co-founder of several businesses including Local Vibes.  My wife, Angie, and I have been building online businesses since 1997!  I'm a dad, husband, entrepreneur, and wanna be beach bum.  Glad to have you in my world. 👊 My forum activity   My blog posts