According to Amplifi and Podnews there are almost 4 million podcasts as of 2023.

Wanna know how hard it is to keep up and keep making podcasts?  We’re tryin’!

Out of the 4 million only 18% have more than 10 shows posted.
44% only have 1 or 2 shows!  That’s almost 1.8 million podcasts never get to show # 3!

That leaves us to the consistent shows… less than 4% publish weekly!

UGH!  That’s a lot of quitters!  We’ve quit several times but we are back and want to do more!

Welcome to podcast #13!  Better than average. #supportlocal



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LV Podcast w/ P&A #013

[00:00:00] Bam. We’re live. Are we live? Supposed to be. Hey everyone. I’m Angie. This is Pat. Welcome back to Local Vibes with Freakin Karen. If any of you have watched us before, you’ve seen Karen, maybe people who have been following the podcast, you obviously can’t hear Karen. If you’re watching, we actually have people complain when I call people.

[00:00:29] Karen’s that it’s not nice. But let’s see, we have a cat named Karen. That’s how I feel about Karen’s. And she’s up here because I have her train to watch videos, , and she thinks I’m going to to play a video. You got somebody calling. She knows how to use the phone. Yep, yep. So we’re using this time as a basically a.

[00:00:51] We, it’s been a while since we’ve had a podcast. We’ve actually recorded one that’s gonna come out after this, but we wanted to get this one done first so we could just tell you about what’s [00:01:00] coming, what to expect, and how

[00:01:01] they’re

[00:01:01] gonna be a little bit different this year versus before. Before we did a lot of just interviewing over, um, basically Zoom calls, which everybody got used to, but we wanna be face to face.

[00:01:14] We wanna go on location. So that’s what we did with the one that’s coming up that, that you guys will see here in the next one. Are we releasing that? Today, tomorrow, tonight or tomorrow. I just got uploaded. It’s all ready to go. I just need to do it. And that was with, uh, Trent Lundberg from Backroom Coffee Roasters.

[00:01:29] Yep. It’s definitely, it’s more fun. Um, I think it’s always more fun when you get to see people in their, in their element and in their location, because that’s, that’s what we, what we want to do with local vibes is we’re. You know, meeting with these people, seeing their businesses that, um, that have made them a, a great local vibe.

[00:01:52] Yep. Get to know people, relationships, talk face to face and, and bring other local businesses to you guys. We want, you know, as our [00:02:00] title page talks about, we want to share with you how they started, what they did to grow the failures they’ve. You know, and how they’re continually to market. You know, that ties, that’s the only whole thing that ties back into our business is what are they doing to grow, what’s working now in, in today’s world, the local vibes, I think need to grow even more.

[00:02:23] Oh, and it, it’s crazy. Even with these few that we’ve interviewed already, and then when we talked to other people that own businesses, Karen , powerful cat, um, what’s interesting. The stories that people really have and in how they got started and, um, you know, the hardships or the, the successes that they’ve had.

[00:02:49] Um, I learn about it when I talk to ’em, you know, for website design or for marketing, but, you know, most people don’t hear about it. And that’s what, it’s just cool. There are so [00:03:00] many awesome stories that are out there and most business people don’t like to, they don’t like to tell it, just spout it on their.

[00:03:07] So that’s, that’s where we come in. But that’s what we’re going to be doing. We’re gonna be talking to people and explaining the fact that you need to tell your story. Yeah. You know, I just showed Andrea a clip today about how powerful media is. That’s why we do this. We literally do this to get in front of people so they get to know us.

[00:03:25] We’re doing it to share. people’s stories, but it’s also so people get to know us. And you know, the one person out of a million that likes us may do some business with us . But media is powerful in our, the first, um, podcast, the one right after this podcast. The name of the place has meaning, it’s called Backroom Coffee Roasters.

[00:03:48] But if you don’t dig into it and you don’t consistently listen, Trent, the owner. What? What caused it to be named backroom? You would never know. You can’t figure it out. No, you wouldn’t have a clue. It was even looking at his [00:04:00] logo, which if you look at his logo, that has a little bit of a clue to it too.

[00:04:05] But most people don’t know that. They wouldn’t know it. No. And it’s, it’s a cool story and you know. Yeah. So we’re excited to share that one. We’ll tell you what it means on the next podcast. Yep. So basically, you know, another reason why we’re. Coming to you and, and doing this live is, you know, we’re going, we’ve got a podcast calendar.

[00:04:25] Um, so, you know, we’re trying to fill it up. We’re trying to get businesses out there that have a great story and, you know, maybe you are one, or maybe you know, of somebody that has a, a great business that has a great backstory that people would love to hear about. So go to local Mm-hmm.

[00:04:47] From there you can see all the podcasts we’ve done, and on there, there’s now a big button that says Book A. What’s it say? You just. I know I just made it . Basically click the button to apply to be, there’s a button on our calendar. You’ll see [00:05:00] it. So we’re gonna be, you can apply interviewing. We don’t, if you’re too far away, we can’t get there.

[00:05:04] But if it’s a good story, we still wanna share it. We can do it. Yeah. You know, via like Zoom. But if it’s a cool place, we want to come see it. We want it to be an actual business location. Yep. Doesn’t have to be, but you know, the application’s got a little, you know, you give us a little bit of information.

[00:05:20] Tell us your story, why you think we should come and. and we’d love to come and meet you and talk about you and Yep. Promote you a little bit. Yep. We’re we’re excited for 2020 threes, podcasts. Oh. We’re already through almost quarter one already, so I know. I know. Like I said, we’ve got one in the can already, and then we’re gonna be doing as many as we can.

[00:05:41] They’re, it’s hard to keep pushing while you’re trying to do the work, but we’ve actually enjoyed it. We just need to travel. Right. We need to travel. What do you guys think about that? We should travel, shouldn’t we? And do it. No comments yet. Oh, 420 people watching. Wow. Really? And no comments. [00:06:00] Nope. Nobody wants to be on.

[00:06:01] Nope. So if you’re watching, this is gonna be really short. Comment below or reach out to us, ask us questions, what you want to know about, you know, obviously give us any tips on people that you think should be on it, including yourself, if that’s you. and let us know what you wanna see. Mm-hmm. , you know? Do you like the we, we’ve tell ourselves all here.

[00:06:25] We tell every podcast. Do what? It’s a podcast. What do you wanna hear? It’s a video. It’s on video too. . It’s on YouTube. I know it’s on. We’re live on Facebook right now, . So tell us what you think We tell everybody before we start every podcast we tell. Obviously we are not professionals, right? We’re not broadcasters, we’re not journalists.

[00:06:48] We just sit down and shoot the shit, find out what you know, what you wanted to do and see where it goes. We just have a conversation, see where it goes. So it even sometimes [00:07:00] goes some inappropriate places like you’ll see in the next podcast. I say things that just I can’t contain myself and hey, Angie just is appalled at me sometimes.

[00:07:12] Never. Never. So we’re excited. So what else you got? I think that’s, I think that’s good. We just want them to, to watch the next podcast. You like the Kickback Studio? We kind of messed around. I still am not real happy with it. We’re gonna be doing some standing at a, at a desk, or sitting here or out on the town.

[00:07:35] Yep. So we do have a couple planned already that we want to talk to. Um, just haven’t made it, made it a point to do it yet, but now that we’re actually coming out now and saying we’re doing it, you know, this is technically season 0.2. We’re not really calling it season 0.2, but it’s kind of mm-hmm. , we’re rebooting it because it’s been six months since we’ve done one.

[00:07:59] No, I think [00:08:00] so. Yeah. So I think we’re officially at, this is probably 14 and most of them only make it to. . I think there’s a stat. I mean, most people, most podcasts only, they quit after 10, less than 10. So we’ve quit three times now. Not quit. Flip Flop Your life. Oh, we’ve had, we’ve just changed Hometown Revolution.

[00:08:24] We, we keep rebranding, but I think this branding is where we wanna stay. This is the branding that we like, so it’s what we love. We’re looking. local businesses and almost, there’s cat number two. It’s Angie’s a Cat Lady, and for some reason they can’t stay away when we’re filming . So comment below. Should we get rid of the cats?

[00:08:46] No, that’s not very nice. Angie wouldn’t let me. Okay. All right. I think that’s good. So nine minutes? That’s not too bad. Nope. Still got 420 people watching. They’ve been watching for a total of 69 minutes. [00:09:00] All right, so next time you see us, you will see us in our next podcast real soon. See you local to watch ’em and to apply to be on the next one.

[00:09:15] We’ll have it down below. Till next time, peace. Peace.


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