Meet Storm Strout, the definition of a young successful entrepreneur. He decided 7 years ago that creating a thriving, healthy community was his passion and so CrossFit Veneration of Johnstown was born. It was not always easy especially in a small community to dedicate a gym to one particular style or method. Those that know CrossFit understand that it is not just a gym. It’s not just the workouts everyone sees on TV from the top athletes in our sport either.  I say “our” because we do it too so I can totally relate to this podcast!

It’s a lifestyle.

It’s a community.

It’s like-minded people wanting to just be healthy. People come in all shapes and sizes and Storm and his staff welcomes everyone with open arms. Truth be told my kids ventured there for about a year and had a blast! I knew for a very long time we needed to interview him!

His knowledge, passion, and compassion are evident in our interview. He’s infectious and if you are from Johnstown I suggest you give him and his staff a try…it will be worth it!

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Angie Cherubini
Author: Angie Cherubini