What started as a joke from taking pictures of their food and posting them on Facebook has turned into a foodie powerhouse that is helping save local restaurants by working with them to get the word out and stay relevant during a time that has been extremely tough on the mom and pop shops of the world.

Local foodies Chod Yarnelli, an electrician by trade, and his wife Jodi were in the fun habit of taking pictures of their food and posting them on their social media (as one does😄) until one night during dinner at a local restaurant, Jodi jokingly said, “let’s just start a Facebook group”… and with that #chodeats was born!

Their public group describes itself as a fun loving group of foodies who love to create and share pictures of FOOD and encourage others to do the same.  It went from 0 to 5oo members in no time flat just from sharing it with friends and family.  When it hit 500 Chod decided it was already time to give back and planned an event.  It was supposed to be a picnic…

In the time it took Chod to plan and organize the “picnic” for the little “joke” of a group, it exploded to over 10,000 members and over 35 local restaurants came to be a part of what Chod calls “Licking County’s biggest cookout”!

#chodeats hasn’t stopped growing.  It had 60,000 members when we recorded this episode a few days ago, now at the time of posting this it already has 65,700… and there seems to be no ceiling!  The power of this group of foodies has been felt county wide and is expanding.  Chod used the attention he has grown to help local restaurants band together and get the word out.

Just as with any small, local business marketing is very important but not always in the budget.  Word of mouth works but is very slow and not scalable.  He procured a contract for roadside billboards and grouped 4 restaurants together so they can get the word out and share the cost.  This is a concept I call “competing together”.  Lots of small businesses are too busy fighting against each other and don’t realize they are losing ground to giant franchises.  They, instead, need to band together and work like an association of locals to stay in the game and even grow.

That is where Chod’s sights are now.  Exploring the ever growing ways to help these locals and grow the local vibes.  As he told us, when this first started, he heard about many local restaurants that he’d never even heard of!  Not anymore.  Not with #chodeats and its army of foodies sharing not only photos and recipes of their own creations, but tons of content recommendations for their favorite local establishments.

There is so much more!  Take a listen to the show and hear for yourself how much you can help someone by just stepping up and giving it a shot.  You’ll hear things like how one restaurant owner gave him credit for 70% growth!  His plans for what’s next and how he is already global!

I’m positive that 100k is an easy target and is right around the corner.

You can find Chod here:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/cyarnelli
#chodeats group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1094751784059273
Website:  https://chodeats.com/


Chod Yarnelli (00:00:00):
Being a licking countian all my life. I thought I knew everything and I thought I knew every place, but I learned that that’s not the case. Most people didn’t know about a lot of these establishments. Most small business can’t afford to advertise. Chodeats LLC was born from that

Local Vibes Dude (00:00:19):
Starting sustaining and having a successful small business is hard, but you already knew that, but wouldn’t it be great to have a podcast that talks to and digs in to the people who’ve made it problem solved. This is local vibes, small business success stories, talking to successful small businesses from around America. You’ll hear awesome stories about how they got started and how they survived and thrived online. And in their communities. We find out their special vibe. Welcome to local vibes, brought to you by localvibes.us. Now, here are your hosts, Pat and Angie Cherubini.

Pat Cherubini (00:01:08):
All right, let’s do this.

Pat Cherubini (00:01:11):
Go for it.

Angie Cherubini (00:01:11):
Okay. Hi everybody. It’s pat and Angie Cherubini with local vibes and we are joined today with a very special guest. Actually, I, to be honest, this is our very first time meeting this person, but I feel like I know you because I follow you and your group and I have for what it been, I think a couple years now. And I’ll just go ahead and introduce Chod Yarnelli correct? Yarnelli? With Chod Eats… Support local. And why don’t we go ahead and kind of let you tell us your backstory about who, who you are. Tell us that,

Chod Yarnelli (00:01:57):
Oh, I’m just local licking county native. I was born and raised in licking county and been around here all my life. I know a lot of people and you know, basically I’ve grown up and I’ve seen how businesses try to succeed. And I’ve been in a different type of business before where I was success forth that as well. And I gave that up and you know, I, I never dreamed that this is what I would be doing. I work a full-time job as well. I’m an electrician. And so this is just kind of a gig that started by accident.

Pat Cherubini (00:02:40):
Cool. So to clarify to people, because you know, we’re going outta everywhere, we’re we are from Chod’s hometown. We’re, we’re very close. We kind of know who he is. He’s a little different than who we’ve been interviewing because he’s not actually a small business owner that I know of. I think you’ve turned it into that a little bit, but he grew a Facebook group from zero to it’s almost at 60 K right now. And I think a lot of that happened really fast. So I think that’s kind of where we want to angle is, you know, okay. Where we cross paths, you know, we have never met, we do know what you do. And he has been helping restaurants mostly get more business,

Speaker 6 (00:03:25):
Especially during all these tough times.

Chod Yarnelli (00:03:29):
Yeah, I would’ve never dreamed, but it almost feels like this was designed for COVID this business that we started was designed for COVID, but it wasn’t this group was started by accident as a joke by my wife, as we were eating dinner one night. You know, and basically it’s just because everywhere we go, we’re taking pictures of our food and, you know, and then we’re kind of posting that on our personal pages. And I believe it was like October 29th, 2019 or something. We were eating, eating, eating dinner at the old bag of nails. And she said, you know what, let’s just start a Facebook group for our food. I said, okay. And, and, and you know, of course taking a picture of us, but anyhow we did the easy things. First. We asked our friends and family to join.

Chod Yarnelli (00:04:37):
You know, next thing you know, it was kind of like pat was saying the, the group grow really fast and some good things happened pretty fast mm-hmm <affirmative>. And the first thing was we had about 500 members and I was so excited. I couldn’t believe we had 500 members. And as I was speaking back and forth through the group with these people, some of ’em, I didn’t even know we decided that the thing to do since we’re foodies was to have a big cookout or a, you know, a big feast and everybody just come and, and bring something and we’re just have a big picnic. I remember. And that was about, yeah, that was about at 500 member. So we started organizing this and it kind of blowed up way outta proportion. Because when it actually got here, we was at 10,000 members and it growed from just having a little local get together. I went around to local business and I think we had 35 different local food businesses. And Chod rented the canal market pavilion downtown Newark. Yep. And we had what I call lick county’s biggest cookout.

Speaker 7 (00:05:59):
That’s awesome.

Chod Yarnelli (00:06:02):
Well, that was, it was awesome.

Pat Cherubini (00:06:04):
And, and that was before COVID. Yeah. You know, obviously we had no idea what was coming, but you basically started a tribe of local foodies foodies and the small business, or the all restaurants jumped on board. And we have, I say it all the time, you know, compete together. And that’s the epitome of competing together. They band together and you started something special.

Chod Yarnelli (00:06:28):
Yeah. And what I seen as this group started to grow and I started visiting more local restaurants and find restaurants that I didn’t even know existed. What I learned from visiting and eating at these local establishments was being a licking county and all my life. I thought I knew everything and I thought I knew every place, but I learned that that’s not the case. And most people didn’t know about a lot of these establishments.

Speaker 8 (00:07:02):

Chod Yarnelli (00:07:03):
And most small business can’t afford to advertise.

Speaker 7 (00:07:08):

Chod Yarnelli (00:07:09):
So Todd eats LLC was born from that. And what I did was we figured out a way help small businesses advertise inexpensively, but effectively. And we do that on billboards all around Lincoln county.

Speaker 8 (00:07:27):
Mm-Hmm <affirmative>,

Chod Yarnelli (00:07:29):
I, I happen to have a friend that owns a billboard company and it worked out well because him and I worked out a deal that really nobody can touch and nice. We put four, four businesses on one billboard and it’s inexpensive for each business that way. And we can still give ’em huge exposure.

Speaker 8 (00:07:51):
Mm-Hmm <affirmative>

Chod Yarnelli (00:07:53):
So that’s kind of how LLC business was born and it’s kind of growing as well now.

Speaker 8 (00:07:59):

Pat Cherubini (00:08:00):
Cool, cool. <Affirmative> yeah. That’s, you know, I don’t, you don’t know us, but we are marketers and we run advertisements and that’s kind of what led us to this because we know that a lot of people can’t afford us and we’re not out on the agency side. On the agency side, we, we run ads for usually medical facilities and, and, and bigger, you know, bigger ticket items. Hmm. But we’re local people. We love the mom and pops, you know, when we I’ve

Speaker 8 (00:08:26):
Done all kinds of websites,

Pat Cherubini (00:08:28):
The website website, design forum, you know, we’re not here to push us, but this is, you know, how we kind of intersect and how it, how it happened. We, when we go even on vacation, you know, we go to some, if it’s someplace that we can eat here, we ain’t eating at it. There it’s gonna be a local place. And you know, that is the way we do it all the time. And we still do it here. And we know that they need help because they don’t have the ad budgets that an Applebees or anybody else has, you know, red lobster. They have help. Mm-Hmm, <affirmative>, you’re the help for the little guy. And I think that’s awesome. Are

Chod Yarnelli (00:09:02):
You still there?

Pat Cherubini (00:09:04):
Yep. You hear me?

Chod Yarnelli (00:09:05):
Yeah. Okay. We’re back.

Pat Cherubini (00:09:06):
Oh, cool. So I think I, what I said is that you’re, you know, the help for the little guy that they need.

Chod Yarnelli (00:09:15):
Well, and I think

Pat Cherubini (00:09:15):
Its cool that that’s happened.

Chod Yarnelli (00:09:18):
Yeah. And you know, I like to tell everybody I’m just a messenger, you know? Really I’m just a messenger and I like to give things back that was so freely given to me, you know cuz sometimes all a person or a business needs is a chance mm-hmm <affirmative> right. You know, they need that positive reinforcement. They need a chance. They need somebody that believes in them. Yeah. And, and see, that’s so important to me because you know, it’s easy for us just to wanna quit mm-hmm <affirmative>, you know, and quits the easy way out, you know, if, yeah. If something’s worth doing, you know, let’s, let’s give it a hundred percent and I’m all for finding the underdog and staying on their side, you know, and not telling ’em how to do something, but showing ’em how to do it. You know, that’s where success is born in my own eyes,

Pat Cherubini (00:10:18):
John, I like you. Yep.

Angie Cherubini (00:10:19):
<Laugh> we

Pat Cherubini (00:10:20):
Do. You’re my kinda man. That’s exactly what I like to hear

Angie Cherubini (00:10:23):
You think. Like we think because you know, we’ve been, we’ve been around here doing what we do for over 24 years. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and we always talk all the time. You know, all of our clients that we have are like family. I, I mean, I talk about them as if they are my family, when I email them. If, you know, if I do a mass emailing it’s I, you know, we usually have family involved in there because that’s the way I feel about them. And so, you know, we have the same vision for everybody and you, you wanna help them succeed are part of your family. And so you do whatever you can to do that. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and yeah, we’re a lot alike.

Pat Cherubini (00:11:07):
<Laugh> so

Chod Yarnelli (00:11:08):
Well, and I’m sure I’m sure. Go ahead.

Pat Cherubini (00:11:12):
No, no, no, go ahead.

Chod Yarnelli (00:11:15):
Well I’m sure as business owners, you all have met resistance as well being in business. Yeah. You know, I’ve met resistance on the way. And at first that really bothered me because I didn’t know if I was doing the right thing and to, in order to confirm in my own mind that I was doing the right thing for businesses, I went and spoke to business.

Angie Cherubini (00:11:42):
Well, can you, can you tell us about those? Can you tell us about the pushback that you got? I can’t believe somebody would do that, but,

Chod Yarnelli (00:11:51):
Well, when I, when my group first started growing, you know, I’m not very, I guess, intelligent on internet and websites and all that. I, I was saying, well, why can’t I charge a fee for me to advertise for these businesses? You know, normally when somebody provide, they, they get a fee for that service. So originally I was going to try to charge restaurants and members to advertise on my page. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and I got some resistance immediately from that. Some businesses called it, no, we’re not to play, you know, that we’re not gonna pay to play. Yeah. And so I said, well, you know, here’s the thing is, you know, I’m given a service and it’s not wrong for me to wanna feed. Right. So I, I come up with eats LLC at that point and work the out that deal with the billboard company. And now only do I not have a service to provide, I have a place to put this service, a tangible bank. You know, the resistance started going away. You know, some businesses believe they don’t need to have. And that’s okay. Yep. But I, I look at it like this. Have you heard of McDonald’s

Angie Cherubini (00:13:25):
Of course.

Chod Yarnelli (00:13:27):
Guess what? They’re all over the world. They’re huge. And guess what they still do.

Pat Cherubini (00:13:33):

Chod Yarnelli (00:13:33):
They still advertise. Yeah. All

Angie Cherubini (00:13:38):
We call different mediums.

Chod Yarnelli (00:13:40):
Yes. Because if we don’t advertise and keep that in, somebody’s mind all the time we get forgot.

Pat Cherubini (00:13:50):
Word of mouth, got you. To where you are. It cannot get you to where you want to go. You have to advertise to amplify that message. And yeah, that’s our business. We talk about that all the time, but we are a hundred percent on board. I mean, for people that don’t know, we are in a pretty small town. It’s, you know, 50,000 people, ish, you know, we’re half an hour from Columbus, Ohio. So it’s a, it’s still a pretty small town for now, for now. <Laugh>, we’ve got a big place coming, but I think we’ve said it since 1998 is when we started doing online stuff. And that’s all we’ve done ever since we’ve always said our town is 10 years behind technology wise, five to 10 years. And that’s the attitude that they have because you are the businesses have yeah. The ad, the, the pushback you got is that attitude, but they don’t understand that you have become an influencer. I don’t even know if you know that. Yes. I mean, you are an influencer. Kim Kardashian gets $250,000 to make one post on Instagram. Wow. Because you have built an because she’s built an audience and you’ve done the same thing. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and there’s nothing wrong. I mean, you’ve got the eyeballs and that’s the way advertising works. Yep.

Chod Yarnelli (00:15:05):
Well, and that’s kind of what I’ve learned. And I’m still more as I go because I ha I haven’t really learned how to monetize the internet side or nothing. But I believe in you build a brand first. Okay. And that’s what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to build a hashtag chat, eats brand. I think

Pat Cherubini (00:15:30):
You’ve done that.

Chod Yarnelli (00:15:31):
I’m paying the older I get, the more patient I become and I also work a full time job. So this is a brand I’m trying to build. And then once I have a brand built then I can try to figure out how to monetize. And, you know, some people say, well, that ain’t right for you to monetize. Well, why isn’t it? You know?

Pat Cherubini (00:15:57):
It is, I

Chod Yarnelli (00:15:58):
Put a lot of effort and a lot of work, a lot of people don’t realize that not only do I work a 40 hour job at work, I also work 40 to 50 hours at child eats visiting restaurants, spending my hard money on. And the first two years I ate out three meals a day. Oh my gosh. For something days. Holy well, that may tell you that gets very expensive, right?

Pat Cherubini (00:16:28):

Chod Yarnelli (00:16:30):
So I’ve had to cut back, but I’m still about helping people. Yeah. But anyhow, no, you guys have a, a great thing going, like you said, you’ve been building websites and, and marketing and for a long time

Pat Cherubini (00:16:46):
And you believe, I mean, there’s a saying, we talk about all the time. You help you help enough people get what they want. You end up getting what you want. And I think that’s gonna come to you that at, you know, especially on the internet, you’re on Facebook, there’s haters, you know, it doesn’t take anything for somebody to post a negative comment, but the positivity that you’ve already done yeah. Is going to pay off, you know, I far outweighs, we are not influencers. We don’t know how all that stuff works, but you do have the power and you’re helping people. And you know, like we said, we haven’t met, I can tell you really care. And I think that shines well. And it,

Chod Yarnelli (00:17:22):
It’s kinda ironic that you mentioned positivity and negativity on Facebook because all across every platform, it’s that way. Yeah. But we have a team of Chuck administrators and moderators. There’s eight of us. And I saw that we work very hard and very diligently to weed out all negative. You know, if somebody wants to be negative, go to Yelp, go to, there you go. Google reviews or Yelp, this ain’t the place. And you know, and get some nasty private messages. Yeah.

Pat Cherubini (00:18:00):
From people

Chod Yarnelli (00:18:01):
I bet, you know what, you know, why can’t we express what we feel? And I say, there’s a differe between constructive criticism and negativity. Yeah. Right. Negativity is when you wanna come on our page and blast somebody, constructive criticism is when you take somebody to the side and you talk to ’em or you message me privately, and you talk to me privately we don’t negativity on the group and that’s what I, I might have lost. I might have lost a hundreds.

Pat Cherubini (00:18:38):
They were never gonna buy from. They were never gonna buy from you anyway.

Chod Yarnelli (00:18:41):
<Laugh> correct.

Angie Cherubini (00:18:43):
I I’ve dealt with this and, and I think it’s important. I think it’s important to tell, let listeners and viewers that really, really think about it when you post something negative online. If, if you’re really ticked off at a restaurant or, or a, I don’t know, a brewery or whatever, really any business think about what that can do to that business before you make a, or before you, you write a review on Google and do like what you said, because I’ve had to do it myself with a, a winery, a particular winery. We had a horrible experience. I didn’t go on Facebook or anywhere else or on Google and write this, you know, awful review. I went first to the manager, you know, I, I emailed them and I, and I told them the situation, what happened. And I just said that the person that was in charge of our group really needed apologized to, because we were treated pretty crappy. And the great thing about it, they did it, but I didn’t have to go on social media and blast that particular establishment, because heck you know, maybe they were just having a bad day. Maybe they’re having a bad night and people don’t realize what their words, how, what that can do to a business. It can really,

Chod Yarnelli (00:20:07):
Yeah. It can, it can devastate a business mm-hmm <affirmative> and you know, why would we wanna hurt anybody? You know, I, I don’t get it. I don’t get why anybody would wanna hurt someone.

Pat Cherubini (00:20:18):
Well, that’s the world we live in there. Aren’t a whole lot of consequences for the negativity. You just get punched in the mouth when we were kids <laugh>

Chod Yarnelli (00:20:25):
Yes. That’s, can’t do that talking about,

Pat Cherubini (00:20:28):
I know. Yeah. It’s an easy way for negativity. They can hide behind the keyboard. And we, we have kids that are in their, you know, twenties, young twenties, most for the most part. And they do stuff online. We just tell ’em just, you know, you don’t even need to argue, just delete ’em block ’em and move on with your life because you ain’t gonna change your mind. You know, it doesn’t matter if it’s business politics, religion, whatever, just move on. There’s plenty of people out there that think like you do so

Angie Cherubini (00:20:56):
Well, tell us, try, you know, now let’s, we’ve talked about some negative stuff. Let’s talk about some positive stuff. Sure. What is, what are some memorable moments that you’ve had?

Chod Yarnelli (00:21:07):
Oh man. Well, I’ll tell you the, the first big moment we already spoke of it is when we had, we fed like 500 people at the canal market pavilion with several local businesses, that was a huge highlight. Chod eats actually got nominated and won the licking county collaboration of the year award. Really

Pat Cherubini (00:21:35):
Remember I saw congratulations. We

Chod Yarnelli (00:21:37):
Got to go you know, we got a big award made by the works and those are be, it was a huge moment. I mean, I’m just a hillbilly you house. And you know, when all this stuff started happening, man, it just confirms that what you’re doing is right.

Pat Cherubini (00:21:55):
Yeah. Yep.

Chod Yarnelli (00:21:56):
We had a couple group members that approached me and wanted to do something around Christmas time to, to, to help people out during Christmas. And, and basically I was just a messenger. Like I tell everybody, mm-hmm, <affirmative> these two people organized an event. I promoted it. I had pushed it on my page. I told people, I made my presence there and we had a big, it was like a big food bank. We had groceries and foods donated, and then we had people lined up and they come in and people got bags and carts, full groceries to take home. Neat. That was great. What else? I mean, it just goes on and on because the power of the community is amazing. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> you, but all they need is somebody to lead. You know, they need somebody to lead. They need somebody that believes in what they’re doing. And that’s me, man. I believe, I believe in what I’m doing. I believe in hashtag shot eats and you know, I have people that me, so failure’s not an option.

Pat Cherubini (00:23:14):
Right. I

Angie Cherubini (00:23:15):
Love that.

Pat Cherubini (00:23:15):
That’s the way we live too.

Angie Cherubini (00:23:16):
So I saw on your personal profile. Hey, did you well, and I saw the picture on your website. Did you go overseas? Did you go to Italy?

Chod Yarnelli (00:23:26):
Oh, we’ve been there a few times.

Angie Cherubini (00:23:28):
Have you?

Chod Yarnelli (00:23:29):
Oh. And the food, the food is a amazing, yeah. See, this is another beautiful thing about hashtag Chod eats. What started out as a local licking county thing has now grown. Do we have members in 99 countries? And we, we have, yes. We have members in every state of the United States. And what I’ve personally experienced is don’t matter where we go in the world or where we go in the United States. If, if you’re going to somewhere in Egypt, you jump on child eats and say, Hey, I’m gonna be going over to, to J jab, Egypt. What’s a good place to eat. And what happens is within minutes you have answers.

Pat Cherubini (00:24:17):
Yeah. That’s powerful. A

Chod Yarnelli (00:24:19):
Huge, a huge networking tool.

Angie Cherubini (00:24:21):
Yes. A search engine, your own little search engine.

Pat Cherubini (00:24:25):
Real, real, well, see

Chod Yarnelli (00:24:27):
You guys are brilliant. I’m still learning

Speaker 9 (00:24:30):

Angie Cherubini (00:24:31):
Yeah. Yeah. I’d love to have a group like yours though. That’s that’s phenomenal. It’s just, it’s phenomenal. And that that’s cool that somebody can do that now do people, well, we do, you get, people recognize you all the time.

Chod Yarnelli (00:24:45):
Well and, and I’m a people person. Yeah. And, and, and I ask the members, man, if you ever see me out, introduce yourself, let’s break bread together. You know, because I have the gift to gap. That’s what I’m good at.

Pat Cherubini (00:25:01):

Chod Yarnelli (00:25:02):
And I take the time to talk to people whenever I have the opportunity. Because everybody’s important, you know, you never know that that person that you may choose not to talk to, you could have changed their day. You could have changed their life.

Angie Cherubini (00:25:19):

Chod Yarnelli (00:25:21):
And you know, that’s kind of how I live because I can remember dark times, you know, I can that one person that helped me when I couldn’t help myself. I remember that one person that walked for me when I couldn’t walk for myself. And those are my mentors, those kind of people. And the only way we keep what we have is to give it away.

Pat Cherubini (00:25:48):

Chod Yarnelli (00:25:48):
You know, that’s

Angie Cherubini (00:25:49):

Chod Yarnelli (00:25:50):

Pat Cherubini (00:25:51):
We talk, we have younger kids, not, I mean, they’re, they’re young adults now, but you know, we tell ’em, you know, you, because of this thing here, people are gonna have issues because they’re not used to communicating with people face to face. And you know, like you said, look, people in the eye and say, hello. Sometimes that’s all it takes to make a friend. Yeah. Or make their day better. Well,

Chod Yarnelli (00:26:11):
And that’s why I’m already liking you guys, you know, we’re keeping it real.

Pat Cherubini (00:26:15):

Chod Yarnelli (00:26:16):
And I shoot from the hip, as I say,

Pat Cherubini (00:26:20):
That’s why we said, when we, when we do these, we’re just gonna sit down. We’re gonna have a conversation about what we talk about and we’re gonna see where it goes.

Angie Cherubini (00:26:25):
Well, and we, you know, we wanted to give businesses a voice all different types of businesses, not just food or whatever. And, and because they don’t have a voice. And especially for two years now going through one of the hardest things that, that these few generations have had to, to go through it’s been tough and those that have made it, it, I commend, you know, we made it and we’re a small business. I commend all those businesses that have made it and they’ve had to shift gears

Chod Yarnelli (00:26:58):
And yeah. And you know, and we did every thing that we knew how to do. You know, I don’t have a professional website, but we tried to post every place that was open for COVID mm-hmm <affirmative> we continued to try to bring people through their doors. I personally made sure I visited place and bought mills. And, you know, I like to say that we helped, we helped people through COVID. And even before COVID, when we first started doing this, we changed the dynamics of some local businesses. Some local businesses seen a 70% increase in business. Now, if that’s not huge, I don’t know what is,

Angie Cherubini (00:27:47):
You need to get the, you need to get those testimonials on your site.

Pat Cherubini (00:27:50):
Josh that’s influence that’s and no, it, we have, I keep talking about my kids, but we have the two boys that are the oldest that are what, 25 and 21, 22 almost. Yeah. They, they have a YouTube channel and they’re mountain bikers. They race mountain bikes. They do lots of outdoor stuff. They are out influencing people based off of just them being themselves. They ride, you know, the bikes that they ride. They, they get noticed all over the place, anywhere in a country, people know who they are. If they’re mountain bikers. And they’re starting to understand that that info, you know, is a real thing. It is. And companies understand that people don’t read the newspaper anymore. People don’t not at all watching TV anymore. We never watch regular TV.

Angie Cherubini (00:28:37):
Don’t listen to

Pat Cherubini (00:28:37):
The regular radio. They don’t listen to the radio they’re online. And the people that they connect with, which our boys has, the group, the people that watch them and connect with them, listen to what they say. And it is powerful. And they do help other businesses the same way you’re helping these small hometown mom and pops. Mm-Hmm <affirmative>.

Chod Yarnelli (00:28:58):
Yeah, that, that’s pretty cool. And see you guys already know what I know as well. Cuz you just said it, nobody listens to TV. Nobody listens to the radio Harley anymore. This is where it’s at. Yep. And I’m trying to figure it out as I go. And you know, what, if nothing ever happens with this group, it’s still been a success. You know, it’s still been a success, but I still believe in it and I’m gonna still continue to do what we do because I like to see those group members rise because I Al I also know that it’s about volume. You know, let’s just say, for example, I don’t wanna make a million dollars off of one person. I wouldn’t mind making a, a million dollars, but $1 per person.

Pat Cherubini (00:29:51):

Chod Yarnelli (00:29:52):
Oh yeah. You know, you know that I wouldn’t mind making a million, but I don’t wanna do it off one person. I wanna make $1 off of a million people.

Pat Cherubini (00:30:00):
Yeah. Yep. That goes right back. What I said earlier, help enough people get what they want. You end up getting what you want. And that’s that’s right behind that.

Chod Yarnelli (00:30:10):
I mean, I guess I just wanna live happy, joyous and free.

Pat Cherubini (00:30:15):

Angie Cherubini (00:30:16):
I wanna GOs on the beach. That’s where wanna go.

Pat Cherubini (00:30:20):
You’re in the <affirmative>

Chod Yarnelli (00:30:22):
Now you can still do that. And I see like a nice background there. It looks like a Fern or a Palm tree or yep. Yeah. Here’s the thing. We all can do anything we want to do.

Pat Cherubini (00:30:36):
Mm-Hmm <affirmative>

Chod Yarnelli (00:30:37):
It depends where you put your priorities. Okay. You know, my, my wife and I, we’re not wealthy by no means. We have raised two boys and, and our third just turned 18. Our daughter just turned 18 and but we have priorities, you know, it’s not so much about having things anymore for us. Mm-Hmm <affirmative>, it’s now about having experiences,

Pat Cherubini (00:31:07):
Making memories. Yes.

Chod Yarnelli (00:31:08):
Whether that experience is going to the local restaurant and having a fantastic meal with friends or making new friends there, or if it’s traveling to Italy to have dinner. And it took us a long time to, to get our priorities straight because I think as, as we’re young people, you know, our priorities are completely different. Yep. You know, we have to learn how to be a parent. We have to learn how to pay a mortgage. We have to learn how to pay for car insurance and a car and the groceries and electric, you know? Yeah. But there comes a time. It did for me. And I can only speak for myself that money’s nice, but we don’t have none. And it’s okay because it’s not that important. What’s important to me is spreading cheer, happiness, and GRA at my, to, with people and seeing them change and being positive and grateful and happy.

Pat Cherubini (00:32:12):
Yep. I love that

Chod Yarnelli (00:32:14):
Too. So, you know, now that’s not to say I don’t have bad days. Sometimes I wanna kick the can down the road. You know what I mean?

Pat Cherubini (00:32:23):

Chod Yarnelli (00:32:24):
This is a,

Pat Cherubini (00:32:25):
That interferes with every single time <laugh>

Chod Yarnelli (00:32:28):
That’s right. That’s a good cohost.

Pat Cherubini (00:32:31):
Yeah. Right. So we’re not that we’re, we’re not very professional around here. We just

Chod Yarnelli (00:32:34):
Have 18 cats. Here’s the cool thing is you’re very professional to me. And I tell people when they talk to me, you know, I’m no professional either. You’re talking to a Northeastern Lincoln county hillbilly

Pat Cherubini (00:32:51):
Here, she’s

Chod Yarnelli (00:32:51):
Back. And that’s okay because I really don’t wanna be somebody that I’m not right. You know?

Speaker 6 (00:33:01):
Yep. I understand that 100%.

Pat Cherubini (00:33:06):
So with Chod eats, how’s it going now? You know, we’re we got through, you know, knock on wood, hopefully the, the worst of it and you know, how’s it going now?

Chod Yarnelli (00:33:16):
Well, Chod eats is I always tell everybody I’m always working in the back. I’m always working on the next thing because I like to surprise people with the next thing mm-hmm <affirmative> so there was a new local business that just opened called Stein brewing company.

Pat Cherubini (00:33:39):
Yeah. Been there. And,

Chod Yarnelli (00:33:40):
Well, what happened is, is we have kind of, we collaborated for the soft opening. I see. And what Stein, what Stein brewing company did for Chod eats was over and above what most places would do. And what they offered to do was have a chat eats special opening day only for chat eats members.

Speaker 7 (00:34:06):
That’s a great

Chod Yarnelli (00:34:08):
Idea. Well, and well, because David Stein knows the power of the group. Yep. Mm-Hmm <affirmative>, you know, he’s a businessman,

Pat Cherubini (00:34:16):
Not dumb and

Chod Yarnelli (00:34:17):
He, yeah. And he knows the power of the group, which I respect him for that because he was gonna feed hundred 50 to 225 child, each members free of charge on the soft opening, you know, two days before their grand opening

Pat Cherubini (00:34:34):

Chod Yarnelli (00:34:34):
<Affirmative>. So he created a link for people to sign up. And what happened was the link didn’t work properly. So instead of a hundred people or 200 people signing up 500 people signed up. Oh,

Angie Cherubini (00:34:53):
Oh no,

Chod Yarnelli (00:34:55):
Yes. So now this created a little bit of a problem, but being the businessman that he is and a restaurant here he adapted <affirmative> and he ended up feeding. He added one seating that night. So there was three separate seatings that night he fed about 350 child eats members, three of charge. And the ones that he couldn’t accommodate, I believe he sent him a gift card.

Pat Cherubini (00:35:23):
Wow. Now

Chod Yarnelli (00:35:25):
What kind of business is that?

Angie Cherubini (00:35:27):
That’s phenomenal.

Pat Cherubini (00:35:28):
That’s gonna succeed.

Chod Yarnelli (00:35:30):
That’s that’s one that’s successful.

Angie Cherubini (00:35:33):
That makes me like even more

Chod Yarnelli (00:35:36):
Well, and the thing that was so they could try to work out the kinks, everything wasn’t going to be perfect. It was still fantastic in my eyes mm-hmm <affirmative> and I was appreciative. And you know, these are the kind of things that Chod eats has been able to achieve a lot of local restaurant that offer group members a 10% discount, if you mention shot eats

Pat Cherubini (00:36:04):

Chod Yarnelli (00:36:05):
Not, not, not all of them and that’s OK. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> so there there’s a lot of good things that has come from the group for the members. Our latest new thing was I experienced something on a cruise one time that I wanted to bring home mm-hmm <affirmative> and it was called the chef’s table. All right. And it’s a special event. It ain’t for 300 people. It’s for 10 to 20 people for child eats it’s first come first serve. I worked with a local restaurant called the Clover key. And we’re getting ready to feature the first hashtag eats chef’s table when collaboration with the Clover key.

Pat Cherubini (00:36:56):
I, Yes. I know where the Clover key is.

Chod Yarnelli (00:37:01):

Pat Cherubini (00:37:02):

Chod Yarnelli (00:37:02):
Johnny, you have to jump on <laugh> but the Clover key is on state route 1 46 between Newark and Zanesville.

Pat Cherubini (00:37:13):

Angie Cherubini (00:37:14):
Oh, where you know where that is. Okay. You do

Chod Yarnelli (00:37:17):
Right between the two gas stations

Angie Cherubini (00:37:20):

Chod Yarnelli (00:37:20):

Angie Cherubini (00:37:23):
It’s right off. She’s

Chod Yarnelli (00:37:25):
No way back. It’s way back by the stone lane company. Yeah.

Pat Cherubini (00:37:30):

Chod Yarnelli (00:37:30):
Okay. The lane stone company.

Angie Cherubini (00:37:32):
Yeah. Yeah. That’s why I was telling them I’m like, you know it.

Chod Yarnelli (00:37:36):
Yeah. But anyhow, I asked for two weeks so I could sell the spots for the table. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and I posted the link, the chef’s table sold out in 23 minutes.

Pat Cherubini (00:37:49):
Nice. Oh

Angie Cherubini (00:37:49):
My goodness. That’s fantastic.

Chod Yarnelli (00:37:53):
That’s the power of the group, you know, it’s nothing I did in particular. It’s just the power of the group.

Angie Cherubini (00:38:00):
So are you at those chef table or is you and your, are you and your wife there?

Chod Yarnelli (00:38:06):
Yes. that was part of the whole thing is I would like to have a seat at the chef’s table, my wife and I, because I wanna break bread with these members.

Pat Cherubini (00:38:16):
Nice. So this restaurant has been around a while, right? Yes. How do they feel about what you just did hadn’t happened to yet?

Chod Yarnelli (00:38:27):
They are no. Well, number one, they can’t believe that I sold the spots out in less than 23 minutes. That’s

Speaker 10 (00:38:36):
The thing is people don’t get it.

Chod Yarnelli (00:38:38):
<Laugh> yeah. So, and, and this is what I tell them. I will take care of my end and that’s putting people’s butts in the seats. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> all you have to worry about is your end. You know, you’re the chef, you make sure that the people sitting in your seats come back.

Pat Cherubini (00:38:55):

Chod Yarnelli (00:38:56):
It’s my job to put the people in the seats. And we’ve been real. Yeah. Well, we’ve been blessed. And I think pat hit on it. It’s being an influencer. Yep. You know? I, I try to keep my ego in check one. I have to, you know, because ego can get in the way of things. Yeah. Yeah. So I try to stay humble, but I also try to understand, you know, that people put a lot of weight on what I say mm-hmm <affirmative> so I don’t want to say things false or negative. So when I speak of something, I, I have facts first, you know, because people rely on what I say. Yeah.

Pat Cherubini (00:39:41):
Mm-Hmm <affirmative>

Chod Yarnelli (00:39:42):
But we’re gonna have

Pat Cherubini (00:39:43):
A of,

Chod Yarnelli (00:39:45):
Yeah. Everybody

Pat Cherubini (00:39:46):
Get the facts

Chod Yarnelli (00:39:47):

Pat Cherubini (00:39:47):

Chod Yarnelli (00:39:49):
So we’re gonna have a really nice six course fine dining experience.

Pat Cherubini (00:39:56):

Chod Yarnelli (00:39:57):
At that restaurant. But I can also tell you, come around June. People might wanna watch the page pretty close. And the announcement section of our Facebook group, because anything that’s important to me or that I wanna highlight. That’s where I put mm-hmm <affirmative>. Because I really don’t know how to run the, so it’s kind of stagnant mm-hmm <affirmative> and I know that I really need to do something there because Facebook could pull the rug out from under me whenever they want.

Pat Cherubini (00:40:29):
Yeah. It’s happened. And that’s, that’s something that we preach all the time as a business person, you know, your, you said that restaurant, their job is to get the food out. Your job is to put butts in the sea eats. We tell ’em that they need to have a list of their contacts, you know, of those people. So when they do have a good time, the next time they contact them, they can come back.

Chod Yarnelli (00:40:48):
Yeah. Get outta here. And that that’s lacking in that area

Pat Cherubini (00:40:53):
Because we, people that have lost Facebook pages and accounts, I had my personal account was stolen and they ran up $15,000 on my credit card.

Chod Yarnelli (00:41:05):
Oh my Lord.

Pat Cherubini (00:41:06):
Yeah. I did get it back. It took about three months. But to this day, whatever I post gets seen by almost nobody, because it was Vietnamese, they were posting crap. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and, and it can happen, you know, and you’re yeah. Page is tied to your personal profile. So you, you know,

Angie Cherubini (00:41:23):
We’ll, we’ll talk to you, we’ll discuss that later and, and be able to get some pointers and help you. Sure.

Pat Cherubini (00:41:28):

Chod Yarnelli (00:41:29):
We’ve we’ve tried to grow our other socials as well. You know, we’ve got a YouTube channel and I’m, I’ve been trying to hit 1000 subscribers on that. I’m stuck at like eight 50 Instagram, Instagram, I think we’re around the same eight 50 or eight 40 on Instagram. So I mean, I’m kind of learning as we go. Yeah. I I’m just, I learned everything on Facebook.

Pat Cherubini (00:41:58):
Yeah. And that’s where your focus is, and that’s where, you know, where your focus grows. It, it’s hard to spread your, spread, everything out and get, you know, spread yourself thin.

Chod Yarnelli (00:42:09):

Pat Cherubini (00:42:09):
<Affirmative>, you know, don’t, don’t forget about Facebook because that’s where that’s your group and your food. I mean, that’s built for Facebook

Chod Yarnelli (00:42:15):
Mm-Hmm <affirmative>. Yeah. And man, we have chefs on that group that post I, I, I’ve got to go to Columbus and do soft openings for restaurants there and, you know, and I, I I’ve got collaborations happening all over the place. And the problem is, is people want to get me to the restaurant, but there’s so many I can’t get there, you know, really on time. Well, yeah, because this, this job that I work gets in the way of everything. Yeah.

Angie Cherubini (00:42:47):
You know, darn job, 40

Pat Cherubini (00:42:49):

Chod Yarnelli (00:42:50):
40 hours gets in the way of all the good stuff.

Pat Cherubini (00:42:53):
Wouldn’t it be fun if we didn’t need money?

Chod Yarnelli (00:42:56):
Well, man, it would be <laugh>. It would be actually.

Pat Cherubini (00:43:00):

Angie Cherubini (00:43:01):
Maybe you just need some help with that. We could help

Chod Yarnelli (00:43:05):
<Laugh>. Well, I’m, I’m pretty sure that I do need help, you know, and I just, I’ve gotta be able to get to a point where I can financially afford to help. Yeah. And you know, because you can’t expect anybody’s services for free, at least I don’t, but let me tell you, I’ve met people that do expect services for free.

Angie Cherubini (00:43:29):
Oh. So,

Chod Yarnelli (00:43:31):
But what I’ve learned is you only get outta something, what you put in.

Pat Cherubini (00:43:35):

Chod Yarnelli (00:43:37):
So I’m just, I’m trying to, to build shot LLC. And to do that, it’s gonna take a while, you know, to, to get to a point where I can start reinvesting more back into chat, LLC, because Chod LLCs only been around for two years. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and it’s just hard to make money. I mean, I haven’t just quite figured out how to do it yet.

Pat Cherubini (00:44:02):
Right. Yeah. I think you’re onto something though, cuz you’re just, just the help, you know? And when you help people make money, you know, it it’ll come back. You just, you just gotta figure out that whatever that strategy is and, and keep hammer on it.

Angie Cherubini (00:44:16):
So let me ask, are, are you, and unfortunately were you a Buies fan?

Chod Yarnelli (00:44:23):
Yes. we didn’t visit Buies a lot, but Buies foods was fantastic. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> they was just always too busy for me. Yeah. You know?

Pat Cherubini (00:44:35):
Yeah. For people that

Chod Yarnelli (00:44:36):
Bad meal

Pat Cherubini (00:44:38):
For the people that don’t know that aren’t from around here, there’s a, I don’t even know how long they were around years and years, you know, decades. And it was a hamburger joint, local, you know, gastro pub that was bought by another family, not that many years ago. And it went crazy, you know, great hamburgers could never get in and it burnt to the ground just a month ago or so.

Chod Yarnelli (00:45:02):
Yeah. That’s sad.

Pat Cherubini (00:45:04):
Yep. It’s a family out of work, you know, they we’ve, we’ve actually been to a benefit trying to help them out. But you know, that is an stream case. What is, you know, now that we’re where we are through whatever we are, what, you know, what do they still need? Not just bums, like all of them. What, what do the small restaurants need? What do you

Angie Cherubini (00:45:23):

Chod Yarnelli (00:45:24):
Well, they need customers in the seats. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> things have got tight for all, all of us, you know, people’s budgets, aren’t allowing ’em to go out, to eat as much as they were. We just had another local business closed up on Saturday and their auctioning off all their equipment on April 8th. And it was one of my favorite establishments and it was the keto cafe in downtown north

Pat Cherubini (00:45:55):
Just saw that we were by there this weekend and saw the sign

Angie Cherubini (00:45:57):
I’ve there.

Chod Yarnelli (00:45:59):
It wasn’t because their was not, it wasn’t because their was bad. It wasn’t because their was bad. It was, they didn’t have people in the seat changed for a businesses. Some for the bad, but others thrived during COVID others have done better business during COVID than they did prior to COVID. Right. They learned how to minimize cost without indoor seating and <affirmative> their profits grow larger because they’re not paying staff. So some, some businesses actually did way better during COVID than they did prior to COVID.

Pat Cherubini (00:46:46):
Yeah. Yeah. You learn from struggling.

Angie Cherubini (00:46:49):
You gotta commend those businesses for those restaurants for doing that. Cause I can’t even imagine. And I mean, it was hard enough for us, for our business and, and with our clients, but I, I can’t imagine being a brick and mortar,

Pat Cherubini (00:47:03):
Somebody had to come

Angie Cherubini (00:47:03):
Into like that, that you typically relied on people coming in and they couldn’t do that anymore.

Pat Cherubini (00:47:09):
Yeah. Overnight shut you down.

Chod Yarnelli (00:47:13):
Those businesses were pretty amazing and they got pretty creative. You know, I’ll tell you, for example MOS MOS barbecue. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> they had a a client that, you know, frequent in MOS and that client offered to donate X amount of dollars for MOS to make food, to deliver to first responders. And I was lucky enough that they asked me to collaborate with them. So they had a donor that donated to MOS, MOS prepared all the food and Chod eats delivered it to the first responders.

Pat Cherubini (00:48:03):
That’s awesome.

Chod Yarnelli (00:48:05):
It was, it was good for, for everyone. Yep. But it helped Mo stay alive, you know, you know, we tried to, we tried to frequent during COVID my wife and I still tried to frequent every business. Yeah. You know, we, we tried to, to do our part and we like to say that we can sleep at night knowing we did what we could do.

Pat Cherubini (00:48:30):
Yeah. Good for you.

Angie Cherubini (00:48:32):
That’s awesome. So what are your thoughts on Intel coming in?

Chod Yarnelli (00:48:38):
Well it’s gonna change our county. Yeah. And it’s gonna it’s it’s not, I can honestly say that. I’m very grateful that I live in the most rural part of lake county. We have left.

Angie Cherubini (00:48:53):

Chod Yarnelli (00:48:56):
And that’s the far Northeast corner of licking county. I’m right in the corner of Knox licking Caton. And it’s still pretty rural out here on dirt road. Yeah. But in Eden township purity, have you

Pat Cherubini (00:49:13):
Heard that we’re in looking valley, so we’re not that far from you.

Chod Yarnelli (00:49:16):
Yep. So, but you, as well as me in my lifetime, I’ve seen Columbus grow this way. Yep.

Pat Cherubini (00:49:24):
I’ve told my boys that I said, you know, when I was in high school, they always said Columbus in 1 61, the road attaching our, our cities was going to Columbus was gonna come all the way out there. And we’re like, no way, the people that don’t know Intel, the computer company is building like the world’s largest manufacturing plant in our county. And yes, the words were the things we’re hearing. I know some people that have had some meetings with them and they, the, the main one they just said is you cannot fathom what is coming.

Chod Yarnelli (00:49:55):
Well, we think we can. Yeah. You and I maybe think we can, but we’ve never seen the likes of this in our lifetime. No, because it’s gonna be, like you said, the biggest plant in the world.

Pat Cherubini (00:50:08):

Chod Yarnelli (00:50:10):
A blue collar guy, like me, it probably is not positively. Because you know, I’m getting farther up in age where I wanna get outta the workforce soon.

Pat Cherubini (00:50:23):

Chod Yarnelli (00:50:24):
You know, I don’t wanna work. I don’t wanna work in the workforce very much longer if I don’t have to, but I don’t know our children and our grandchildren, man. They might see things we only dreamed of. Right. True. Now, do you remember when it took an hour to get from Newark, Ohio to Columbus? Absolutely. On 1 61. Yes. And now you do it in 15 minutes.

Angie Cherubini (00:50:46):
Yep. Well, do you remember when new Albany was just corn fields?

Chod Yarnelli (00:50:50):
Yeah. With a feed mill.

Angie Cherubini (00:50:52):
Yeah. Yes.

Pat Cherubini (00:50:53):
Which is now a brewery

Angie Cherubini (00:50:55):
<Laugh> yeah. I’ll take that. <Laugh> I’ll take that

Chod Yarnelli (00:50:58):
Change. I dunno. I mean, we, we have to roll with the punches brother.

Pat Cherubini (00:51:02):
Yeah. There ain’t no stopping that one.

Chod Yarnelli (00:51:05):
No, we roll with the punches. We play the hand we’re dealt and we try to see where we can fit in and do our part because there may be a part for us. Yeah.

Pat Cherubini (00:51:18):
Well, one of the questions that I like to ask at the end towards the end of these things is, you know, you are plugged into this one, so I know you’re gonna have the answer. You know, what is the local vibe like now in Newark?

Chod Yarnelli (00:51:32):
Well, I guess it depends where you go. When you say local vibe, I guess, do you mean like local nightlife? People, I mean, I, I guess

Pat Cherubini (00:51:43):
Not dancing, not clubs, you know, people, you know, people like us that are supporting, you know, support local.

Chod Yarnelli (00:51:51):
I don’t know, man. There’s just, there’s a lot of people that don’t do what we do.

Pat Cherubini (00:51:57):
Right. Yeah.

Chod Yarnelli (00:51:58):
You know, there’s, there’s a lot of people, it seems to me that want something for nothing mm-hmm <affirmative> and that’s unfortunate, but it takes all kinds of people. There’s also a lot of people out there that support every day, somewhere I run into some familiar faces. Don’t matter where I go there they are. And those are the people that support local to me. Yeah. You know, they don’t just go to one place all the time <affirmative> and either do I, because I don’t like to eat the same thing every night.

Angie Cherubini (00:52:34):

Chod Yarnelli (00:52:35):
You know, I, I like to spread the love the, the, the hot spot, of course, right now in Lincoln counties, the newest spot. Right. And it’s brewing company. Yep. But it it’s new. They got 36 different, if you’re a beer drinker and you serve yourself beer.

Angie Cherubini (00:52:56):
I had, I had the steak bites as an appetizer. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> those were phenomenal.

Chod Yarnelli (00:53:02):
Get the pretzel with cheese. We

Pat Cherubini (00:53:04):
Used, we tasted our, our friends and it was really good.

Angie Cherubini (00:53:08):
Yeah. So

Chod Yarnelli (00:53:11):
So we there’s, you know, there’s not a black bad place in town. It’s just, some people prefer other places over certain things and that’s okay.

Pat Cherubini (00:53:22):
We still go everywhere. But you know, we’ve been, haven’t gone anywhere a lot lately, but I still, you know, going to a chain just doesn’t sit right with me anymore because well, you know, you either go local or you’re going global and global, ain’t taking care of the local anymore. Mm-Hmm

Chod Yarnelli (00:53:39):
Yeah. And, you know, that’s pretty cool because <affirmative> I, well, I was getting ready to tell you a, a little BS, but because I had to Wendy’s I had to Wendy’s cheeseburger couple weeks ago. All right. Yeah. And it’s the first time that I’ve had fast in two years.

Pat Cherubini (00:53:59):

Chod Yarnelli (00:54:01):
And it wasn’t fast. So I, so I had to wait for my double cheeseburger, which it was delicious actually. Yeah. and I don’t know why I did it when I could have just went to a local mom and pop spent the same amount of time and the same amount of money.

Pat Cherubini (00:54:21):

Chod Yarnelli (00:54:22):
Yeah. But it’s okay. I, you know, I had a fast food first time in two years,

Angie Cherubini (00:54:27):
You know, it just makes you appreciate all you did was you reaffirmed that appreciation for the mom and pop, so that’s okay. Yeah.

Chod Yarnelli (00:54:35):
I, I like that. You know, it’s good to keep your money local, wherever you are, wherever local may be.

Pat Cherubini (00:54:43):
Yep. Yep.

Chod Yarnelli (00:54:44):
You know, I can tell you that we’ve been visited my wife and I, and my daughter visited Maui last June. And of course the first thing I wanted to do is I wanted to find all the local food spots.

Angie Cherubini (00:55:00):

Chod Yarnelli (00:55:00):
So guess what we did, we found the local food spots I a picture and a review of a local pizza shop on Google reviews. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and I was astonished when I got an email the other day that it’s been viewed like 35,000 times

Angie Cherubini (00:55:24):

Chod Yarnelli (00:55:25):
Yeah. And you know, I, I’ve got some pictures that that we’ve posted. That’s been viewed almost 1.7 million times. So I need to learn how to turn this into something. Yeah. You know, because our post and our reviews are making a difference at places. Most of us, they are making a difference.

Pat Cherubini (00:55:49):
Yep. I would start by sharing some of those numbers with those people, you know, that’s, you kind of lead with the results because you are driving people there. You gotta change some minds about marketing and <laugh>, that’s not always easy to do, but you’re already leading with that. You’re giving people business basically for nothing. You know, you’re just driving people to the local businesses. And as long as you can figure out a way to, you know, you’re, you’re not an ego guy, so it’s gonna be hard for you, but you gotta let ’em know where it came from. And you know, I’m not sure how you do that yet, but that’s right. That’s the first step, you know, once they know the power that you have, the ones that don’t, you know, that is, there’s a whole industry growing up or booming because of the, you know, the influencer word, you hear influencer all the time. It’s because they drive it’s, it’s not always a good or bad influence it’s they drive money. And that’s what, that’s what it all is.

Chod Yarnelli (00:56:51):
Yeah. And when Intel gets here, the dynamics of our county are gonna change big time. Mm-Hmm

Pat Cherubini (00:56:56):
<Affirmative> yep. I think there’s gonna is gonna change.

Chod Yarnelli (00:56:59):
Yes. there’s gonna be new things. There’s gonna be new restaurants.

Angie Cherubini (00:57:05):
They’ll have to

Chod Yarnelli (00:57:06):
Be there. There’s gonna be how many people, how many people is this plant bringing? Did you hear the numbers?

Pat Cherubini (00:57:12):
Yeah. The plant itself is bringing 9,000 high paying jobs. But with what comes with it is the, the number. I have some people in construction and, and government that said the, the housing, the amount of houses that need to be built just in our area is 20,000.

Chod Yarnelli (00:57:36):
Yeah. See, so that’s crazy.

Pat Cherubini (00:57:38):
And a hundred thousand apartments that, so that’s not 9,000 people. That’s a lot of people. Yeah. They all need eat somewhere

Chod Yarnelli (00:57:47):
Well. And a lot of people need you to, and I’m hoping that a lot of people may need me.

Angie Cherubini (00:57:56):
Oh yeah.

Chod Yarnelli (00:57:58):
Because you know, without a need, we have no value. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> so that’s why I like to tell, tell myself all the time you do have value, you bring something to the table. Because if you’re not bringing nothing to the table, you have no value.

Pat Cherubini (00:58:17):
Right. Mm-hmm <affirmative>,

Chod Yarnelli (00:58:19):
You know, and I don’t just, I don’t just wanna come and sit at the table. I wanna bring something to the table. Why come? Yep. You know, because I wanna have skin in the game when you have skin in the game, you work hard.

Angie Cherubini (00:58:34):

Chod Yarnelli (00:58:35):
Is that correct?

Pat Cherubini (00:58:37):
Oh, absolutely. A hundred. And there’s a whole lot of younger people that need to hear that. Yeah.

Angie Cherubini (00:58:43):
<Laugh> oh yeah. Yeah.

Chod Yarnelli (00:58:44):
You, you guys have a great thing going and I I’ve, I’ve checked your company out before, you know, just nibs as I call it. Yeah.

Pat Cherubini (00:58:57):
I did the same to you, man. We call it stalking,

Chod Yarnelli (00:58:59):
You know? Yeah. Like a creeper. Yep. Yep. You know, we can be creepers or stalkers. You guys have a great thing going and I want to commend Angie, is that correct? Angie? Yep. Is that your team? I, I see that you’ve went through some pretty tough times. Yes, here lately. Yep. Well guess what, there’s a different plan for you and you’re a winner. You’re a winner. Thank you. All right. And you’re successful no matter what. So just know that try. Well, no, it’s okay. We’re human beings. And like I said, as I was stalking and creeping, as after we became friends, I accepted your friend request. I I seen things that you’ve experienced and you know, your experience and strength and hope can help others only if you share only if you do else, remember we have to share our experience, strength and hope.

Chod Yarnelli (01:00:08):
Yep. All the time, because we never know who we’re affecting. We might affect someone and not know it for 20 or 30 years. Yep. Because that happened to me. Yeah. You know, I realize as I, man, this person influenced me the first $50 bill I ever made in my life was so huge to me. I remember what I was doing, how I earned it, the guy that gave it to me, really. I stayed friends with that guy, the rest of my life until he passed. But that first $50, he gave me a chance to make $50. When I was a kid. Now I had to split a lot of firewood and for an eight year old kid, that acts was heavy. Yeah. But guess what? At the end of the day, that guy influenced my life. So we never know what one for people, man. So keep doing what you’re doing. Angie, thank you.

Pat Cherubini (01:01:12):
Well, that’s honestly what kind of started. We’ve had a couple of little podcasts and you know, we’ve been in business doing local business for 24 years and we do have a lot of experience and with what we’ve been through the last eight months now or so we can’t help in everybody. You know, like you, we want to get the word out to, to try to help a whole lot, knowing, you know, they’re not gonna hire us, but we want to give information that we know. So Applebees doesn’t eat the whole world. You know, we don’t want those places being the only choice you have, because if you don’t go to these small places, you know, it’s not just restaurants for us. It’s small business, you know?

Chod Yarnelli (01:01:52):
Yeah. Period.

Pat Cherubini (01:01:53):
I order from Amazon. I hate myself every time I do it. But you know, it’s, it’s still a thing. These small mom and pop brick and mortars, they need people to keep going to ’em or they’re gonna be gone. Mm-Hmm <affirmative>

Chod Yarnelli (01:02:05):
Yeah. I don’t shop at Walmart. I don’t shop at Amazon. Now my wife on the other hand, a whole every story <laugh> you know, where I shop, I shop at main hardware downtown. We do that. I shop at my local farmer market. I go a couple roads over to buy my chicken, beef and pork off of a farmer. Now granite, the price is a little more, but it’s okay. Mm-Hmm <affirmative>, you know, it’s okay. I’m getting, I’m getting better product. Yeah. Yeah. Now Amazon is a thing, you know, you what? I can’t stand to buy something from Amazon. I can’t even try it on, you know, I wanna try something on, if I want a pair of boots, I wanna go somewhere and try a pair of boots on. Yep. Now I go take my wife to Walmart and I sit in the car for two hours <laugh> and I’m, and I’m mad. I’m mad when she comes out, you know, but I refuse to go in there. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> yep. But it’s okay. It’s and it’s because I’m old school.

Pat Cherubini (01:03:18):
Yep. And I think it’s gonna have to go back to that, you know, and that’s, you know, keep preaching what you’re preaching and I think your reach is gonna get bigger because I do too. People need, you know, people need people like you. Yep. And yeah,

Chod Yarnelli (01:03:31):
Well we need each other.

Pat Cherubini (01:03:33):
Yep. That’s right. And you know, people like us that are trying to save the world, you know, one little mom and pop at a time, need help from other people to realize that that’s what’s happening. Yeah. So, and I wanna be respectful of your time or about it at an hour. So, you know, what’s the best piece of advice you have for somebody that wants to start helping, like the way you did, you know, what do you tell ’em?

Chod Yarnelli (01:03:57):
Well, I tell ’em number one, it doesn take any money to start something good, start something new. And what I would also say is believe in yourself, number one, believe in what you’re doing and believe in yourself, because if you don’t believe in what you’re doing and what yourself in, in yourself, your waste, you know, don’t spend any money or energy into something you don’t believe in.

Pat Cherubini (01:04:29):

Chod Yarnelli (01:04:31):
So, I mean, it’s pretty cut and dry and don’t start something that you don’t wanna finish.

Pat Cherubini (01:04:36):
Right. Keep the doors open.

Chod Yarnelli (01:04:39):
Yeah. And always be eager to learn, always be eager to listen. And sometimes that’s really hard for me is to listen. And, and I, and I have to learn to do that more, you know, because sometimes as people would tell me, you need to take the cotton out of your ears and stuff it in your mouth. <Laugh> all right.

Pat Cherubini (01:05:03):
Two ears, one mouth for a reason. Right.

Chod Yarnelli (01:05:06):
And my mentors tell me that yep. Take the cotton out of your ears and stuff it in your mouth. Listen. And you know, it hurts the ego, but when I get outta my comfort zone, I grow.

Pat Cherubini (01:05:18):

Angie Cherubini (01:05:18):

Chod Yarnelli (01:05:19):
So that’s the best advice I can give

Pat Cherubini (01:05:22):
Everything you want is outside of your comfort zone. Other, otherwise you’d have it already.

Chod Yarnelli (01:05:27):
Yeah. Absolutely. Everything you want just right on the other side of that line. Yeah. You know, draw a line, the sand. Yeah. Draw a line in the sand, but never keep moving the line, you know, leave it there.

Angie Cherubini (01:05:40):

Pat Cherubini (01:05:43):
Anything else you have anything that you would like to ask us? You know, we’re here, we got some experience we can help, whatever you need. Well

Chod Yarnelli (01:05:52):
There’s probably a hundred different things that I would like to ask

Pat Cherubini (01:05:55):
Do it later, but

Chod Yarnelli (01:05:56):
Yeah. But maybe if we can get together some other time, because 1%, Obviously I would like to collaborate with both of you at some point somehow. And because I, I think it’s one of those things where maybe we can help one another,

Pat Cherubini (01:06:14):
You know,

Chod Yarnelli (01:06:15):
And when we help one another, we can also help other people.

Pat Cherubini (01:06:19):
Yep. That’s what it’s all about. We gotta keep helping, it’ll take a few days for us to get all this stuff edited and we’ll get it out there and share why don’t you, your story more?

Angie Cherubini (01:06:28):
Why don’t you tell people you know, tell people exactly how they can get in touch with you, especially if there’s a, an establishment that would like to sign up with you and, and do the a chef’s table mm-hmm <affirmative> or do a soft opening like signs did, how can they get in touch with you? What’s the best way?

Chod Yarnelli (01:06:45):
Well probably the same way you got in touch with me number one, the best way is Facebook messenger or Facebook, but you can always go to chat, eats.com. And I believe we have links to all of our social on there. You

Pat Cherubini (01:07:01):
Do right there on his shirt.

Chod Yarnelli (01:07:02):
Yeah. Yeah. That’s hashtag Chod eats Facebook where Chod eats Chod underscore eats on Instagram, and I think it’s eats on YouTube. But you go to our website and I think you can find an email L link and everything on there. And someday I’ll learn how to do that and make it much better because I’m really lacking on there. <Laugh>

Pat Cherubini (01:07:28):
Yeah. We’ll put all that information down below and I encourage you to, to jump in that group. It’s a free group. You just jump in. There are people foodies, just like everybody, that’s sharing information, sharing pictures, sharing recipes, and places to go and it’s support local. And that’s what we’re all about. Yeah.

Chod Yarnelli (01:07:47):
Well, I, I really I, I feel honored and privileged that you guys invited me to your podcast and it it’s been a real blessing just to see, see your faces and, and maybe we’ll be lucky enough to break bread together somewhere.

Pat Cherubini (01:08:01):
Absolutely. We’re gonna

Angie Cherubini (01:08:03):

Pat Cherubini (01:08:03):
To that. That’s not a

Angie Cherubini (01:08:04):
Baby. We

Chod Yarnelli (01:08:05):

Pat Cherubini (01:08:05):
To. And just so you know, you’re like number five, is this the fifth one? Yeah. You know, we’re still pretty new, but you were one of the ones we just knew who you were. And we knew what

Angie Cherubini (01:08:13):
I had to do

Pat Cherubini (01:08:14):
On the list, what you stood for without ever meeting you, even though you probably only live 10 miles from me, but

Chod Yarnelli (01:08:19):
Yeah. I think you got a great podcast.

Pat Cherubini (01:08:22):
Well, thank you. We’re trying. We’re gonna, we’re gonna keep trying to get a little bit better. Yeah.

Chod Yarnelli (01:08:26):
Well, I, I got a, what I called the podcast. Yeah, yeah, I did. I did podcast, but it didn’t go well, cause I run out to talk about like after three things and I was just always talking to myself.

Pat Cherubini (01:08:39):
Yeah. And that’s what we do. All we gotta do is ask a few questions and let you talk. It’s not about me. It’s about our guests. So we love hearing the stories and we love what you’re doing.

Angie Cherubini (01:08:49):
Maybe you all have to share some of your favorite places with us and we can interview them too

Chod Yarnelli (01:08:55):
Well. And I would also like to share your podcast this, this version here, I can share that on chat, LLC. And

Pat Cherubini (01:09:04):
We put it out in podcast and in, on YouTube. So you can do either or we’ll let

Angie Cherubini (01:09:08):
You know when ready.

Pat Cherubini (01:09:10):
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