Get ready for this episode with Jimmy Boheler. It’s packed with all the golden nuggets of information from motivation to his story; you’ll be sure to take something good away from this episode. Before the pandemic, Jimmy was selling life insurance. However, that became hard to connect with people in person. Jimmy knew that he loved serving the public and helping others, so he started to work for the company he’s currently working for as a Concierge Specialist. Jimmy works alongside many successful people and has learned how important your mindset is to everything in life.

He’s learned to be the influence, give more, give value, and surround yourself with the right people. Jimmy dives moe into how our mindset affects our overall success, the power of having mentors in our lives, and how he successfully came this far in his life in under a year.

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Jimmy Boheler (00:00:01):

Um, Angie’s seen a couple of my lives that they they’ve, they’ve grown a lot. Uh, they used to, um, uh, used to be very plain, very boring, but I, I heard something a while back was value value, value sale. So I just keep giving value one day, I’ll sell it, man. <laugh> but, uh, but right now

Pat Cherubini (00:00:17):

You say you can give away everything, you know, for free because 99% won’t do anything with it. And the 1% the do don’t have the time and they’ll pay you for it. So

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Now, here are your hosts, pat and Angie Cheri.

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All right, let’s do this.

Angie Cherubini (00:01:18):

Hi everyone. It’s pat and Angie Cherubini on local vibes and day. We have Jimmy bowler and you know, we’ll, we’ll tell you a little bit more about him, but we’ll let him talk first about what exactly his business is and the origin behind it. And there’s a lot of businesses behind you. I know that. And we’ll get into that, but

Jimmy Boheler (00:01:41):

<laugh>, that is true. What’s upon.

Jimmy Boheler (00:01:45):

Yep. Uh, best way to start. Yeah. Once upon a time, um, basically a little background I was doing life insurance was pretty much my gig and then COVID shut all that down. Uh, I definitely couldn’t go into, uh, miss Betty’s driveway anymore. She was like, no, not happening. <laugh> uh, so, uh, so I had, I had to figure out something to do. Um, so I was looking, I was looking for, uh, you know, know some mentoring. I was looking for coaching. I, I had about, at that time I had about 13 streams of income. Uh, not all of them were cash flowing very well. Uh, but then I, uh, ran across a, a de a direct sales company and got excited and was like, and a mentor came, came to me and said, Hey, look, I’ve been doing this for 20 years. And all you gotta do is really just be coachable, be trainable.

Jimmy Boheler (00:02:27):

And I can show you a nice little system, uh, to make you very successful in a, not very long period of time. And so, uh, so in the past year has just been absolutely. I, uh, heard the term marketing to all as marketing to none. And so I took that and took that, ran with it and said, Hey, can let let’s slow, slow down all these other ones. Uh, as my father would say, shoot off a bunch of ducks <laugh>. So I shot off a bunch of, a bunch of ducks and, uh, and, uh, came down to pretty much. Now I’m very rarely doing life insurance, and now I’m doing basically direct sales full-time, uh, it’s my full-time gig. And I basically help other people, uh, make money at online and at home.

Angie Cherubini (00:03:06):

Nice. Very nice. Why, what, let’s go back and talk about the origin of how we know each other, cuz um, you know, gosh, it started back when you started or when you were doing Southern chew mm-hmm <affirmative> do you remember that?

Jimmy Boheler (00:03:23):

I do. I do. <laugh> uh,

Angie Cherubini (00:03:25):

Yeah, that was a family business. Wasn’t it?

Jimmy Boheler (00:03:28):

It was, uh, basically right outta college. I went to Appalachian state and uh, soon as I graduated out, even during college, I wanted cash and uh, my father and my mother said, Hey, look, you gotta get, you gotta get paid. You gotta make money. You can’t come, can’t come back home. Uh, and we decided very quickly that that’s a very quick cash making business and I fell in love with it. I love serving the public. I love serving people, uh, went all the way up to, um, you know, I was started serving tables. Then I was bartending. Then I was, uh, managing restaurants, uh, went all the way up to owning my own restaurant for by out three and a half years there. Uh, and it was funny because I really did not think, um, I, you know, my goal was to get to the top.

Jimmy Boheler (00:04:08):

Once, once I got there, I was like, I don’t wanna be here anymore. Uh, I mean, yeah, cause I got, I got married. I had, I had a kid on the way. Uh, didn’t have time. I mean, I just did not 80 hours a week, 90 hours in the restaurants anybody’s out there listens. And if you’ve done any type of restaurant work, it’s a lot, a lot of time, especially when you’re the janitor, you’re the bartender, you’re the cook. You do it all. Yeah. Uh, you know, welcome to business ownership. Yeah. And chief ball washer, that’s it. That’s it. So, uh, so then I, at that point, uh, we basically shut that down and I went into, uh, corporate America. Uh, I had never worked corporate America besides restaurants. So that gave me a good idea of that. Worked for a little tire company called Michelin tires. Uh, worked for those guys, did their, just

Angie Cherubini (00:04:49):

A little one,

Jimmy Boheler (00:04:50):

Just a little one. Uh, but I, I did that for a while. Um, that was for about three or four years, uh, and ran their social media. So they had over 5 million people on their, of social media platform. So we had to be very careful what we said, what we did. Uh, it was a team of us that ran that. But I, I learned a lot about zoom. I learned about, uh, social media and Instagram and YouTube and Google and everything, uh, coming from a big company like that had a lot of great training. Um, but I hated having a boss. I just could not do it. You honestly was constantly, ever since college was, I I’ve gotta, I wanna start at the top. And I remember my mom used to say, you can’t start at the top. And I was like, eh, maybe there’s gotta be a way somehow <laugh> yeah.

Jimmy Boheler (00:05:33):

So, uh, so, uh, that’s when I got into life insurance and basically I never really had a foster there, so I did a life insurance and mortgage protection and a, and all that jazz. And then, like I said, COVID shut all that down. I had to do something. Uh, but the great thing about it, which was the win on this is I learned more about zoom because I started teaching others about life insurance and mortgage protection through this technology. Uh, so that’s been, so that was a very, very big game changer for me because now I was like, well, we can be pretty much anywhere now, uh, in a split second or even on a, on a cell phone and, and, and communicate and, and grow businesses. And I was like, so when I came into what I’m doing now, this direct sales that was, they said P Z private business zoom. And I went, I’m in <laugh>. I like it. Let’s go. I

Angie Cherubini (00:06:21):

Already know it. I

Pat Cherubini (00:06:22):

Already know it’s here to stay too.

Jimmy Boheler (00:06:24):

And it’s, and it’s not going anywhere. The stock stocks rose on it. It’s, it’s not, it’s not going anywhere. And, uh, and so I, I basically put all those eggs right in that basket and said, I’m, if this is because, and I would love to teach I others out there, you know about that idea is once you put all your eggs in the baskets. Cause I had that approach to me several times. It’s like, you’re doing too much, you’ve got too many things out there and I’m sitting there spinning plates, like crazy. I was like, man, what are you talking about? I’m making money. Let’s go, you know? Yeah. Um, but I wasn’t an expert at anything and, and that’s the thing it’s and so when I really narrowed down to be coming the expert in what I do, uh that’s when that’s, when a lot of things changed,

Pat Cherubini (00:07:04):

You want me to tie the bow on how we actually connected because it’s, it’s a good entrepreneurial story. Yeah. How many years ago was it a lot?

Jimmy Boheler (00:07:14):


Pat Cherubini (00:07:15):

Eight, something

Angie Cherubini (00:07:16):

Like that,

Jimmy Boheler (00:07:18):


Pat Cherubini (00:07:18):

Like that. So you are in North Carolina, correct? Correct. Is that where you’re still at? We were in Ohio. We didn’t know each other at all. Nope. And you know, the story was, we were going on vacation and Angie has always been very good at this of figuring out a way to go. If we needed something, she could figure it, figure out a way. And I have no idea how you found Jimmy, but Judy had the restaurant and I believe you said you contacted him and said,

Angie Cherubini (00:07:47):

No, it’s

Pat Cherubini (00:07:47):

Because of the condo.

Angie Cherubini (00:07:48):

Yeah. It’s because I looked at your condo and mm-hmm <affirmative> then I looked at you and checked you out online to see what kind of business you did. And you needed a website for Southern ch that’s. Right. And we traded services. Yep. So

Pat Cherubini (00:08:03):

Like that, that’s that. And looking for a condo on the beach, we found him that’s right. And then, you know, one little offer I gotta do is ask. You never know, you know, so that’s it. That’s a good lesson for everybody. You gotta ask. Yep. If you don’t ask the answer is what?

Jimmy Boheler (00:08:16):

Nope. No.

Pat Cherubini (00:08:18):

So I, I just thought that was, uh, kind of funny that we’re right back here. Face to face finally, after you gave us a vacation

Jimmy Boheler (00:08:25):

<laugh> I know, years later

Angie Cherubini (00:08:27):

Been a long time. Yep. Um, so would you say then was COVID your inspiration to start doing what you’re doing now?

Jimmy Boheler (00:08:37):

Yeah, absolutely. Because you know, COVID, I think changed a lot of people. The people there they’re people that survived and there’s people that are still trying to survive. Um, and I think what what’s exciting is, uh, I could have never dreamed this big that everybody that I would deal with now, uh, would know how to use zoom. I, I just couldn’t dream that big. I mean, that was the thing within overnight. Uh, all of a sudden this technology of video chats and, and talking through a computer was now very popular. Mm-hmm <affirmative> everybody knew and everybody knew how to do it. <laugh> uh, so, so when I saw an opportunity and my mentor will tell you each and every day is there’s people that will make money online and there’s people that’ll watch people make money online. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. And so it’s, and it’s gonna be your choice, you know, if you’re still in a brick and mortar, good luck to you, I’m telling you it’s going by the wayside. Uh, there’s a lot of things that look at restaurants, restaurants, didn’t a lot of them. I mean, some of my favorite restaurants are gone, go down. We were talking about out the beach. A lot of those restaurants took a hit and they’re not gonna be back. They’re never going to be back. Especially

Angie Cherubini (00:09:41):

Those that didn’t adopt new ways of doing things. Um, when COVID hit, I mean, it totally exposed so many businesses.

Jimmy Boheler (00:09:51):

That’s right. That’s exactly right. So, and that’s, what was my fear was I was out there sling insurance in front of people and everything shut down. I mean, it literally, I couldn’t do anything, but get, find, find business that was online. And what I did, uh, little side story was, uh, I was doing the insurance and a lot of people didn’t do the insurance online. It was actually frowned upon, you know, you gotta be in front of the person. Right. But I was having success with it. So I started to others. Of course, uh, it was actually called the tele cell guru at one point. And, uh, started offering insurance online and teaching others how to do that. Uh, and a lot of it was just communication and talking skills and having the posture and things like that. But a lot of people didn’t know that because they just walked into a home and said, Hey, how you doing?

Jimmy Boheler (00:10:35):

I saw you filled out this little form here. Let’s go. Uh, let, lemme see if I can get you some insurance. And there’s a lot more to that. The numbers are a lot lower as far as selling online, but as long as you’re helping somebody, that’s the key. Uh, so, so I had to adapt. I mean, there was no, there was no choice. It was sink or swim. And I, and I definitely think that, uh, with this technology and everything that’s going on, I mean, just like this mean you were having, having a conversation now with you guys and, uh, we can do that now from anywhere.

Pat Cherubini (00:11:02):

Right. And there’s more, I mean, if you don’t know, we’re not on zoom, but this is just like zoom and there’s, there’s a handful of them now where even a couple years ago there wasn’t, mm-hmm <affirmative> so this is just what we used to record our courses with and we just have it. So, you know, we have zoom too, but is what we use. Yes. No different face to face virtual,

Jimmy Boheler (00:11:21):

That’s it? That’s right.

Angie Cherubini (00:11:23):

So then you, you know, honestly, what exactly, what exactly is your business

Jimmy Boheler (00:11:29):

Now? Okay. Um, well, you know, how, and, and, you know, I, I target real estate agents. That’s, that’s my go-to people. Uh, why real, why real estate agents is, is mainly because, uh, these guys, uh, if you’re a real estate agent, one of the number one questions that is asked to a real estate agent is where do I get my services from? Uh, so what I do is offer, uh, a concierge service to those real estate agents, because that last bit of the sale, that last two percents building that rapport with that real estate agent. And if that real estate agent can now offer those services of power, gas, uh, internet TV, all those services that, that customer’s asking for and get paid on it each and every month and just the ending of the sale or ending of helping that client, um, you know, that’s, it’s very beneficial. Um, so that’s what I do is, is basically offer a concierge service or a tr you know, a lot of their real estate agents call it transaction coordinator. Uh, that’s pretty much what I do, but, uh, a lot of times those, uh, those real estate agents do not get money or get any type of any type, the income by sending, uh, their own clients to, you know, for, for different types of services. Right,

Angie Cherubini (00:12:38):


Jimmy Boheler (00:12:38):

So they’re they’re. Yep. So they’re able to build that residual income each and every month, because most real estate agents do know that you’re only going from sale to sale or, you know, house to house, to house and, and it’s, you know, feast or famine,

Pat Cherubini (00:12:52):

You get paid, you ain’t getting paid until you sell something.

Jimmy Boheler (00:12:54):

Right. So, so I show them a way to make residual income each and every month. And that can builded on itself all the way up to 20% on, let’s say a home security system, or let’s say a, let’s say a power bill or a gas bill, very, very powerful stuff. And it’s not out there. We are the only real, the strong player with this because we partnered up with, at and T with direct TV, with spectrum names you’ve already heard of before. Right? Because we, we came in with a thousand, a thousand, uh, customers saying, Hey, look, here’s, here’s a bunch of customers. Can we do business with you? So the contracts are already there. I mean, it would take another company years to build the contracts that we built with these companies.

Angie Cherubini (00:13:33):

And it’d be easy for the, a real estate agents to then, you know, they’ve already built that rapport with that person once they’ve sold the house or, or just, you know, they they’ve totally built that rapport. So then they’ve, you know, people are gonna be like, yeah, what if this can make it easier for me that’s right. Of course I’ll do it so I can see how beneficial that would definitely be.

Pat Cherubini (00:13:59):

And I’ll be honest, I didn’t know this existed.

Jimmy Boheler (00:14:01):

Right. Well, and that’s the thing, because most real estate agents and, and of those real estate agents that are listening right now, they typically hold up a piece of paper that says, Hey, here’s where you go get your internet. Here’s where you get your TV. Here’s where you get your power. And now we can offer it’s a, a link to them. They get their own concierge link, they click on it and the customer can fill it out. And the real estate agent gets paid on that each and every month.

Angie Cherubini (00:14:25):

Nice, nice.

Jimmy Boheler (00:14:26):


Pat Cherubini (00:14:27):

Recurring income is a good thing. Yes.

Jimmy Boheler (00:14:29):

Recurring income is a great thing. <laugh>

Angie Cherubini (00:14:32):

That is very, very nice. <laugh>

Pat Cherubini (00:14:35):

Yep. So how long have you been with this company?

Jimmy Boheler (00:14:38):

Less, less than a year. Uh, I’m now a regional director within the company, uh, did not take me very long. I’ve got about 200 and we call ’em business partners 225 business partners now, and over 1500 services that I’m making residual income each and every month. And that being power bills, gas bills, things like that. So it’s, it’s, it’s been very, very, uh, just a, a blessing. I mean, just a blessing outta the sky, because I’ll never forget. When I first started this two days, two days before I met my mentor, I was looking for a coach. I was looking, cause I didn’t know where I was going. All I kept hearing was get a mentor and get a coach, get a mentor and get a coach. I had a coach pretty much I was working with, but a mentor will take you down that road that you’re trying to go.

Jimmy Boheler (00:15:20):

They’re gonna make that road a little easier. And, uh, so I, uh, two days before I met him, I walked into my wife’s office and I said, I’m gonna, I’m gonna get a mentor. I’m gonna get somebody that’s gonna help me. Uh, but I it’s gonna cost me about 20. It’s gonna cost us about $25,000 just to get the coaching and the mentor and everything I need. And she goes, you lost your mind. <laugh> and I was like, I know <laugh>. I was like, I was like, I, I know. Uh, but to, and, and, and so we prayed about it and we talked about it. Never really got a firm. Yes, it’s okay for Jimmy to go out on the limb here. And, uh, and I ran into, uh, Patrick maser. Who’s my mentor, uh, met him on an online app. He reached out to me, said, congratulations on your success.

Jimmy Boheler (00:16:01):

Now guys, I was selling life insurance. And I was like, this isn’t says to me, um, and, uh, he said, but I’ve, he said, you know, you’ve got a big thing going, you you’ve got an energy, you’ve got a lightness about you, but you need a, but you need a system. You need a system to run with. You need a, uh, you know, we, we laugh about, you probably could see a little bit of the train tracks there. Uh, I started kind of getting this freight train mentality. He said, I love your freight train mentality, but that train needs a track brother. <laugh> so, uh, that’s good. Yep. Yep. So, uh, so he showed me a system, a very duplicatable system and said, look, come in. Let’s, let’s make some money together. I think we can do some big things together. And the rest is history that was less than a year ago, but a year ago, April 14th, uh, is when I joined, when I joined this business and it’s been up ever since, I mean, of course, nothing is easy.

Jimmy Boheler (00:16:46):

I had a couple little, uh, S you know, on the way, but that’s, what’s great is having a mentor and having a coach, somebody to say, Don, that let’s go this way. <laugh>, mm-hmm <affirmative>. Um, but, but it, but it is duplicatable. Anybody can do it. And, and my, you know, one of the reasons why I absolutely said yes to this is everything. You can have, everything you want. It’s all up here in your head, it’s all up. It’s all mindset. Uh, it is, I had the desire. I had the passion, but I didn’t have, I had the faith, but I just didn’t have that system. And you’ve got to have a system before anything will really take off for you. So that’s why I do lives. I think, uh, um, Angie’s seen a couple of my lives. They, they they’ve, they’ve grown a lot. Uh, they used to, um, uh, used to be very plain, very boring, but I, I heard something a while back was value, value, value, sale. <laugh> so I just keep giving value one day. I’ll sell. Yeah. But, uh, but right now

Pat Cherubini (00:17:36):

You say, you can give away everything, you know, for free because 99% won’t do anything with it. Amen. And the 1% to dude don’t have the time and they’ll pay you for it. So

Jimmy Boheler (00:17:44):

That’s it.

Pat Cherubini (00:17:45):

Yeah. That’s kinda the way we work too. And that’s kind of what we’re doing now. You know, we just wanna share information. Um, so I, I probably know the answer to this because you have a coach and a mentor, but, you know, for those, you know, in any business, you know, local businesses was our jam. You know, when there are rough spots, you know, what did you do? You know, when the tough got going or the tough got tough, what did you get do to get going?

Jimmy Boheler (00:18:08):

Yeah, I definitely in our business, we talk about your, why, why are you in this business? Why are you going through so that, so in those trials and tribulations happened, that’s exactly what we go back to. Yep. We go back to here’s where we’re going. Uh, here’s here’s remember if we go back about three months, you told me you were doing this for your kids. You were doing this because you wanted out of that job of you were telling me that. And so I go all back all the way back to that. Why? Uh, so that’s, that’s the main reason when, anytime there’s hurdles or hiccups, things like that. I go back to my kid, go back to my wife. I go back to my, I don’t want a boss. That was a big one. Uh, I will ne I will. And, and, and sticking to that, it’s saying, I’m not gonna have a boss. And there will be nothing that gets me to a boss. Uh, so, uh, in making that commitment, me and my wife, you know, made a, made a commitment a long time ago when we said our vows was, we don’t even say divorce. We don’t even talk about it. And if you can do that, when it comes to a business, say I’m committed no matter what, I’m gonna give it. My all that’s when that’s, when things change,

Pat Cherubini (00:19:09):

We have a story long time ago. Neither one of us can remember who said it, but you know, when things were tough, somebody told us once, no matter what, never shut the doors. And that’s just the way we’ve been, you know, things get tough. It’s just not an option. We’re gonna keep going and figure it out.

Jimmy Boheler (00:19:24):

That’s it, that’s it. And, and even with, with the restaurant, uh, we, we were, God, we were really struggling those last six, well about last year. And so what I did is like you just said, I shut the front doors, but I left the catering doors open. Oh, right. And I catered for another. Yeah. I catered for another year, year and a half. I still do catering now. Um, but, uh, but, uh, yeah, I left the catering business open because I ha I was like, I can’t give up. There’s still something still a need out there. And then it was to matter. Do I want to, I’m SAC now I’m sacrificing life and I’m sacrificing time. And I was like, I don’t, I don’t wanna go through this for, for, this is, this is not what my life life’s too short for that. Um, so now, uh, all that, that led up to this now I have my own free time. Now I’m making more money I’ve ever made. I’m having more fun than I’ve ever had. Uh, and it’s, and I don’t do not have a boss. So I, so all that had to come, you know, brought me to this.

Angie Cherubini (00:20:17):

Awesome. That is, that’s really awesome.

Jimmy Boheler (00:20:21):


Angie Cherubini (00:20:21):

What would you say is your most memorable moment so far

Jimmy Boheler (00:20:26):

That you, of man fall just falling on my face so many times and, and, and knowing that I can do it, the, I am, oh, there’s a perfect one. Um, so I do affirmations affirmation cards each and every day, and really digging into these, like these books behind me with the thinking grow rich and, uh, the science of getting rich. And so I would say the most memorable, memorable moments is the change that has been made the change from going from no longer me, but about them give more about the give than, than, than taking. And that was, that was very, that was hard for me. That was hard. Uh, cause that was always been instilled in me. I didn’t, I never even heard the word. This is gonna be sound crazy, but it, and I never heard of gratitude. I didn’t know what gratitude meant.

Jimmy Boheler (00:21:09):

Mm-hmm <affirmative> I didn’t know the word. The second one was EdFi I had never heard of Edify until I got in this business. I know that sounds crazy, but I just wasn’t around it. I wasn’t, I was around restaurant people. I was around. Yeah. You know, corporate, corporate, America people. They, we didn’t talk about that kind of stuff. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. And so when you get around and this is huge for everybody listening is when you get around heavy hitters, you’re, you’re taught the conversation changes. <laugh>, you know, you get around people that are making more money that are making bigger decisions. Your conversation changes a lot. Um, and you know, they always say, if you’re around five broke people, you’re the six, if you’re around five rich people, you’re gonna be the six. So yeah. Uh, I had, I had to change my friends and uh, you know, whoever ends the up watching this or whatever I had to change those.

Jimmy Boheler (00:21:49):

I mean, they’re, they’re still my friends, but we don’t talk like we used to, we, that conversation is different now. Um, and I think, and I think that’s one of the things I, my coach tells me all the time, it’s an out body outta mind experience where you literally have to get out of an old mindset and into a new one and, and lot. And a lot of times your friends don’t go with, yeah, those are the ones that are not, that are knocking you down instead of pulling you up. And so I had just get new, new friends, bigger friends, bigger hitters, um, that drive nicer cars and have nicer houses. <laugh> and, and that literally, and it changed. Yeah,

Pat Cherubini (00:22:21):

Go ahead. Yeah. I, I literally just made the post a week ago or so about that. Cuz we follow a lot of entrepreneurs, you know, big thinkers that it’s mindset, it’s gratitude. It’s, mm-hmm, <affirmative>, you know, morning routines and all that stuff that we do. And that’s one of the things that they’ve, I I’ve heard for years, you know, you can love your family doesn’t mean you have to be around ’em if they’re trying to bring you down and if you that’s right, you can’t change the people around you, you gotta change the people that you hang around. Yep. That’s it, you that doesn’t and a lot of people get that, you know, they feel bad for leaving ’em behind, but you know, they chose to stay behind. They could have come with you,

Jimmy Boheler (00:22:56):

That’s it? Yeah. I mean, I, some, some of the people that I know are right down the street, right in my area shop the same grocery store. And you know, my, my favorite book, the science of getting rich, he Wallace Wallace talks about that is you can live in the same neighborhood, drive down the street. And one person is very successful and the other person is not, has nothing to do with where you live. It’s all about that mindset. And, and you’re exactly right. You have, they have a choice. They know what I do. <laugh> mm-hmm <affirmative> you know, so, uh, so it’s just a matter, some of them do reach out. I’ve had, I’ve had some recent ones, I’ve got a guy this week. Uh, that’s partnered up with him cause you know, he, I watched you, I’ve watched you grow and I’m ready. I, I think you’re ready for me now. He said, you wasn’t ready for me then. Okay. Let’s go. You know? So, um, but it, but it’s, you know, a lot of it goes back to just that changing of the mindset, getting, getting that, getting the, the impossible out of the way, cuz anything is possible. Anything. Um,

Pat Cherubini (00:23:51):

Yeah. And like I say, if anybody’s done it, you can too. Mm-hmm

Jimmy Boheler (00:23:54):

<affirmative> that’s right. You know, they talk, they talk that’s right. And they talk, uh, we were at a convention two weekends ago. One of the things they talked about was, you know, track, track racers, and you know, there’ll be a time limit and all the, of a sudden it’d be 4.2 seconds on a certain, you know, a lot of these NFL combine stuff. And so they’re timing these guys and all of a sudden somebody breaks the record. Yeah. Well now everybody’s mindset changes. Cause now it’s like, okay, wait a minute. I can do that. I can break that record. And, and that’s the same, that’s the same thing with, with what, what I’m learning, uh, each and every day is, is nothing is possible. I’m ready to break some records. I mean, that’s, that’s the thing. Anybody can break any record. That’s what they’re there for. Right? The brain be broken <laugh>

Angie Cherubini (00:24:32):

I believe I will believe you will do that. I would say I was thinking one of your most memorable moments had to be when you were just on stage, because I remember you posting all about that and how exciting it was and your wife went and down there with you, where did you guys go?

Jimmy Boheler (00:24:48):

We were in Dallas, Texas. Um, and what’s interesting about that. It’s funny you said that cuz you’re right. That is a pretty good one. Uh, is when I met my mentor, I, you know, one of the things he asked me is, do you ever want, would you get on stage? I’m like, dude, hand me a microphone. Let’s go. And of course, uh, I took communication. So I took public speaking. And one of, of the scariest things to do is, is public speak people. Oh yeah. They won’t even speak at their own funeral. I mean, that’s how bad this is, you know? So, uh,

Pat Cherubini (00:25:13):

A big 50 years to get on zoom

Jimmy Boheler (00:25:16):

<laugh> right. Um, yeah. Even lives. And that’s where some of that started from was I was, uh, another mentor had told me, Hey, look, if you start going live and start sharing yourself, you’ll get more comfortable, more comfortable, more comfortable. And then, uh, and it was funny because this past one that I was at, he gave me the microphone again. And this time he took the microphone from me after I got done and said, you’re getting good at this <laugh> I said, I know.

Jimmy Boheler (00:25:43):

So, yep. So, so that’s but yes, that’s a very big, uh, that, that was a big one getting in front of people. I mean, I was in front of, uh, this past one. I mean we had probably, I think two or 3, 3, 2 or 3000 people. So it’s, and, and he said that he told me that from the beginning and said, look, man, I’m gonna put you in front of people that you ain’t going, you going, you gonna get a little nervous on this. And uh, he said, but the more that I do that, and the more that you get in front of those people, the more you’ll get comfortable with it. They’ll start hearing you, your, your, your speech will change. And then all of a sudden, and look, I mean, you guys reached out to me to do this. I mean, and that’s the thing is, is that’s what you gotta, you gotta get in front of more people. Uh, yeah. My, my, my main coach will say that it doesn’t take more money. It takes more people mm-hmm

Angie Cherubini (00:26:22):

<affirmative> so yeah, 100%. And we know that. I mean, that’s why you’ve started to do more again, and we’ve gotten back online now and now we’re starting to do lives as well. Um, you know, helping people and instructing them on doing the stuff that we do online. Um, we had a little hiatus from it for about six months, but, um, since then we, we knew that this is, you know, once you have a life changing moment, something life changing that happens, then you decide, and it makes it easier for you to decide, yes, this is what I wanna do. And, and helping other businesses was what we wanted to do. And that’s what we wanna definitely wanna focus on. So yeah,

Jimmy Boheler (00:27:11):

Good stuff. So

Pat Cherubini (00:27:12):

Transitioning right into that, you know, because we are marketers and that’s what we do. How do you get the word out? Yeah. For yourself, you know, when you’re trying to, to market and get, get yourself known. I think I know the answer, but you know, what

Jimmy Boheler (00:27:23):

Do you do

Pat Cherubini (00:27:23):

To get, get more people to know, know about Jimmy?

Jimmy Boheler (00:27:26):

Yeah. I, I fell in love with social media. I was always, uh, I, I, and it is funny because my social media, not only did, uh, my friends change, but my social media friends changed. Uh, I went from a I, yeah. If you, if you go back, uh, I don’t, I don’t know if it’s even possible, but go back probably two or three years ago. I never had over a thousand friends. Mm-hmm <affirmative> I think if I, I think if I can, today I’m meant 2 2500. So that, that grew, and I don’t know if you guys know this, but I got, uh, I never was really an Instagram person. I never really got on there much. Uh, but I found a nice little following there. I had 209,000 views the other day on just a quick reel. Uh, so what I like to do is have a little bit of comedy and also have a little bit of, and that’s been, uh, that’s been very, very beneficial. I don’t usually tell exactly what I do. I kind of give ’em a little bit of ice cream, a little bit of value. And that’s what, and my, uh, person, person of influence book by Mr. Uh, John Maxwell be the, be the influencer, be, be the one that they, they want to know more. And I mean, just as we’re talking, somebody disrupt me just now and say, what are you into these days? So that it’s working.

Pat Cherubini (00:28:28):

What do you do?

Jimmy Boheler (00:28:29):

<laugh> right. What do you, what do you do? And I, and I love that. I love that question. What do you do? Let’s hop on a zoom. Let’s, let’s hop on a call or something. Let’s, let’s get to know each other. Let’s talk and let’s see if we can maybe work together. Let me see what they do. Uh, and see if I can help them out. Be a, be maybe be a value of them. And then if something, he comes to return, great. It’s not a big deal. At least I helped him out.

Pat Cherubini (00:28:49):

Maybe he’ll tell somebody about it.

Jimmy Boheler (00:28:51):

That that’s it. That’s it. Absolutely nice.

Angie Cherubini (00:28:56):

So what’s, I guess what would be the source of your inspiration for doing this

Jimmy Boheler (00:29:04):

Man? <laugh> that’s it, uh, that’s, that’s a good one because, um, I would say my kid and the reason I would say that is because I was tired of telling, no, I can’t stand telling a kid. No, if they want something, then, then let’s go get it. I mean, that’s that? And, uh, it’s funny because he’s all in a NASCAR, which it started at a very early age. Uh, and so we, he’s got a, he’s got a box in there. I mean, I’m talking this sucker, it weighs, I, I, you gotta use a, uh, what do you call these things? Um, basically something to pull this, I mean, I probably weighs maybe a hundred pounds. I dunno, goodness. But it’s all, but it’s all matchbox cars. So he got into NASCAR. And so, uh, so to answer your question, I, you know, I want him to be able to, we go, we get, get on the private jet. I mean, think big, right? Get on my private, private jet and fly over and go to a race one Sunday and come back home.

Angie Cherubini (00:29:56):

That would be awesome. Nothing wrong with that? No, not at all.

Jimmy Boheler (00:30:02):

Yeah. So telling him, no, I don’t, I don’t wanna have to tell him no to that. I wanna be able to say, all right, well, let’s strap up. Let’s go. <laugh>

Angie Cherubini (00:30:09):

Was your wife say now, now that, I mean, now that you spent the money on your, uh, mentor, is she happy?

Jimmy Boheler (00:30:16):

<laugh> yeah, it’s crazy. Um, actually, and, and that’s yeah, that was the follow up of that is I do didn’t have to pay him anything. Oh, I pay him $25 a month. <laugh> is what the, yeah. Yeah. So, uh, that was part of joining, joining the company was, it was, uh, our, our company’s, uh, 1 99, 1 time and $25 a month. And so $25 a month is what I got. I got a mentor <laugh> that is TW I mean, this guy’s been on success magazine, this, I worked, you know, several millions, uh, you know, I stayed at his house lives in Texas, super cool guy. Uh, but again, I paid $25 a month for him. But as far as the wife, uh, yes, she’s, um, she it’s, it’s been almost surreal, uh, to, to watch the, the changes. She hasn’t seated as much as like my, my close friends, uh, some of my family have, but, uh, because she, she lives with me every day, you know?

Jimmy Boheler (00:31:07):

Yeah. Uh, but, but she has seen some big, some my decision making changed. And that’s another one that I would tell, tell your audience is your decisions everything’s based on your decisions. Mm-hmm <affirmative> uh, so when you start making better decisions, better results happen. One of the things that really changed in my life about six months ago is I was listening. I listened to a, uh, basically a motivation video or, um, music, whatever you call it each morning podcast, there you go. <laugh>. And, uh, and on there, they were talking about calls and effect, and every calls has an effect. No matter how you look at it, if you change the calls, the effect changes mm-hmm <affirmative>. And so back in November, I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. So I changed the calls. I went out and I did did different things, got uncomfortable.

Jimmy Boheler (00:31:52):

That’s a big one guy got uncomfortable, did things I didn’t wanna do. And now my effect changed. And when I realized that a lot of stuff changed, because now I started going, wait a minute, I can do this to other things. So all I gotta do is change the calls and the effect has to change. Um, so that’s a big one. That was a big one for me is, is, is realizing that, that, you know, decisions that we make too many people are still in the same situation. I see my friends celebrating their same birthday parties at the same time, but the same friends doing the same thing. And, you know, and I real, I always thought growing up that your successful people, number one were really, really smart. And they’re not <laugh>, uh, number, number two is that they were do, they were so just, I mean, it, it was so hard to be on top.

Jimmy Boheler (00:32:39):

I mean, it was like, and when I realized that it’s just action, they’re just doing action. I mean, 95% of the people aren’t doing anything. I get dudes do a little bit of action. Uh, the, the roads at the top are very, very empty <laugh>. I mean, they are, uh, and, and it’s, and it’s just the difference I heard this, uh, probably two years ago was, you know, what’s the difference between a $50,000 man and a $500,000, man, that much, <laugh> a little bit more, that’s the difference a little bit more. And I never, I never realized that until I started working with some big, heavy hitters, don’t get me wrong. They work hard, they work very hard, uh, and they are, they are smart to, to some extent, uh, but they are consistent. They are persistent. They do, it’s usually

Pat Cherubini (00:33:18):

A little bit a simplicity in there. It’s the same thing that works over

Jimmy Boheler (00:33:22):

And multiplying it and multiplying it. That’s right. Using, uh, my mentor says a lot of times, he’ll say when you start using multiplication multiplication, instead of addition, your money change is big. <laugh> I know, you know, there you go. I like that.

Angie Cherubini (00:33:35):

Yes. I like that a lot.

Jimmy Boheler (00:33:38):

Yeah. So change, I’ve got a,

Pat Cherubini (00:33:40):

That may help other people that are, I’m just, I’m not an Instagram guy. I watch, I look at Instagram. Okay. I’m just now starting it. Our children are, our children are, we have two boys that are in their twenties that are in a daughter in a, well, the, the two boys in their twenties are like, they’re into mountain biking. And they’re pretty much getting to be considered influencers in that space.

Jimmy Boheler (00:34:04):


Pat Cherubini (00:34:05):

10,000 followers, but they get, they make YouTube and they’re getting sponsored and they’re doing all kinds of stuff. So they’re trying to help me post our business, you know, even to business people, isn’t that exciting, you know, marketing, everybody wants to make more money, but when you start talking about marketing and things, you gotta do, it’s really, it’s hard to make it exciting.

Angie Cherubini (00:34:24):

It’s hard to connect

Pat Cherubini (00:34:25):

With businesses and it’s hard to connect with people. We hear a lot, you know, I’m sure you know, what imposter syndrome is. You know, people feel like who am I to post that on my Facebook profile? And I’m sure that you see it too, when you post a picture of your kid or a kitty cat, it gets a whole bunch of like shares and comments. And then you say, Hey, check out this awesome thing my business does and it’s crickets. Right. But as you know, I’m sure people still see that, you know, how do you get since you’re, you know, uh, international corporation, social media guy at Michelin, you know, how, how does the normal, small business person get over that fear of, and you know, the worry that people don’t wanna see that even though that’s part of who you are.

Jimmy Boheler (00:35:11):

Yeah. When I, when I went live for the first time, I think I had maybe one person jump on and then they were gone. <laugh> and then, and then the second time, I think I had one person jump on and, and then they were gone. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. Um, but, but I will say this, uh, the, the fear goes away. The more you do it. And number two is the consistency. I have a buddy of mine in town, that’s getting millions of followers. And what is he do? And he’s a real estate guy. And what is he doing different? And he’s been starting to teach other real estate agents how to do it. And the number one thing is just consistency is just coming up every single day at the same. And I, and even in, from you mentioned, uh, Michelin, we were always told not to post at the same time, but when it came into lives, you definitely want to be there so that they start cause people are creatures of habit.

Jimmy Boheler (00:36:01):

And when you realize that, that they just, they do their normal routine, it’s getting in their habit of what they do. Uh, so when it comes to lives, that’s why I usually do my live about 7 30, 6 30 y’alls time, seven 30 in the morning. Um, even though you may not be up, then at least it’s on my page and you can check it out. Uh, but it’s all about that consistency and, and doing it over and over. So I would say, keep doing it. Uh, I remember my mentor at the time when I went live, I was like, well, we did a whole week. And, uh, I think we had two views <laugh> and, and, and she, and she was like, but you’re gonna do it next week. And then you’re gonna do it next week. And then you’re gonna do it the next week. And you’re not gonna stop doing it for about a year mm-hmm <affirmative> and here and here we are doing it still <laugh>.

Jimmy Boheler (00:36:44):

So, uh, and that, that was in March. So it’s been, it’s been over a year that I do those lies. I try, I try to do ’em every single day. I’m, I’m not as it’s consistent sometimes when I wanna be things happen, but, um, but just given value. So being, being consistent and from a business standpoint, mm-hmm <affirmative> is being consistent saying, this is where we’re going. This is what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna do it over and over and over and over. And eventually the, the ratings go up. If you get my drift, the numbers will go up

Pat Cherubini (00:37:10):

And we’re guilty of it because we tell people all the time to do it and we don’t do it. You know, we’re back at it again, we’ve started and stopped and started and stopped. And, you know, it’s, it’s hard. The consistency is the hard thing. Mm-hmm <affirmative>, once you get over the fact that you’re gonna do it, keep doing it.

Jimmy Boheler (00:37:25):


Pat Cherubini (00:37:25):

Right. It’s hard. Or

Angie Cherubini (00:37:26):

If we have technical difficulties, we have a lot

Speaker 7 (00:37:30):

Technical <laugh> we always have tons of

Pat Cherubini (00:37:32):

Usually my camera frames, you know, knock on wood, freezes, freezes it’s hasn’t yet. So we’ve had a lot, I think

Angie Cherubini (00:37:38):

We’ve figured out that problem maybe,

Pat Cherubini (00:37:41):

But, but keep going, you know, push through and, you know, get these things out there and talk to people like you.

Jimmy Boheler (00:37:46):

Yep. That’s right. That’s

Pat Cherubini (00:37:47):

Definitely, it’s been, you know, we’re just starting this actual interview. We’ve always talked to businesses and posted things and, you know, made it, made our opinion known about what’s to be done online, but this face to face and talking to people like you, and, you know, I just found a new book. I need to get, I don’t have that one. I

Angie Cherubini (00:38:04):

Can’t believe it.

Jimmy Boheler (00:38:06):

Which one? Which one?

Pat Cherubini (00:38:07):

The science again, rich. I don’t have that one. Yeah,

Jimmy Boheler (00:38:09):

Man. So many don’t turn.

Pat Cherubini (00:38:11):

I got a whole bookshelf full of things, but that one’s not on it.

Jimmy Boheler (00:38:14):

That one was written in 1910 by Wallace waddles before thinking grew rich. And I still believe that when Wallace waters wrote it, Napoleon hill came across it and said, wait a minute, you you’re onto something big here. I’m gonna go interview people and then think and grow rich. He’s out there. Interview interviewing Carnegie and, and Ford and all them. And it, I still believe that it was, yeah. It came from that idea. And what’s great about this. If you’ll notice, it’s very, it’s a very easy read. You can, you can knock this thing there. Go, yeah. You can knock this thing out in a quick weekend. Um,

Pat Cherubini (00:38:48):

It’s lots of notes in there too.

Jimmy Boheler (00:38:50):

Yeah, man, this, oh, this is, this is my go-to. I even have it on the audible. So every time, time I get on a plane, I got that two hour ride. I’ll he? Because it’s about two hours and two minutes, uh, on the audio version. So by the time I land in Dallas, typically, or Oklahoma city or whatever, I’ve listened to the whole book again. Well, because he’ll tell you in this book, read it until you memorize it. Well, that’s what I’m trying to do.

Pat Cherubini (00:39:10):

Cool. Guess that one an yeah.

Jimmy Boheler (00:39:13):

Yeah. Cause it’s, it’s a good one. It’s very simple. It’s very simple to understand. It talks about right in the middle of the book, uh, is, is what my favorite, if you go right in the middle, use like an open, right? Yeah. Right there. And that’s the section of gratitude <laugh> so I don’t know what he is trying to say halfway through the book, but I love it. I think it’s, uh, you know, it’s just one of those that, that stand and a lot of, lot of people have heard of Wallace waddles or that book. And so when I, you know, that’s one of the reasons why I put it up there, so people see it. Um, but books are, books are killer. And that’s one of the things we hadn’t really talked about is, is that daily I do daily. Uh, every morning I get up pretty much the same time between five 30 and six 30. Uh, I, I do an affirmations. I do Mo um, you know, motivat stuff. I listen to podcasts like we were talking about. Uh, and I get my day going, uh, I, I get it going every single morning. And if I don’t do it my day, my whole day’s thrown off. Uh, it’s linear.

Pat Cherubini (00:40:06):

Huh? This week we do the same thing.

Jimmy Boheler (00:40:08):

It’s crazy. And then at night, um, I, and then at night I do a lot of my reading and stuff. I don’t, I, I have, we have TV. I sometimes watch sports. I mean, Carolina and duke coming up this weekend, big rivalry here. I’ll probably watch the ball game, uh, or it’ll be in the background. But a lot of times I’m listening to Tony Robbins. I’m listening to, uh, yeah. John, John Maxwell, all that stuff. I mean, I mean, John Maxwell, you can read for years and stuff. I read all his stuff, but one of the things you,

Angie Cherubini (00:40:34):

You have Tony’s new book.

Jimmy Boheler (00:40:36):

I do not.

Angie Cherubini (00:40:36):

I do. I do. It’s like, it’s about that thick.

Pat Cherubini (00:40:40):

It’s called life force.

Angie Cherubini (00:40:42):

Yeah. Life force, life force. It it’s good. It, um,

Pat Cherubini (00:40:46):


Angie Cherubini (00:40:47):

Yeah. It’s big time medical. Okay. Which for me with having just, uh, gone through cancer treatments, mm-hmm, <affirmative> it, it was, um, it’s very eyeopening. It’s definitely one of those books I will keep on the shelf. I’m only maybe halfway through it. I don’t even know if I’m halfway through it now because it’s it just like every time I read it, I, I tell him I’m like, this just blows my mind. It blows my mind. Yeah. It’ll definitely be one of those books for health, health reasons. I’ll go back to, because he talks about all kinds of different things that are going on that are coming up. And, and, you know, if there is a health reason, I’ll look into it, cuz we’re big into now. Well, not now we always have been into the health aspects and you know, what’s going on in the world and, and, and our food and big pharma and all that kind of stuff. Um, now that I’ve been through cancer, I’m even more concerned about all that stuff. So I’ll always turn back to it. But Tony Robbins is just, he’s fantastic to listen to. We love him. I mean, we have a lot of mentors or a lot of people,

Pat Cherubini (00:41:55):

Most mentors nowadays came from Tony.

Angie Cherubini (00:41:58):


Jimmy Boheler (00:41:59):

You’re right. Absolutely.

Pat Cherubini (00:42:00):

In some way or some form or another, they came from Tony.

Jimmy Boheler (00:42:03):

Absolutely. And, and his energy, I love his energy. Some people, some people don’t like him, it’s crazy. Some don’t like him, you not like him, but that, you know, that is what it is. Uh, but

Angie Cherubini (00:42:13):

He’s a lot of entrepreneurs like him. Oh,

Pat Cherubini (00:42:15):


Jimmy Boheler (00:42:16):

Yeah, absolutely. Uh, but yeah, doing, doing that kind of stuff, um, you know, on a daily basis, my wife can’t stand reading, but I actually got her to read, uh, the science of getting rich a couple times. Cause what I did with that is read 10 pages, read 10 pages, read 20 pages, set up, set a number and just do it. And you know, it’s just, it’s like going to the gym once you do it a couple times, you’ll start getting some results. But the second part of that, I was gonna tell you guys is my mentor told me this. And I thought this was very, uh, uh, very interesting to me was in when it, when it comes to books, it’s okay to get a book, a new book from time to time. But he will tell you, uh, you know, 10 to 12 books, all you really need and just really read them over and over and over. And like I said, you, there’s nothing wrong with buying a new book and getting, getting some new knowledge, things like that. But a lot of these books behind me read ’em to you understand exactly to your sub subconscious starts going, wait a minute, this is what I do in this situation. This is what I do in this situation.

Angie Cherubini (00:43:13):

Right. Oh, he’s totally right on the that. And I think you’ve done that for, you’ve done that for years because he’s always told me about it. It wasn’t till I had my, my big scare that I started to read finally. And I mean, I read more health books, but then I’ve started now reading more marketing books as well too, but I’m just starting to read. I probably read more in six months. No joke than I’ve read in my entire

Pat Cherubini (00:43:39):

Life. I’ve probably sent her 10,000 links in my life. Oh, you gotta see, read this or listen to this. I’m

Angie Cherubini (00:43:44):


Pat Cherubini (00:43:45):

No, she she’s the designer. So you show her this article and she looks at it and puts it down. I’m like, did you read it? Oh, I was looking at the picture <laugh> wow. So now she’s fine. She’s like, yeah, this is all pretty interesting stuff. And you can learn a lot. Yeah. And it doesn’t change as, as mu as fast as everything progressive progresses, that stuff doesn’t change that much. Mm-hmm you know, like you said, that book behind you is over a hundred years old. It’s it’s still relevant.

Jimmy Boheler (00:44:13):

Sure. Which

Angie Cherubini (00:44:14):

Is, that’s fascinating that it is definitely fascinating. So did you, was there ever a type you felt like giving up Jimmy

Jimmy Boheler (00:44:26):

Every day? Not <laugh> um, no. I, uh, no. I, um, yeah, I, I fire, I fire myself basically every day and then I hire myself back the next morning. Um <laugh> you know, but, uh,

Angie Cherubini (00:44:36):

Did you focus yourself?

Jimmy Boheler (00:44:38):

I absolutely. Every time. Um, but, but yeah, spay all that good stuff too. Um, but yeah, I, um, I, you know, I, I think, um, I think that’s when, you know, they say that the will will show when the student’s ready and, and that, I think that would, I think I was at my end, I had just hit the wall so many times that it was just timing. It was just timing to finally go wait a minute. <laugh>, I’ve read the books. This is making sense, but what do I gotta do different? And, and when I finally just said, okay, gimme something. Uh that’s when my, my mentor came and said, I’m right here, whole time ready to go. So, uh, cause you, I just don’t think a person can do it without a mentor. I just don’t think because, you know, just like with you guys getting started again, find people out there that are having massive success and interview them, say, what are you doing?

Jimmy Boheler (00:45:28):

Cause we want to do that. And naturally a lot of times they’ll, I that’s one thing that’s been shocking to me lately is all the people that are willing to give that are all be like, Hey, look, you know, I’ll be happy to share with you what I do. Uh, I had a buddy just start a YouTube channel, having massive success. And I said, what did you, you know, you didn’t know what you were doing. He’s like, Hey, no, I didn’t. But I got what people that did. Mm-hmm <affirmative> and my, you know, my father always told me not to be political, but some of the presidents that have been in office surrounded themself with very highly good productive people that knew what the heck they were doing. It wasn’t the president doing the work. It was a lot of their, a lot of the outside people. And, and so I always kept that even 20, 30 years later, I always think surround yourself with people that do know what they’re doing. Uh, my team, my, that I have my closest knit, closest people on my team right now. They’re heavy hitters. They’re good guys, they, these guys think they, they do things, uh, in a techno te technology world, uh, that I ain’t got a clue on. I mean, I just scratched the service and these guys are really good at what they do. So they’re making me even better. That’s exciting. Yeah.

Pat Cherubini (00:46:34):

That’s good.

Jimmy Boheler (00:46:35):


Pat Cherubini (00:46:36):

So back to that business part, your business part, you know, who does this work for, if, if is that big cities only, or is that just wherever your contracts are, you know, who, who can sell for you?

Jimmy Boheler (00:46:50):

Yeah. Anybody, uh, we’re, we’re global, we’re 27 countries. Uh, so if you have, if you know somebody in great Britain, we have a service for them. If you, if you know people in France, in Spain and Mexico and Canada, I mean, I got team, I got teams all over the world, uh, which is exciting. So yeah. Uh, anybody, and then as far as, um, you know, our power and gas bills, there’s some states that are deregulated on that kind of stuff. Uh, but, but like our home security that can be in any, our internets by region, uh, our television is by region, but we even have stream. So you can have direct TV stream as anywhere in the, anywhere in the country. So, um, but yeah, so it’s, it’s pretty, very broad, uh, which is exciting because, um, you know, we target certain areas and things, but it’s, it goes back to that wheel to win. If you wanna win at something, you just consistently do something. You will eventually get some rewards AF off of it.

Pat Cherubini (00:47:43):

And now you target real estate agents, but it doesn’t have to be a real estate agent, right?

Jimmy Boheler (00:47:46):

No, no. I like real estate makes it easy for people to understand, but, uh, I mean I was life. Yeah. Well I’m life insurance agent. So it works for us too. Uh, I mean, what, and what happened was about two years ago, we had all these different services out there and we were targeting entrepreneurs. People there want more money, you know, pretty much anybody, anybody walked around at had any sense of, Hey, wait a minute. I can make, make more money. They, we would target ’em. Well, about two years ago, we started look at standing back cuz we didn’t have all these services. When we came out, we only had one. Then we, you know, built up to the nine now 10, by the way, we’re gonna start healthcare sharing, uh, starting in 30 days, which is incredible. It’s an amazing product. Uh, so that’s coming out, we just partnered up, we bought, bought another, uh, a network marketing company. And um, but that’s, what’s amazing about it is just the, the whole fact of just, you know, anybody, anybody but real estate agents seem to raise their hand because they are, they’re talking about the, the clients and helping on the closing of the house. Well,

Pat Cherubini (00:48:43):

They’ve got their lead generation built right in mm-hmm <affirmative>

Jimmy Boheler (00:48:47):

They’re already doing it anyway. So why not make,

Pat Cherubini (00:48:50):

We just bought a house from you? What’s next, here

Jimmy Boheler (00:48:53):

You go. Um, and yeah, and a lot of times I just market as make more money per transaction and that oh, okay, sure. I’ll make, I’ll do that.

Angie Cherubini (00:49:01):

Then they understand it. Yep. Talk about money and they understand that.

Pat Cherubini (00:49:05):

Very cool. So, you know, we call ourselves local vibes, you know, and we’re obviously business forward, but we want to know what’s going on going on in other people’s hometowns, you know, what’s the local vibe like where you’re at, you know, business wise and,

Jimmy Boheler (00:49:22):

And yeah. Um, we’re having a big transition right now. Um, I would say that, uh, we are getting a casino, uh, within about yeah. Three miles from my house. So my, my, my house, my house quadrupled in value, uh, which is crazy. I know, but don’t, but there’s no market, no houses on the market right now. Right. So it’s, you know, so I don’t know what we’re gonna do once we sold the house, but, um, but anyway, so that’s coming and it’s creating, uh, right and left. I mean, it’s either you like this idea and it gonna be great and all this, or it’s not gonna be, it’s gonna be awful. Um, and so it’s creating a lot of diversity, uh, within the city, uh, because they don’t, you know, some love it, some, some hate it. And I mean, I, I personally, as long as it don’t spew over into my neighborhood, I don’t care, but I’m, I’m already looking at other places anyway, cuz I, I figure this might be a, a rental house or something like that. I don’t even know. Um, but you know, just ideas and stuff, but um, but yeah, so that’s, so right now that’s, that’s the talk of a town is what’s gonna happen.

Pat Cherubini (00:50:23):

You think that’ll bring in more businesses, smaller business, other, I mean, obviously

Jimmy Boheler (00:50:27):

It’s gonna bring in big business. Well they bought, they bought basically a whole, I don’t know how many acres it wasn’t. Yeah. There’s about a hundred acres or so probably more. Uh, and basically what the design, you know, the idea of the casino is bringing everybody to the casino and spend your money at the casino. Mm-hmm <affirmative> and even I I’m here and some nice dining places, some stuff we, you know, don’t have around here are coming, but they’re gonna be right there. Um, so there may be some van I’m hearing, maybe a concert venue. So that kind of, that that’s kind of cool for the community, but you know, everybody that’s going, there are not locals. These are people from out of town, which is good, but they don’t know even that there’s a little small town, about five minutes way. Um, so I, I don’t know.

Jimmy Boheler (00:51:10):

We we’ll see. I mean, if you look at casino numbers and the crime rates and things like that, numbers don’t lie. I mean, numbers don’t lie. So I, I don’t know. We’ll, we’ll see what happens with it, but I haven’t, you know, they, right now they have, it’s kind of funny. We have there’s trailers down there, uh, that they put out, uh, for the casino, why they build it, the big sky rise and all this stuff. So mm-hmm, <affirmative>, we’ll see what happens. So I would say that the vibe is, is very, uh, it is interesting right now because I think we’re getting a lot of out towners moving to this area to be closer to the casino and you know, how local small towns are <laugh>. Yeah. They’re not real big, big of that. <laugh>,

Pat Cherubini (00:51:45):

It’s kind of funny the similarity we have because we’re in a, we’re in a, you know, there’s like three little towns that total about 50 or 60,000 people, you know, it’s pretty small town, but we’re only 30 miles from Columbus, Ohio, you know, our capital, there’s a million people there. Right. We just got, and it’s actually inside our county, uh, Intel, the chip processor, they’re, they’re building like the biggest factory in the world, in our town. And the talk is just from what I hear, they just say, you just cannot fathom what’s coming because it’s not just them. It’s everything that they bring with them. It’s, you know, billions and billions of dollars and same thing. You can’t buy house around here. Yeah. Unless you’ve got cash and 20, 30% over what they’re asking

Angie Cherubini (00:52:28):

And we know we sell our house, we know we could sell the house, but it’s like, where are we gonna go?

Jimmy Boheler (00:52:34):


Pat Cherubini (00:52:35):

That’s right. We can sell it easy, but you can’t buy one very easy, but it’s crazy. Hopefully it all works out and yeah. Brings in the small businesses too, cuz that’s, that’s kind of what our fight is, is, you know, big business is eating up every small little town and, and killing and that’s right. It’s never gonna be like it was, but I, you know, we still, you know, if they’re out there, we still wanna give ’em a chance of fighting chance to at least survive and make a living and make a good community,

Angie Cherubini (00:53:02):

Tell their story.

Jimmy Boheler (00:53:03):

That’s exactly correct. Yeah. And that’s one thing that’s nice about, uh, what I’m, what I got into was that was the, uh, scary part was things were shutting down. And what happens if that happens again with this business? Uh, our numbers skyrocketed because people wanna work from home. They, they didn’t, they wanted to work from home and it’s kind of funny. They gotta taste of, it was like, this is not too bad. It’s not some people, not everybody, but some people were like, this ain’t too bad. Mm-hmm <affirmative> uh, so, so our, so our numbers have, have risen. Uh, I would definitely say, and if you watch any, any at all news lately, you’re hearing, uh, power bills and rate and gas rates. Oh yeah. Sky rock, look at the pumps. I mean, uh, and so with, with my business, we make more money when that happens. Uh, so that’s, to us, it’s like, okay, keep going up. It’s not gonna hurt us. Uh, even I made a, I made a TikTok the other day and it was me pumping gas at a gas station going doesn’t really bother me. I’m making residual income, I’m making money off of this going up. So if you wanna know more get with me, so there’s the ice cream there. Uh, you know, so, uh, but yeah, but that’s, and those are the things that, you know, COVID hurt a bunch, but it also helped a bunch too. Mm-hmm

Angie Cherubini (00:54:08):

<affirmative> yep, yep. And those of us that learned how to take it and find a positive in it are the ones that have survived. Just like the restaurants that we see. I mean, we pretty much knew in town what restaurants were gonna make it and which ones weren’t. I mean, if you were not forward thinking, if you did not think outside the box, you, you didn’t survive, you did not survive, that’s it? So that’s right.

Jimmy Boheler (00:54:38):

Yeah. I think of the book who move my cheese. I always think about that book who move my cheese is, you know, be ready for anything. And, uh, you know, I don’t, it’s him and hall and scurry and rough or whatever. And, and in that book, you know, I, I think about that as I’m always constantly looking for a little bit where where’s some more cheese, you know, being always on the lookout, what’s next, what’s next? I mean, uh, you know, our business, I think a lot of, a lot of, uh, our companies are gonna start going a little bit more automation stuff. Uh, and that’s really unheard of in this business because we were, we were such a in-home type businesses and now, and now we can hit the masses, which is a little bit of automation. Uh, so that’s, I’m curious how that we’re transitioning to some of that.

Jimmy Boheler (00:55:22):

Now, some companies have already done it. Uh, if you ever heard of legal shield, legal shield is pretty much all their up, all their networking, everything is automation now mm-hmm <affirmative> uh, so, and, and so what I’ve told our, our company is same thing is, is we’re gonna have to eventually have to do something because we’re gonna get left in the dust. If we don’t, if you, if you don’t adjust to those times, I mean, look at drive. I always think about drive in theaters. If they didn’t adjust, they’re gone. I mean, we have one actually year, believe it or not. Um, but a lot of ’em didn’t didn’t adjust and you have to be willing to adjust to, to that’s.

Angie Cherubini (00:55:53):

And that’s a service that, that we offer to small businesses. Now that we’re trying that it’s very hard to try to get them to understand that having these automations, I mean, we, we have a dashboard system that, that does a lot of the automations and take care of things for them. It makes their job so much easier, but trying to get them to understand that is a whole nother thing. That’s right. So it, but they’re gonna have to do

Pat Cherubini (00:56:19):

It. Don’t even have a list. And that’s what we say, you know, wouldn’t, it have been nice in 2020, when everybody shut down and you owned a restaurant and you were gonna deliver to be able to email your 20,000 customers over over the past 10 years and say, Hey, we’re doing this, but they don’t have a list. You know, they, they couldn’t communicate other than putting a post on Facebook that doesn’t get seen enough. Yeah. So you, that’s what we try to tell ’em, you know, you ready?

Jimmy Boheler (00:56:45):

That’s it that’s exactly right.

Angie Cherubini (00:56:47):


Pat Cherubini (00:56:48):

Oh, before you do that, what’s, what’s the one question we didn’t ask that we should have asked you anything. No, <laugh>

Jimmy Boheler (00:56:57):

Did we cover

Pat Cherubini (00:56:58):

Anything? Okay. We got it.

Angie Cherubini (00:57:01):

So now what I do at the end, I’ve got this NTY little box of questions, just off the wall questions that, um, we’re gonna ask you one, we’re gonna pick one out and see what it is. It doesn’t really have any, usually doesn’t have anything to do with business, but we’ll see. Okay. Oh, this is perfect for you

Pat Cherubini (00:57:21):

Had a plan.

Angie Cherubini (00:57:21):

Okay. What do you dream your life will be like in 10 years?

Jimmy Boheler (00:57:27):

Woo. Uh, I should have a couple rental properties. Uh, I would, I would, will let me rephrase that. I will, when, uh, uh, we’ll have a couple rental properties. Uh, I definitely, because I’m already talking to investors cause that’s my network of people anyway, uh, real estate investors, things like that. So, uh, definitely some rental properties, some flips. I really, I think that’s fun. A buddy of mine is doing that pretty much full time now. And I love hearing his stories of going in and, you know, foot going through the floor of the house, you know, things like that. To me, it’s hilarious, but be able to, you know, redo that floor and put nice hardwoods in there. And I, I think that’s, that would be very rewarding to me. And then seeing a new family come in to say, this was the old house, this is the new house, you know, kind of deal.

Jimmy Boheler (00:58:14):

I think that’d be fun. Uh, so that I would definitely wanna do a little bit of that. Um, and then, um, you know, traveling, I, I think traveling just going to different places and uh, seeing the world there’s a lot of places I haven’t, I haven’t been across the pond, uh, ever. Uh, so I’d love to see like Spain. Yeah. I’d love to see some of those just to see, ’em just say I went, you know, uh, Eiffel tower be kind of cool and things like that, but yeah. To travel. Uh, but, but hopefully by that time, I’ve got a pretty good team working under me and, uh, can play a little bit of golf and sit back a little bit on some residual income. That’s kind of the whole idea of getting into this was the, the you end result is residual income each and every month, like all mailbox money.

Jimmy Boheler (00:58:51):

Uh, yes, I do think there’s a lot of hard work involved, but just like you said, a minute ago is, you know, once you set it up and you take a little bit of time to set that sucker up, it will eventually grow and to be very beneficial and profitable. Um, our business is, uh, it’s, willable, it’s sellable. So when you come in, you get your own, French has rights to it. So you can sell it later. Like my kid and my wife have their own, uh, division of their own company. So if they decide to keep it great, if they just decide to sell it great, doesn’t bother me either way. Uh mm-hmm <affirmative> cause I’m already building it either way. So, you know, and then 10 years, I think that’s when Carter will be graduat, he’ll be graduating high school <laugh> so I I’m assuming we’ll be looking at colleges or something.

Jimmy Boheler (00:59:29):

I, I, who knows, uh, you know, he loves he’s, he’s a pretty wide open kid, so he’s got a lot of talent, a lot of things going for him, so we’ll see where that road goes. And, uh, but yeah, just the bigger seems just probably traveling relaxing, cuz I I’m telling you this every day’s a, a hustle, right? Well, not really a hustle. I’d just say every day’s pretty much a grind, but fall in love with the process, fall in love with what you’re doing. Um, and that’s because that’s what I wasn before. I mean, I love cooking food. I still love cooking food. Uh, but I, it, you know, the, the stress behind all that employees and things that this was my, I mean, my mentor says, I, this was your calling because I don’t really have employees. I have business partners. Uh, I don’t really have a lot of friends.

Jimmy Boheler (01:00:09):

I have business partners. <laugh> mm-hmm <affirmative> uh, so that’s so that, so, so when those things change, you quit from having friends, the business partners, uh, you know, like I said, things get a little bit, uh, things change. Um, so that’s, that’s to be a part of that and seeing, uh, you know, what is, what is the future? I mean that, you know, where are we gonna be, even with, you know, the, I can tell you right now the economy can’t hold the gas prices the way they are, they can’t right. Some something’s gonna give. Yeah. Um, and, and I see it too much. And one of the reasons, another reason why I got into this was because I saw a lot of opportunity needed to make money on those problems we have with gas and energy and things like that. And I didn’t have to have any type of inventory.

Jimmy Boheler (01:00:49):

I don’t have to have a lot of employees and my money was based on how hard I worked. Mm-hmm <affirmative> you. I can’t go wrong with that. And, and another, I don’t know. I don’t know if you know this, but Kiosaki, um, you’ve already heard O Kiosaki, you know, one of, in, in several books, he wrote one with, uh, Trump that literally says if you’re not network marketing or have some type of side, side income of network marketing, you’re gonna miss the boat. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. And when I read that three years ago, I was like, well, I’m not doing a network marketing here. I am doing it a year later. Uh, you know, but, and all up in it because it’s, it’s the only business out there that you can plug your, but, and make a lot of money based on your performance. Right. And this book, this book here go pro with Eric war, same thing he, he talks about that is a lot of people just don’t know about it.

Jimmy Boheler (01:01:34):

They, they go in, right. They already have their, uh, you know, their, their guard up it’s pyramid. It’s, it’s all these things that are just already up. Right. Because it didn’t, yeah. It didn’t work for them. And, and too many times, if you really do the research, it was, they didn’t work. <laugh>, it’s not so much the system didn’t work. Um, and you know, there’s some, there’s some, of course bad ones that come through the pipeline, but we’ve been around for 30 years. So obviously something’s working for us. Um, so, so it’s exciting. It’s I, I never heard of the company that we’re based actually outta Concord, North Carolina. So I’d never heard of them. Nice. I drove by the bus, drove by the building, uh, about a thousand times and had no idea it was even there. So that was that’s. So it was just crazy when I go, you never heard of this.

Jimmy Boheler (01:02:15):

Right. And they’re like, and, and when I do hear somebody say, they have, I’m like, oh, okay, well I missed the boat <laugh> but, but anyway, so it’s fun. I’m having a good time with it. Uh, it’s something I’ve never, never really I’ve, I’ve tried some different stuff before, but same thing, I was like, eh, not for me, but when you find that, that thing, that service, that product that you really truly believe in, I think anybody can sell anything if they’re or even offer even help other people, you know, if they believe in the believe in what you’re doing, just like you guys with, with podcast, if you believe in it, heck you’ll make it work.

Angie Cherubini (01:02:47):


Pat Cherubini (01:02:48):


Angie Cherubini (01:02:48):

You, 100%.

Pat Cherubini (01:02:50):

So got any more?

Angie Cherubini (01:02:52):

No, I think that, I think that’s good.

Pat Cherubini (01:02:54):

The, to the people that are listening to this that are all jacked up on what Jimmy just said, it sounds like an awesome deal. How do they get a hold of you if they wanna learn more?

Jimmy Boheler (01:03:02):

Yeah. Best way to do is either my name, Jimmy Bo healer, uh, Gmail or Jimmy Bo, uh, is a, is an easy way. Um, you know, I, I also have the freight train mindset. If you go to freight train, uh, I need you guys to look at my website too, by the way. <laugh> absolutely. I can do that, but, uh, yeah, because I don’t get any SEO, it’s just a Wix website. So I’d love to maybe build that up a little bit. Um, and that’s again, another one coaching later on. I’d love to do little bit, not much, but a little bit of coaching, cause I wanna help others get to where I’m at. I think you’d be good at it. Well, I, I, I want, I want again, to give back, I wanna give back and, and help others get, you know, what they want and, and that’s what, that’s why my team, I have very powerful team. We’re growing at one of the fastest teams in the company. Uh, and a lot of that is due strictly to the give back of I I’m here. I mean, just as, as we’re talking, here’s one of my team members right here just said, thank you. You make me put this. This is just outta the blue. Thank you so much for pushing me. You pushed me to do more, my goal to grow faster than you grow. Uh, which is the, which, which at that point is very challenging. You’re on fire. I love your heat.

Jimmy Boheler (01:04:10):

Wow. So, yeah. And I get, and I get that all, all the time. People who want

Pat Cherubini (01:04:13):

That’s that’s who you want with you,

Jimmy Boheler (01:04:15):

That’s it? Yes. That’s who you want. That’s that’s who you want on the battlefield is the ones that’s gonna say, Hey look, and, and you know, and I think it’s so funny that, and as a finish up here, you know, a lot too many times you’ve got leaders out there and I just try to do everything they didn’t do, but, uh, or should have done. But the point in the fingers go do this, go do that. And I try to completely stay away for that. Like I’m going, whether you’re going with me or not. Mm-hmm <affirmative>, you know, and, and, and I think of the, you, you know, being in the trenches is I always try to do eat in the trenches with them. They, I, you know, I, my mentor tells you all the time, outwork me. I dare you <laugh>, you know, <laugh> um, cause you know, Emily said that to me the other night she goes, they, you know, nobody knows how hard it is until you’re there. They don’t know how hard it is until you’re there. Yeah. So,

Angie Cherubini (01:05:00):

And be a lighthouse. You’re you’re a light.

Jimmy Boheler (01:05:04):

You gotta be, uh, it’s funny by the way, lighthouse real quick story is I have a guy on my team. He’s a real estate coach, by the way, connect with him, his name’s Eric keys, but he’s a real estate coach and he helps people get their, their, uh, continuing education. Cause that’s something that real estate agents have to do. And he’s 6, 10, 6, 9, 6, 9, oh God, six, nine. He’s a tallboy but it’s lighthouse. Uh, his, his thing is, um, oh shoot. I just lost it. Light lighthouse, real estate class or something like that. So, and so when you said lighthouse, he that’s where he got that idea. So crazy.

Angie Cherubini (01:05:36):


Jimmy Boheler (01:05:38):

Awesome. Anyway, but this has been fun. Let’s do it again sometime, man.

Pat Cherubini (01:05:41):

Thanks so much for the time and all the information. It was a great conversation. You know, we didn’t, we’ve known you for a long time, but we didn’t know completely everything that you were into anymore. So it was absolutely, that was perfect. Very good conversation. Perfect.

Jimmy Boheler (01:05:52):

Appreciate. And if I can help you guys in any way, let me know. Uh, and like I said, I’ll try to send you folks if you’re looking for folks. Cause I I’m obviously networking all the time. Yeah. So I’m, I’m meeting people left and right. Uh, all the time. So, uh, you know, if I can, if I can send you somebody referral lead, what have you, I’ll be happy to do that any way I can.

Pat Cherubini (01:06:09):

Absolutely. We’ll do the same. We’ll we’ll put all your links and everything. Yeah. And uh, I think there’s gonna be some people that want some information. I think

Angie Cherubini (01:06:17):

So too,

Pat Cherubini (01:06:18):


Jimmy Boheler (01:06:18):

Awesome. Right. Well, I, I appreciate it guys. Thank you so much.

Angie Cherubini (01:06:21):

Hey, thanks for being on. We

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