Welcome to the Local Vibes Podcast!  We are so excited about this!!!

The pilot!  The beginning.  Episode numero uno…

If you know us, you already know that we love small businesses.  We love the local communities.  We love to shop local, eat local, drink local, support local… everything local.  In every town and city, not just ours.  We love mom and pops.  We love family businesses.  And, you know that the fam is our jam!

Wanna watch?


When you add all of these things up you get our definition of “local vibes”.

If you don’t know us quite yet but are picking up what we are puttin’ down… then you too, are destined to become part of our local vibe tribe!  Join us in helping to keep the local vibe alive.

In this episode, we get our story out there so you can get to know us a little.  Once that’s done we want to focus on our guests and not us.  It is about our “local vibe tribe”.

Meet Pat and Angie and take a ride down memory lane as they talk about how they got started, how they handled the struggles, and how it’s going now.

Let us know how you liked it, good or bad.  Tell us what you want, tell us what you need, tell us what would make this better.

We can’t wait to see where this takes us and hope you enjoy it!


Pat & Angie

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At the time of making this post, we already have 3 small business owners interviewed and ready to post!  The interest has been amazing and a little overwhelming but we can’t wait to talk to local businesses from all over America and feel their local vibes.


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Starting sustaining and having a successful small business is hard, but you already knew that, but wouldn’t it be great to have a podcast that talks to and digs in to the people who’ve made it problem solved. This is local vibes, small business success stories, talking to successful small businesses from around America. You’ll hear awesome stories about how they got started and how they survived and thrived online. And in their communities, we find out their special vibe. Welcome to Local Vibes.

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Now, here are your hosts, Pat and Angie Cherubini.

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All right, let’s do this.

Angie Cherubini (00:53):
Hi everyone. It’s Pat and Angie Cherubini with Local Vibes. It’s our brand new podcast and it’s, it’s going to feature small business success stories across the country is what we wanna do.

Pat Cherubini (01:08):

So what we’re trying to do is just shine some light on small businesses, local businesses that have a story, and we want to let them tell their story.

Angie Cherubini (01:19):

We’ve we’ve worked with all kinds of businesses over the past 24 years. And you know, we haven’t been in one particular niche. So we’ve gotten to know so many different people and so many different businesses that have awesome stories to tell. And they never, nobody ever tells ’em you never hear about it. And nobody ever, you know, nobody ever says it online. They, they don’t talk about it online, cuz everybody’s too afraid to talk about it online. So we’re gonna bring those to you.

Pat Cherubini (01:52):

We are going to start off by getting our ourselves out of the way. We are marketers, but we’re not wanting to do a lot of marketing. We’re talking to the businesses and let them shine. And to do that, we need to at least put our story out there, how we started because we’ve been doing it a long time. We’ve been online for a long time and we want to help businesses. Guide them into what they could do, better ask ’em what they’ve done. That works. Share it with everybody so everybody can grow. Yeah.

Angie Cherubini (02:23):

Maybe there’s something, maybe there’s something that a business is doing that’s similar to yours or even not similar to yours that, you know, you can get an idea about.

Pat Cherubini (02:33):

So this is going to be very conversational. We are not professional podcasters or broadcasters, but we think that we can be professional without being perfect. We’re just gonna, what we do. We’re gonna ask questions, have conversations and see where these things go. And if you like it, let us know if you don’t let us know. And, and we’re gonna kind of walk a winding path and figure out where this thing is going.

Angie Cherubini (02:58):

This will be on YouTube as well. So if you can do us a favor and like, and subscribe below so you can see and be notified when we drop other podcasts and videos,

Pat Cherubini (03:10):

Hurry up do that now in case you don’t like it,

Angie Cherubini (03:12):

Do it now

Pat Cherubini (03:12):

And we already got that outta the way.

Angie Cherubini (03:16):

Okay. So, you know, obvious, we wanted to start out by telling you about us because we are a small business too. And, and we started out and I think we have a pretty interesting story on, on how we started out.

Pat Cherubini (03:30):

Yep. We’re going to break our own rule where we say people, our customers don’t care about you. They only care about themselves, but since this is small business success stories, we’re gonna tell you how we got to here and how long it took.

Angie Cherubini (03:44):

So let’s get started about us.

Pat Cherubini (03:47):

Boom. Let’s go.

Angie Cherubini (03:48):

So how we got started, I guess I’ll probably lead that off because I was the one who really took the reins and started this. Oh. After I graduated from college, I went and

Pat Cherubini (04:03):

Did you say the year?

Angie Cherubini (04:05):

I’m not gonna say the year. It’s okay. I’ve already told you how long we’ve been in business. So you can kind of have an idea. Do you wanna date me on everything?

Pat Cherubini (04:13):

I dated you back then?

Angie Cherubini (04:17):

Well, anyway I was in market and advertising for various companies and I just, I didn’t like it. I liked creating and I liked creating things for the business that, I worked for, but I didn’t, I didn’t like being told what I needed to do and when I needed to do it I’ve always been, I think, a little bit more independent and I think you have to. So I decided to take a leap of faith and do it on my own. Especially when we, I got pregnant for our first child Chase. I knew that I did not want to stay with the company that I was with just because even though they were, I was with Jenny Craig first and you know, a women based company didn’t really take care of their, their women. Especially when they got pregnant. So I knew right then that I did not wanna stay there. And I knew I had the background of designing and advertising. So oh, I’ve completely forgot about this. I remember you bought me, you bought me a program when I first did it, my first computer program.

Pat Cherubini (05:30):

We literally did not own a computer yet. That’s how long ago it was, you know, a computer was something that was just being a tool that everybody had. Yeah. So we literally went out and bought a computer one day

Angie Cherubini (05:44):

And then you bought Corel Draw for me.

Pat Cherubini (05:47):

I bought her Corel Draw, which was a book about this thick. I don’t know if you can see it, if you’re not, if you’re listening, it’s like six inches thick. Angie does not read. Until lately.

Angie Cherubini (05:55):

Don’t say that because I have changed that in the last six months,

Pat Cherubini (06:01):

It was very overwhelming, it was crazy huge book. It was about website design and it was literally just her sitting in the chair and figuring things out. And that’s how it started.

Angie Cherubini (06:12):

Yep. And I got very frustrated. So at that point I went, and I worked with a local internet service provider and kind of learned the ropes of back then. It was called HTML. Strictly HTML was what you designed on. And it was very slow because everything was dial up at that point. Gosh, that’s really dating us.

Pat Cherubini (06:37):

I can still hear that sound.

Angie Cherubini (06:39):

Kids may not even know what dialup was.

Pat Cherubini (06:41):

That dial up, but it was 56 K

Angie Cherubini (06:44):

Oh, it was so slow. So I basically learned how to design bare minimum, long story short. We kept going and, and what I, what I would do is I would find friends or family members that needed a website. So I would, I would create it. And I started, you know, really cheap in the very beginning. And then just as we went, I, I increased it. My price worked after about a year and a half. I, you know, I knew I wanted to get Pat home what he was doing, because what he was doing was not fulfilling for him was not what he wanted to do. And I’ll let him tell that in a second. But after about a year and a half, I had gotten enough car dealerships. That’s what we started with were car dealerships that I could update on a monthly basis. And I knew that that would be a monthly income, but why did you quit your job?

Pat Cherubini (07:40):

Well, I was a boat mechanic. I had dropped outta college because it wasn’t going where I wanted it to go. I have always just known I was gonna own my own business. Even in high school. I bought my first courses in high school. Oh, I can see their faces tiny little ads and Carleton sheets, real estate. I can remember actually being in high school, buying those,

Angie Cherubini (08:07):

I didn’t know you

Pat Cherubini (08:09):

That, oh yeah. Can’t think of that. Guy’s name, tiny, tiny little ads (edit… It was Don Lapre!). It was on TV all the time and I bought it and that’s because, you know, it was just, you know, I don’t know if entrepreneurs are made or born, but I just had it in me. You know, that was, I wasn’t gonna work for somebody else. Military was outta the question cause I wasn’t gonna take directions from somebody else. I still don’t do that very well. So I ended up going to a boat school, learned how to do that. I didn’t know anything about motors. It was just because I, I wanted to be on a boat in summer. We love that live, that lifestyle, which I learned very quick was not, if you own the boat business, you are working when everybody else is out on their boats.

Angie Cherubini (08:53):

And then when you’re not, everybody’s bringing their boats to you. That’s in the family and friends, they will find you!

Pat Cherubini (08:57):

So I did have my own business. I had a partner. I learned a lot of things with that. I learned a lot of things that I didn’t like about partnerships, but eventually when she came to me and just said, I, I don’t want to go back to Jenny Craig after her maternity leave.

Angie Cherubini (09:14):

Oh, this was no, I was already done. And remember I was already doing it. And I, we were to the point, we had something like six dealerships at that point. And we were taking pictures. We were taking pictures. I was taking pictures and updating the websites. And I took Chase with me as a baby. And you know, in a local area, like we are everybody loved it. I mean, you were, that was a hit, you know, a, like they always say the babies and the pets are a hit. Well, it was in a local dealership. I couldn’t do it in Columbus, but I could do it in our area, in Newark. And after about a year and a half, I came home to him and I’m like, I just can’t do all this by myself. But I mean, we could stay status quo the way we were and keep going. And I I’d be fine, but I told him, I’m like, I know that we can grow. I know that I can get more dealers. So at about a year and a half into it, I came home and said that. And what took you two seconds to let right? Your partner know, Hey, I’m not coming back. Which

Pat Cherubini (10:17):

Is the second question we have for ourself. What’s the most memorable moment. That’s mine.

Angie Cherubini (10:22):

Oh! That is.

Pat Cherubini (10:22):

We had talked about it’s time for Angie to either just do what she was doing and do no more or try to grow. And she needed my help to either help her or take some of the kids stuff off of her hands. And…

Angie Cherubini (10:37):

Yeah, cuz I had to teach him, I had to teach you from scratch.

Pat Cherubini (10:40):

Right. So we had a little with my business partner. We had a little disagreement, you know, that I didn’t like the way things were running. And I just said, you know, this is gonna happen. Let’s just get out of it. And I basically paid him to get out of this partnership. That was more, it was just a job that wasn’t worth much. No. And I said, Hey, I’m thinking about leaving. And he said, good go. And I left .

Angie Cherubini (11:01):

Best thing we ever did.

Pat Cherubini (11:02):

Like two days I was outta there and back home and talk about both feet, full go. And we were in it. And that is the last time I ever, I mean, it was my own business, but you know, that was in 1998.

Angie Cherubini (11:16):

Yeah. Cause I started at it.

Pat Cherubini (11:19):

Neither one of us have had a job since then. So we have been online, work at home, before all this stuff where everybody’s working at home. Now people have thought we were crazy for 24 years now.

Angie Cherubini (11:31):

I would say my not only that was memorable, but I would say for me, I think when our kids decided that they wanted to be a part of the business, cuz I’ll tell you for years and years, we thought that they wanted nothing to do with our business,

Pat Cherubini (11:49):

Which was fine.

Angie Cherubini (11:49):

And, and yeah, we’re, you know, we’ve definitely raised our kids to be independent thinkers and, and do what, what they wanna do, not what society’s telling them to do or the schools telling them to do or us, but they came to us and, and wanted to, wanted to be a part of it. So to me that was one of our, one of the most memorable moments too.

Pat Cherubini (12:12):

We’ve had two working for us. The third just now is saying that she wants to come in too. We’ll see where that goes.

Angie Cherubini (12:19):

So excited about that and a future daughter-in-law too.

Pat Cherubini (12:22):

This is true.

Angie Cherubini (12:22):

Hannah. So we’re happy to have everybody. Next question is what’s a common myth about our job or our field of it expertise? There’s probably a ton.

Pat Cherubini (12:37):

Probably the most, especially a long time ago before it was normal, was that we were just at home in our underwear doing nothing. Which was true!

Angie Cherubini (12:44):

I think family thinks that it’s true.

Pat Cherubini (12:47):

So we still do that, but that’s what most people thought, you know, it there’s a lot of work. The worst thing about it. Well, let me go back. The best thing about it is that we’re at home all the time and we never have to, to clock in to anybody. The worst thing is we’re at home all the time and we never get to clock out.

Angie Cherubini (13:06):


Pat Cherubini (13:06):

Day night, weekends, vacations. We’re still tied to these laptops.

Angie Cherubini (13:11):

We’re trying desperately. That’s probably if anybody knows me personally, I just get over, I guess I’m still going through battling colon cancer. I I’m in remission, which is wonderful. I think everything’s taken care of, but oh, where was I going with that?

Pat Cherubini (13:32):

I don’t know, just out of the blue that, you know, that’s, that’s the way things happened. And her diagnosis was one day. She was fine. The next day she was in the hospital and that’s the way it worked. And we were able to be at home.

Angie Cherubini (13:44):

We were able to be at home and change our focus and, and actually it made us more focused. Yeah. More focused than ever. So

Pat Cherubini (13:55):

It’s kind of got and motivated do this podcast again, cuz this is our second try.

Angie Cherubini (14:01):

Well I think, and I don’t know why I got off on that already. Maybe I looked at the wrong thing, but I guess another myth about…

Pat Cherubini (14:10):

Life with Angie. 🙂

Angie Cherubini (14:11):

Whatever. Another another myth a, I would say in our job is that people think that we’re trying to take advantage of them. Right? All, I mean all the time businesses all the time and, and don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of marketing agencies that do that and take advantage. So, you know, that’s been hard is trying to overcome that.

Pat Cherubini (14:34):

Everybody now calls themself an entrepreneur, an internet marketer, and 90% of ’em now are not even from this country and you people still give them money all the time. Ah it’s, you know, it’s definitely sullied the name of internet marketing, but we try to get around that and lead with our results and help people and do go above and beyond.

Angie Cherubini (14:54):

That’s why we created a course that help you. What are some of the challenges that we faced when we first started?

Pat Cherubini (15:06):

Finding clients’ it’s always been the challenge to this day. It’s the hardest part.

Angie Cherubini (15:11):

When we first started, I mean, there was, this is a story that I always tell the kids and they really can’t even fathom it. Most people can’t fathom it when we first started doing website design, which that was the first service that we offered when the only search engine that was around was Yahoo? That was it. Google wasn’t even a, it may have been a Google at that time. Facebook and Google did not exist. But in order to get your website on a search engine on Yahoo, you had to actually physically go to the category that you wanted to be in. If it was there, if not, I think you could create it or suggested it or something.

Pat Cherubini (15:47):

It wasn’t even really a search engine. It was a directory. Yeah.

Angie Cherubini (15:50):

And you just went to that page and you, it said suggest a site at the bottom. So you’d suggest a site. And literally like in our field there was maybe I think one other person, maybe Liz in Granville was listed. There was nothing. And I mean, that, that was yep. That was weird. A lot of change. So then it would take like three to five days, something like that for you to, to get indexed and just,

Pat Cherubini (16:16):

Just, Hey, I wanna be there and they’d put on

Angie Cherubini (16:17):

That page. So that’s a challenge. That was a challenge. But definitely finding, getting businesses to decide that this was something that they needed to do.

Pat Cherubini (16:27):

That far ago. They thought it was a fad.

Angie Cherubini (16:29):

I had a, I actually had, I had a dealer it was called Indian Mound Pontiac. At that time, Pontiac Mazda.

Pat Cherubini (16:36):

Doesn’t exist anymore.

Angie Cherubini (16:37):

Doesn’t exist. But I spent 2, 2, 4 years going after dragging the Chase in there. Yeah I did in the beginning. I tried to get them as a client for two years. Finally got ’em to give me a chance. And the whole time the the guy that ran it, what do they call him? The owner, owner, owner, yeah, owner. He kept saying, oh, this is just a fad, it’s never gonna stay. And thank you to Jim Miller, who was the one that got us in there really, and got our foot in the door and helped us stay there for, we had ’em for quite a while before the big, the

Pat Cherubini (17:23):

The crash,

Angie Cherubini (17:24):

The big, well that, and then the big cars.com and places, cars like

Pat Cherubini (17:28):

That came cars.com Autotrader. They came in and just like the big catch in, you know, it’s what happens now that big, you know, back then they were the big tech and the car industry and they come in and they take out the small guys and you know, we’re still standing, we’ve pivoted. And that’s what we’re trying to do with small businesses now, you know, trying to get those local businesses that help their communites, to pivot when you have to and keep going.

Angie Cherubini (17:54):

So are there any resources that helped us get to where we are now? I mean, we’ve got basically a shit ton of resources.

Pat Cherubini (18:02):

Resources are just online.

Angie Cherubini (18:04):

If you’d look at our if you’d look at this what is that shelf? Our shelving system over here, you’d see like 50 books, books We Read.

Pat Cherubini (18:15):

Podcasts, videos,… What I from webinars I’m in Facebook groups now. It’s pretty much all I do is listen to business and marketing podcast and follow mentors. Yeah. And sales people and take, you know, they’re professors. I’m a student. I take as much from them as I can and then try to pass it on to the people I try to help.

Angie Cherubini (18:39):

And honestly, our, you know, that’s one thing, you know, our kids did not. Our kids did not go to college at Chase. Let me say that again. Chase went for about a year and a half and then Blake decided he wanted to do what we do. And Emme is deciding we believe to do what we do. But God, I lost my train of thought again.

Pat Cherubini (19:05):

I’m not gonna help you out.

Angie Cherubini (19:07):

I can’t believe

Pat Cherubini (19:08):


Angie Cherubini (19:10):

I lost my train of thought. Oh yeah. (SQUIRREL!) You know, all the courses that he’s taken numerous courses, I bet we’ve spent thousands on that. And you know, the kids have had access to that. So

Angie Cherubini (19:23):

Kids can do this.

Pat Cherubini (19:24):

Today ,I’ve spent way more on my education than I did for my college and my tech schools and my kids’ college. What they, you know, what they went. It’s probably six figures total. Well, you know, it’s, it’s a lot, but all of that is available for free online. You just, can’t, it’s hard to find and it’s hard to track down. That’s why we buy courses that have everything in online. And that’s why we make courses to get all that information in one and only give the parts that you need.

Angie Cherubini (19:51):

So along that line, then who would you say is your mentor? I would say these kind of people are mentors. Who is your favorite?

Pat Cherubini (19:59):

I follow a lot.

Pat Cherubini (20:00):

The one I’ve been following the most for the longest is probably James Schramko. Oh. That’s who started me in SEO, internet marketing. I can’t think of anybody before him. He’s Australian. He’s still around. I still listen to things that he teaches. Ryan Stewman is another one that I’ve been following for years. I was in a little course of him. I’m not in his courses right now or in any of his programs, but he’s blowing up still. He just keeps growing and growing. And then I listen to a, all the marketing guy, you know, Gary V., Grant Cardone, Brad Lee, Dan Kennedy is yep. Is the newest one that we’re in, but he’s the oldest one,

Pat Cherubini (20:42):

Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels. Even though we kind of compete against him, lol.

Angie Cherubini (20:45):

Gary V we love.

Pat Cherubini (20:47):

But you know, Dan Kennedy is like the OG marketing guy. That’s been around forever that I’ve got into a little bit, but we just recently we’ve gotten into a lot more and you know, he is just, you know, it’s his stuff from 40 years ago, still works today. When you put it online, it’s, it’s still the same thing, which makes me think that at 20 more years, what we’re teaching is still gonna be working.

Angie Cherubini (21:12):

Oh, I 100% believe. So, what do you wish everybody understood about our business? I guess what makes, what makes us unique?

Pat Cherubini (21:23):

Ourselves? It’s that we are, a family business.

Angie Cherubini (21:27):

We’re a family business for

Pat Cherubini (21:28):

We’re a husband and wife team that have been doing small local business and that’s it.

Angie Cherubini (21:34):

And we haven’t killed each each other yet.

Pat Cherubini (21:37):

It’s been close. This is how close we work together most of the time until recently. But you know, the fam is our jam. We love small businesses. We love going to eat at a mom and pop rather than going to a chain. You know, it’s hard to shop anywhere that’s not a chain anymore, but those big box stores are gonna kill America. And that’s, you know, politics aside. It’s just, they’re eating up the world and I don’t want that to happen.

Angie Cherubini (22:07):

A big reason why we’re doing this,

Pat Cherubini (22:09):

So we’re trying to keep the small guy relevant and help them stay relevant. If you, if you just sit back and do nothing, you’re just gonna get eaten up.

Angie Cherubini (22:17):

And we, you, you know, we are an agency. I mean, we have agency clients that we love and we take care of them, big agency or big clients. But we’ve just, we’ve kind of switched to, you know, how can we help the small businesses across the country? You know, those close to home and across the country, how can we help them do same thing that we do for the, for the big companies? I mean, most businesses out there don’t have the deep pockets that the dentists and the eye doctors and the podiatrist

Pat Cherubini (22:52):

We’ve developed a way of running ads to a website that captures leads that, you know, the whole thing that we do, we do for our clients at a decent price, because, you know, we have the experience in the expertise in doing it and getting results and the raw results are good enough that they stay for years. A lot, most of the times we are teaching the same thing to businesses that just can’t afford that yep. Businesses that can’t afford not to do something or they’re gonna go out of business. So we want to wind their impact by helping more people.

Angie Cherubini (23:29):

Yep. So, Pat, have you ever thought about giving up?

Pat Cherubini (23:36):

About 10 minutes ago. Daily!

Angie Cherubini (23:41):

Yeah, but I mean, if anyone else has been around for, you know, what their, well, I know lately in the past two years, that’s, that’s been huge for most people and for a lot of our agency clients, it, that was huge. But we’ve been through as a business, I would say some major, major things, you know, when 9/11 hit, that was a major impact for us. We went from like, and there was auto 18 dealers and we went to half like in overnight practically.

Angie Cherubini (24:12):

We knew it was gonna happen once that hit and every, you know, nobody was buying anything. Nobody did anything. Nobody did anything. Nobody, nobody bought anything. So it just was pure panic across the country.

Pat Cherubini (24:25):

Housing crisis, when everything crashed, everybody stopped spending money and just almost daily people would call and cancel, just say, they’re, you’re gonna sit back and wait. Yeah. In, you know, 2020 same thing happened. And you know, we’re still digging out of that. We still, you know, we saved a lot, a lot stuck with us a long time. We got more, you know, hopefully it keeps going like that. But you know, there’s been a lot of times when we’re like, holy shit.

Angie Cherubini (24:51):

It it, that’s where I think it’s gonna be interesting talking to a lot of these businesses. I mean, they’re all survivors, all of you are survivors who still have a business now after, after the past couple years that we’ve had. So this will be interesting.

Pat Cherubini (25:04):

I can remember, I don’t remember who’s said it, but it was, you found it. And it was somebody that said, no matter what, keep the doors open. You remember who said that to you?

Angie Cherubini (25:16):

Don’t remember.

Pat Cherubini (25:16):

Somebody said that in.

Angie Cherubini (25:17):

Are you kidding, do I remember things like that?

Pat Cherubini (25:20):

But you know, that’s always stuck with us. You, you, you do whatever you can do to keep the doors open until you come around. And you know, my mentor, Ryan, Stewman always talks about the force of average, you know, once you’re too high, something’s gonna try to bring you back down to, to level. So you want to keep fighting, try to keep that force of a average at bay and keep trucking on.

Angie Cherubini (25:41):

Yep. Yep.

Pat Cherubini (25:41):

And that’s probably gonna be a common theme as we get through some of these stories,

Angie Cherubini (25:46):

But it’ll be interesting. And, and there again, you know, not only how, how businesses got started is going to be interesting, but it’s, you know, how did they cope? You know, what are the things that businesses did to, you know, to change direction and to accommodate what was going on, right. And to make money. That will be interesting. I mean, for us, we had this switch things around with what we were doing for our agency clients, because they were dentists and podiatrists.

Pat Cherubini (26:14):

And no, even before that, we were all website design and then SEO started becoming a thing. And that became my thing. And then, you know, there were, there were ads, Google ads, and then came Facebook ads. And you know, now you can advertise on YouTube and there’s lead generation. It’s, it’s constantly Instagram, Instagram, you know, things change and they’re gonna keep changing. And that’s one of the cool things about what we do, but it’s also gets really old when you gotta keep learning stuff.

Angie Cherubini (26:40):

It does stuff, brain going. So that’s not a bad thing. What advice would you give to someone who was starting a business in our, in our type of business? You know, what, if someone came to us and said, Hey, you know, I wanna do I wanna do what you guys do? How do I get started doing this?

Pat Cherubini (26:59):

Well, I mean, we’ve done this with our kids. That’s the way they started. We said, you know, here, we had information available to us, but it’s available. Google, how do you build a website? How do you run Google ads? How do you run Facebook ads? You can find it all for free and then offer to do it for free, you know, get

Angie Cherubini (27:19):

Somebody, oh, like I did in the

Pat Cherubini (27:20):

Beginning. That’s the way we did it. That’s the way, lots of internet marketers still to this day, do it. It’s just find somebody that, you know, if you can and say, Hey, I’m trying to learn this. Let me do it for you for free. You pay for the ads and, you know, try to knock it outta the park.

Angie Cherubini (27:38):

I would say though, the one piece of advice I can give on this and we know this and our kids are learning this too. Don’t do too many for free, right. Or for very low price because you honestly, nine times outta 10, you will, you can get, take advantage. Yep. Taken advantage of, and it’s a lot more work with people like that. It’s good to build your portfolio. Like say, if you’re watching this and you’re wanting to, to start doing website design for people which you can still charge people. I mean, I know a lot of people think, well, there’s Wix and there’s square space and all these different builders, you can still charge. If you’re good at doing that. If you have an eye for design, you can still charge people to set up those websites for ’em or, or, or like Shopify and stuff like that. Like what we do, you can still charge, but don’t cut yourself short.

Pat Cherubini (28:30):

And there are tons of people that do not have a website to this day and it’s getting annoying. Yeah. You know, everybody, there’s a lot of people that think that Facebook can be their website and it can until Facebook shuts you down.

Angie Cherubini (28:43):

Oh, that’s another thing that happened.

Pat Cherubini (28:46):


Angie Cherubini (28:47):

We got shut. You got shut down.

Pat Cherubini (28:49):

Someone stole my account and spent 15 grand off my credit card advertising for some fly catcher from Vietnam.

Pat Cherubini (28:58):

Have, that’s gonna be three months to get it back.

Angie Cherubini (28:59):

So if you don’t have two factor authentication and, and, and some yeah. On your social media accounts, do it now.

Pat Cherubini (29:07):

And think, like we said, things are changing. Facebook is on the downside. It’s still massive, but they don’t show your Facebook page. So you have to advertise. Yeah. So, you know, that’s, that’s more into our course stuff. We’re talking about what we sell, but that is why we preach, have a website that you own and control and then use Facebook and everything else to point to it because Facebook’s not what it used to be. No. And it doesn’t look like it’s gonna get any better anytime soon.

Angie Cherubini (29:36):

So, I mean, I cannot believe we’re like to the end of this already of the questions.

Pat Cherubini (29:42):

30 Minutes in.

Angie Cherubini (29:43):

That’s not bad,

Pat Cherubini (29:43):

Not bad. Hopefully somebody listens.

Angie Cherubini (29:45):

Usually we go like on and on and on and on… You go on and on and on and on. So that’s good. So if someone’s looking to do anything with us, or if, you know, if you know of a business, if you yourself are a business or you know, of a business that has a unique story something that you think everybody would love to hear about. Definitely comment below, you know, if you’re on YouTube comment, if you’re watching this on, on Facebook comment below and there’s multiple ways to get in touch with us.

Pat Cherubini (30:26):

We’re here to help. Ask us if you need help with your business, just ask us. We will, at the very least point you in the right direction. Yep. Most likely we can help you.

Angie Cherubini (30:35):

Yep. All right. So I would say episode one is done.

Pat Cherubini (30:38):

Episode, one’s a wrap. The pilot is, is in the can. Now we gotta get everything fixed up and get this out. So we obviously did, if you’re hearing me right now,

Angie Cherubini (30:49):

We thank you for listening. And we really, we really look forward to the rest of ’em. We gotta come up with an outro.

Pat Cherubini (30:56):

This is day one. Hopefully they get better from here. It always sucks. The first one, and that’s another te that’s another tip, tip advice is just do it, put it out there. We weren’t really ready. I was just finishing, setting up the, the studio.

Angie Cherubini (31:11):

Do it. Let’s just do it!

Pat Cherubini (31:12):

And it was like, we got the mic set and I said, let’s go push record. And we’re going, so it’ll get better. Yep. Or it’ll get worse. Who knows?

Angie Cherubini (31:22):

So, thanks. Thanks for watching and listening.

Pat Cherubini (31:23):

Great day and keep the local vibe alive. Peace out. Peace.

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